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Grand Prix St. Louis Round 7 Pairings

Points Team PointsTeam
14Antarctica15J3 BLZ
13Cacti13My Name is Fred
14Dogma13Team Realm
15Fungusaur15Your Move Games
15Hubbo15Tight Club
15J3 BLZ14Antarctica
12Josh Napper Fan Club12Team Panakia
12Matrix12Team Bucket
13My Name is Fred13Cacti
12Our Move Games12Team Random Sexies
16Pudge18Team Sourgirl
12Team Bucket12Matrix
12Team Panakia12Josh Napper Fan Club
12Team Random Sexies12Our Move Games
13Team Realm14Dogma
18Team Sourgirl16Pudge
15Tight Club15Hubbo
15Your Move Games15Fungusaur

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