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Short Interview: Top 8

Keita Mori

If you had to pick one card that you would say got you into the Top 8, what would it be?

Masahiko Morita
"Flametongue Kavu. I have three in the main deck, and I always bring in the fourth from my sideboard."

Goro Matsuo
"Yavimaya Barbarian. I lost to Orb when I didn't draw it, and I lost against Fires when I did draw it."

Out of the 12 rounds you played in, what match sticks out most in your mind?

Masaya Mori
"The match I lost. After all, I've played Ikeda 4 times and this was the first time I lost."

Takamasa Fukata
"My match with Usami in the Standard portion."

Why did you choose the deck you played with today?

Yukihiro Usami
"I'm playing a deck built by Katsuhiro Mori that won one of the grinders. I figured if it could win a grinder, it must be a good deck."

Masashiro Kuroda
"I was thinking about playing Fires, but I didn't think it would be a good matchup against Opp-Orb, so I went with No Fires."

Who do think is currently the best Japanese player?

Min-Su Kim
"Masaya Mori."

Yudai Yamasaki
"Tsuyoshi Ikeda."

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