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Junior Super Series Championship

Round 3 Feature Match

Chase Altemara vs Nick Hartman

Two very different monored decks meet in the 14 and under bracket. Nick Hartman is playing an aggressive Sligh deck. Chase Altemara brings controllish "Big Red" to the table. His deck features a ton of mass removal - Jokulhaups, Wildfire, Disk, as well as some land destruction in form of Avalanche Riders and Raze.

Hartman was unsuccessful in launching an early attack. He cast a Goblin Patrol and it got removed by a Mogg Fanatic. His Flunkies were Incinerated and the two players traded Fanatics.

Eventuallyh Altemara played an Orgg, but could not attack because Hartman had a Mogg Flunkie in play. Hartman played a Cursed Scroll but Altemara had an answer - he cast Wildfire next turn.

At thos point Hartman made a huge mistake that would end up costing him the game. He was holding only one card in hand, so he chose to activate Cursed Scroll targeting... Altemara. Had he Scrolled an Orgg, it would die after taking 4 points of damage from Wildfire. Instead he allowed a 6/6 trampling creature he had no other way of dealing with to survive and win the game two turns later.

Altemara was hoping to remove a bunch of early creatures with an Earthquake he was holding at the beginning of game two, but Hartman kept attacking with his Goblin Patrol and casting no other weenies. Eventually Altemara had to use Earthquake to remove the Patrol. Hartman went on to cast a Flunkie, follow it up with Ball Lightning and attack for nine. There was good reason Hartman wasn't casting any creatures - he was holding a handful of direct damage spells. Over the next couple of turns Hartman unloaded the burn on his opponent, winning this game.

Altemara fended off some early creatures in the final game and went on to cast a turn five Orgg. He top-decked a Wildfire and cast it on the following turn. This time around Hartman did not repeat his previous mistake - he Shocked Orgg, sending it to the graveyard.

Altemara dealt a lot of damage with his Ghitu Encampments while Hartman was trying to recover from losing four lands - something a deck playing only 19 lands total has a hard time doing. Eventually Hartman started coming back. He cast Mogg Flunkie and Bottle Gnomes. Altemara dealt 5 points of direct damage to him, forcing the Gnome to be sacrificed for three life so that Flunkie would remain ineffective.

Altemara played another Orgg. Hartman cast an Earthquake for two, then Sonic Burst to remove the large monster. Earthquake brought him down to three life points however, and Altemara won the game with an Incinerate.

Altemara 2 - Hartman 0

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