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Feature Match Round 7: Tsuyoshi Doyama vs. Toshiki Tsukamoto

Isamu Fujieda

This feature match was a battle of two generations. Doyama, a member of Team Aqua Soul, is the defending national champion; Tsukamoto has held that title twice. Doyama is hoping to come back from a 4-2 finish yesterday and keep his hopes of a Top 8 finish alive. He claims to have never lost a feature match to Tsukamoto, but his Aqua Soul Blue deck is likely to face stiff opposition from Tsukamoto's Fires deck, which has been tuned for a blue-dominant metagame.

Game 1

Tsukamoto, going first, had less than an optimal opening hand, with 2 Rishadan Ports as his only lands, and thought long and hard about whether or not to take a mulligan. Finally, he decided to keep. His prayers were answered, as he picked up a Forest on both his first and second draws. Doyama played a Glacial Wall as insurance against a Blastoderm, but Tsukamoto seemed unconcerned. No small wonder--after locking down Doyama's counter mana with his Ports, he produced a Yavimaya Barbarian from his hand. Furrowing his brow, Doyama untapped and began to unleash a flurry of card drawing spells such as Opt, Accumulated Knowledge, and Fact or Fiction to get a Mahamoti Djinn in an attempt to win the damage race. With Doyama's life at 15 and Tsukamoto at 19 with only the Barbarian in play, and no way to deal with the mammoth flier in his deck, Tsukamoto conceded while reaching for his sideboard.

Game 2

Doyama's brought in Slay from his sideboard to deal with Tsukamoto's main deck Barbarians. Meanwhile, Tsukamoto removed all his large creatures such as Rith, the Awakener and brought in more anti-blue hate from his Sideboard: Kavu Chameleon and Boil. Tsukamoto wasted no time in the second game, playing a Barbarian on both his second and third turns. Although Doyama was able to eventually Vendetta one away, he couldn't find an answer to the second and conceded at 6 life.

Game 3

With only 5 minutes remaining after the second game, both players began shuffling furiously. However, Doyama was able to draw an answer for every creature Tsukamoto played. With neither player able to gain an advantage, the match ended in a draw.

Result: Tsukamoto 1-1 Doyama (draw)

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