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Factoids from Grand Prix Nagoya

(As a feature for Sideboard Online readers, the Sideboard staff has compiled interesting observations from this event. These will be updated throughout the tournament).

  • All of the Japanese players brought their own pens to use for deck registration; this is a good habit to have.
  • Players ranged in ages from 10 to 40. There is even a team called "Team 30s" - all of the members are in their thirties.
  • The lines for artist signings by Anthony Waters and Randy Gallegos were very long, often exceeding 100 people.
  • This is Trevor Blackwell's first Grand Prix outside of the USA. Trevor says that he intends to travel to many more Grand Prix next year.
  • This is the 5th Grand Prix held in Japan.
  • When players purchase a box of Magic boosters at this event, they receive a free set of APAC lands.
  • One out of ten Japanese players wears a hat or some other piece of headgear to the tournament.
  • Players who did not speak Japanese (approximately 12) were given English decklists to use; everyone else used Japanese Mercadian Masques and Nemesis.
  • One of the judges, Ron Foster, is collecting the Magic card named "Foster".
  • This is Chris Zantides' 7th Grand Prix as head judge. He will be the head judge of Pro Tour Tokyo 2001 and APAC Championships 2000.
  • For day two of the Grand Prix, the top twenty teams Rochester Draft. All of the cards for the draft are stamped to avoid any possible problems with adding cards or swapping cards.
  • The artists, Gallegos and Waters remarked that one of the things they liked about Japan was the two-handed handshake from the fans.
  • The artists signed cards for the Grand Prix exclusively for the judges for 1/2 hour.
  • A Japanese news crew came to the event and filmed footage for the weekend news for several hours.

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