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Grand Prix-Manila 1999
Day 1 Pictures

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Novelty Staff alphabetize the decklists.

DJ doublechecks results slips with Adrian.

Eager for results.

High tech gray box has competition.

A few of the female players at Grand Prix-Manila.

Dino Yu, Philippine National Champion loves to be photographed.

Jacky Yang, Level 2 Judge from Taiwan.

Players at Table One in Round One.

Mike and DJ confer about a ruling.

Adrian patiently waiting for pairings.

Smiling judges with a lot energy before Deck registration.

Mike tells it like it is.

Land swap after Deck Construction.

More Land swap.

Tennille Tan looking happy after Round Five.

Pikachu having a ball in Manila.

DJ praying for Round 7.

Round Six smiles.
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