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Semifinals Feature Match - Joshua Wagener vs. Jonathan Cassidy

by Gordon Culp

Jonathan Cassidy's Trinity deck proved to be too much for Joshua Wagener's Rebels in the Super Series semifinals as Cassidy cruised to a 2-0 victory. Wagener had a good draw in duel one and was able to cast a Ramosian Sergeant, a Field Surgeon, and a Steadfast Guard, all backed up by a Glorious Anthem. Joshua was able to lower Jonathan's life total to five before Fallow Earth, followed by back to back Plow Unders removed all of Wagener's land from play. Cassidy then used a Skyshroud Poacher to bring out a Deranged Hermit and its complement of Squirrel tokens after Wagener declared his attackers. This left Wagener with no creatures on the in play and three plains on top of his library. He scooped shortly thereafter.

Duel two began with Wagener working with a weaker draw, and Cassidy in good shape. Wagener was forced to use a couple of sideboard Breath of Lifes to try to hold off Cassidy until the Rebel engine began to turn. Cassidy's two Rishadan Ports followed up a timely Plow and left Wagener without the Mana needed to mount a defence. Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero made it into play, but was not effective as Wagener could not draw another plains to get past Cassidy's Ports. Two Hermits hit the table, producing a forest full of 3/3 Squirrels, and Wagener again scooped.

"He plays his deck very well" observed Wagener of Cassidy.

Cassidy faced Rebels twice in the swiss rounds, winning one and choosing to intentionally draw in the later rounds.Wagener was 1-1 against Trinity, and thanked the Mini-Crew for all their help. Cassidy moved on to the Super Series finals to face Sean Tracey and his Ponza deck.

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