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Mini-Movies from Latin America Championship 2000

  • [view] With complete board control, Raphael Le Saux shows his opponent many counterspells. His opponent, Carlos Romao, conceeds as the Chile crowd goes crazy for their hometown friend. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] The spectators watch nervously as Carlos Romao (Brazil) and Raphael Le Saux (Chile) play the last few minutes of their semifinal match. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] On Saturday evening, the Magic Quiz Show was a big hit among the fans. Special guest Mike Elliot from Magic R&D supplied the questions while Alvaro Lopez hosted the event in Spanish. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] Round 5 action at Latin America Championship. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] Gustavo Chapela Gaxiola in a round 6 match versus Rafael Alvarenga. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] Round 9 match between Douglas Maioli and Joaquin Alvarez Rivera. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] Feature Match between Gerardo Godinez-Estrada and Francisco Garcia-Barbosa. (1.4M MPEG)
  • [view] A Chilean TV station did live interviews during the weekend. (1.2M MPEG)

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