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Mini-Movies from Grand Prix-St.Louis 2000

  • [view] Team Antarctica (Jon Finkel and the OMS brothers) took on Dave Williams, Bob Maher, and Tim McKenna in a Friday evening practice draft. Fresh off their success at Grand Prix Nagoya (3rd place), Williams and Maher replaced Mike Long with Tim McKenna for this event. (Antarctica won the draft, the highlight of which was a Lin Sivvi.) (800k MPEG)
  • [view] Pudge team members talk about their decks. (1.2M MPEG)
  • [view] The sparks were flying between Gary Wise and Trey van Cleave in a tough round 2 match-up which Pudge pulled out 2-1. (Turian's undefeated streak continued.) (872k MPEG)
  • [view] Your Move Games and Tight Club hoped they wouldn't get paired until some time tomorrow, but they had to play in round 3. Bob Maher beat Dave Humphreys, and Rob Dougherty lost to Dave Williams, but Tim McKenna pulled out his match against Darwin Kastle. Thus Tight Club moved to 3-0. Interestingly, Your Move Games decided not to build a blue/white deck since they had so many problems running out of time in Frankfurt. They are among many pros who are unhappy with the recent switch to 50-minute round lengths in Limited. (440k MPEG)
  • [view] Ben Rubin was not happy when he opened his packs for rounds 4-6. Our Move Games teammate Billy Jensen tried to assure him that green always sucks. (1.1M MPEG)
  • [view] Jon Finkel was down one game to zero when time expired but he managed to pull out the game on his last extra turn. (952k MPEG)
  • [view] Feature Match between Fight Club and Team Sour Girl (720k MPEG)
  • [view] Jon Finkel runs the show on Team Antarctica. Here you can watch his technique for the first half of a pack. (1.3M MPEG)
  • [view] Mike Bregoli needed one more turn to finish off his opponent and earn a berth in the Top 4 for Our Move games. However, here you see Mike Bernat turn the tables with a timely Highway Robber. (1M MPEG)
  • [view] The first pack of the draft in the semifinals match between Your Move Games and Antartica. (1.1M MPEG)

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