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Short Interview (Day 1)

Keita Mori

What deck you plan on using in tomorrow's Standard tournament?

Kotaro Ando
"Blue-white control. I might make a traditional deck with Millstone, but I think CounterRebels is a good metagame choice."

Masayuki Higashino
"Machinehead--it's the perfect deck for my play style."

Masaya Mori
"Something with red in it. Either Fires, Steroid, or Machinehead."

What do you think will be the most played deck tomorrow?

Tomohide Sasakawa
"Fires, naturally."

Satoshi "Hatman" Nakamura

Masashiro Kuroda

Who do you think will win US Nationals, also being held this week?

Katsuhiro Mori
"Benedict Klauser. ;-)"

Itaru Ishida
"Mikey P."

Osamu Fujita
"Jon Finkel."

Who, other than yourself, do you want to win this weekend?

Jun Nobushita
"Tsuyoshi Fujita or Itaru Ishida."

Tsuyoshi Fujita
"Itaru Ishida"

Mike Long
"Koichiro Maki or Jun Nobushita."

What is your favorite first pick in Rochester Draft?

Masahiko Morita
"Armadillo Cloak."

Goro Matsuo

Ken'ichi Fuijta

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