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2001 Japan Nationals Coverage

As the over-used saying goes, "There can be only one." At the end of 12 rounds of competition plus Top 8 playoffs, one player from among 151 has been crowned with one of the most prestigious titles a Magic player can earn: National Champion. Going undefeated in Saturday's draft and 4-2 in Sunday's Standard portion, Goro Matsuo has been crowned 2001 Japan National Champion. He will lead the Japanese National Team, consisting of Finalist Min-Su Kim and Masahiko Morita, at the Team Event at Worlds in Toronto this year, and takes home $10,000 in prizes.

Final Standings

  1. Goro Matsuo--$10,000
  2. Min-Su Kim--$5,000
  3. Masahiko Morita--$3,000
  4. Masaya Mori--$2,000
  5. Yudai Yamasaki--$1,500
  6. Takamasa Fukata--$1,500
  7. Yukihiro Usami--$1000
  8. Masashiro Kuroda--$1000

Photo Coverage By Day / By Subject

Japanese Coverage

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Morita, Masahiko   Morita, Masahiko, 2-0        
8 Fukata, Takamasa   Kim, Min-Su, 2-0
4 Kim, Min-Su   Kim, Min-Su, 2-0   Matsuo, Goro, 3-1
5 Usami, Yukihiro    
2 Matsuo, Goro   Matsuo, Goro, 2-0
7 Yamazaki, Yudai   Matsuo, Goro, 2-0
3 Mori, Masaya   Mori, Masaya, 2-1
6 Kuroda, Masashiro    

  Loser's Bracket Semifinals   Loser's Bracket Finals   Loser's Bracket Winners   3/4-Place Playoff
  Semifinal 2 Loser Mori, Masaya        
    Mori, Masaya, 2-0    
Quarterfinal 1 Loser Fukata, Takamasa   Fukata, Takamasa, 2-0   Morita, Masahiko, 2-1
Quarterfinal 2 Loser Usami, Yukihiro    
Quarterfinal 3 Loser Yamazaki, Yudai   Yamazaki, Yudai, 2-0
Quarterfinal 4 Loser Kuroda, Masashiro   Morita, Masahiko, 2-0
  Semifinal 1 Loser Morita, Masahiko    

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