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Junior Super Series Championship

Round 4 Feature Match

Marty Winnard vs Scott Lipp

Winnard is playing Necro. His opponent Scott Lipp is playing one of many combo decks that showed up at this tournament. His almost mono-blue deck relies on Stroke of Genius and Yawgmoth's Will for card economy and Fireball for the kill.

Lipp started off really well, casting Mox Diamond and a Mana Vault. However, Winnard used Dark Ritual to get a Disk into play on turn two. Lipp thought for a while and decided that he would let Winnard destroy a bunch of artifacts in return for drawing more cards. He tapped all his artifacts and land for mana and cast Turnabout targeting the artifacts and generating more mana yet. This play allowed him to draw six cards with Stroke of Genius.

Winnard did not immediately blow the Disk since Lipp's artifacts were tapped. Lipp cast Intuition, getting a Voltaic Key. Once the key entered play, Winnard was finally forced to Disk.

Winnard untapped and re-cast the Disk out of the graveyard with the help of Yawgmoth's Will. Lipp had nothing but two mana on the table so he decided, might as well win!

Lipp cast a Mox Diamond and Yawgmoths Will, playing a land, 3 Keys, two Monoliths and Mana Vault out of the graveyard. He used two turnabouts to generate plenty of mana and killed his opponent by casting a Fireball for 21.

Winnard ritualed out a first turn Necropotence in the next game. He proceeded to wreck Lipp's hand and artifacts in play via Duress and Disk, but he also drew a lot of cards via Necropotence. Eventually Lipp cast a Yawgmoth's Will and, after meddling with his artifacts for a few minutes, managed to cast a Fireball for 10, just enough to kill his opponent.

Lipp 2 - Winnard 0

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