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Grand Prix-Manila 1999
Day 2 Pictures

Tennille Tan places boosters out for the Top 64 players.

Adrian Teh and Mike Donais prepare the boosters for the Top 64 draft.

Adrian has another secret.

Adrian Teh demonstrates how to lay out a booster during the draft.

View from a booster case.

Happy Dino gives a thumbs up.

Karoake 2: Return of the Microphones.


Judge's Elbow? Meet the Judge's finger.

I crack myself up.

Gary Adkison chats with Mike Donais.

The Final 8 players pose for a photo.

Frederick Salazar

Christopher relaxes as he starts the final match.

Frederick gazes at the Champion trophy.

Christopher Parreñas, Frederick Salazar & Mike Donais presenting Trophies.

Christopher Parreñas holds his trophy aloft while Mike looks on.

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