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Top 8: Olivier Ruel

Name: Olivier Ruel
Age: 19
Location: Aubervilliers, France
Occupation: Student in English at Nanterre University
Played Magic since: 1995, 4th Edition
Best accomplishments: Winning Team Challenge, GP Cannes, 16th Pro Tour New York, 5th Grand Prix Madrid, 13th Grand Prix Tours, 27th Euro Championship

Q: What made you decide to come to Grand Prix Porto?
A: The reputation of Portuguese Magicians and the fact I'm still on holidays.

Q: What were your expectations going into this tournament, and why?
A: Being in Top 8 to qualify for PTLA and prepare well for PTNY.

Q: Briefly describe your tournament play-wise so far, both day one and day two.
A: Day one; three byes, win against Dominik Hothow, lost against Noah Boeken, then two wins against less good players. Finished 10th. Day two; 1-1-1 in my first draft, then win with much luck a table with Levy, Maher... Finished at 7th place.

Q: What do you think is the main reason for you making top 8 in this tournament, and why?
A: My three byes, the help of Levy who was on my left during the last draft, and of course much luck.

Q: What does this top 8 performance mean to you?
A: A great accomplishment for me and my brother who were only considered as team Black Ops, the luckies team in the world (even if it is true).

Q: What are your predictions for the top 8?
A: I beat my brother 3-2 in the finals, with five topdecks in a row.

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