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Round 4 Feature Match - Anthony Ferraro vs. Tyler Pohle

Once again, Anthony Ferraro of Kamloops appears in our featured match, this time against 15 year old Tyler Pohle of PT hotbed Madison, Wisconsin.

It quickly became apparent that this would be the most seen matchup of the last few weeks, that being Replenish vs. Trinity Green. Game one started off with a Tyler onslaught including a second turn Rofellos, third turn Skyshroud Poacher and a fourth turn Plow under, which Anthony was able to stop with his one main deck Energy Field. Normally the death knell of the Trinity deck, the game stopped moving for ten turns until Tyler top-decked his one main deck anti-Field card; Dust Bowl. Destroying an Adarkar Wastes, Telve Squirrels and a number of Elves rushed in for the kill.

Game two started in much the same way, but Anthony was able to stabilize more quickly and go on the offensive. Getting out an Attunement before Tyler's Plow Under, Anthony was able to Attune his way into a Replenish, bringing Opalescence, Seal of Cleansing, Parellax Tide, and a number of Attunements into play. The two players traded creatures for a bit, but eventually Anthony's Parallax Waves were able to rid him of Tyler's Squirrels and he rushed through Tyler's elves for the victory.

With time running out, Tyler surged into game three with third and fourth turn Blastoderms. With the second being met by an Energy Field, Tyer tried to set up the Dust Bowl in his hand, but this gave Anthony time to set up a large Replenish, bringing the game to a standstill. As the two traded attacks and blocks, time ran out, the match result a draw.

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