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Mini-Movies from Grand Prix-Nagoya 2000

  • [view] Team Bunny leaves the tournament area after round 1. (135k MPEG)
  • [view] The lengthy artist signing line for Randy Gallegos. (392k MPEG)
  • [view] A view from the Grand Prix stage. (328k MPEG)
  • [view] Round two of competition. (536k MPEG)
  • [view] The 7th and final round of competition for Saturday. (1.3M MPEG)
  • [view] Team New Wave in action. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] Team "Wachi-De?" vs. "Poor Shark" (1.2M MPEG)
  • [view] Fun at the semi-final draft. (312k MPEG)
  • [view] Semi-finals Rochester Draft. (976k MPEG)

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