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Grand Prix St. Louis Round 1 Results

3 Aces*** AWARDED BYE ***
Antarctica*** AWARDED BYE ***
Backstreetboys*** BYE ***
BattleZone3-0Beat Squad
Beauty and the Beasts0-3Dogma
Cacti3-0Bolting Souls
Capitalist Pigs3-0Operation Wizzy Nine
Chub Toad II*** AWARDED BYE ***
C-Monkey*** AWARDED BYE ***
Coolers*** AWARDED BYE ***
Du Jour0-3The Right Brothers
Fungusaur*** AWARDED BYE ***
Gix Pix*** AWARDED BYE ***
Hashim Bello Et al*** AWARDED BYE ***
Hubbo*** AWARDED BYE ***
Josh Napper Fan Club*** AWARDED BYE ***
Last Minute3-0Team Embargo
Matrix*** AWARDED BYE ***
My Name is Fred3-0Cereal Killers
Our Move Games*** AWARDED BYE ***
Paradox*** AWARDED BYE ***
Pattie PI0-3The Ric
Pudge*** AWARDED BYE ***
Raven*** AWARDED BYE ***
Rocket0-3J3 BLZ
Scaredy Cats0-3Team Sourgirl
Sexy Prophets3-0It Doesn't Really Matter
Team Bucket*** AWARDED BYE ***
Team Comic Market3-0Muddy Waters
Team Daffy Duck0-3Zombie
Team Nobody*** AWARDED BYE ***
Team Og3-0Bloomfield Bombers
Team Panakia*** AWARDED BYE ***
Team Petrov3-0Team Suzaku
Team Random Sexies*** AWARDED BYE ***
Team Realm*** AWARDED BYE ***
Team Rhit1-1Io
Team Short Bus1-1Tall Boys
Team Speedbump1-1Die Already
The 40oz All Stars3-0Crocodile Hunters
The Legion*** AWARDED BYE ***
Tight Club*** AWARDED BYE ***
Tighttanic*** AWARDED BYE ***
Time 2 Scrub0-3Team Wildcat
Untitled*** AWARDED BYE ***
Whatever*** AWARDED BYE ***
Your Move Games*** AWARDED BYE ***

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