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What's the best European venue for events?
Gary Wise, UK: "Amsterdam." Raphaël Lévy, France: "Venice" Kamiel Cornelissen, Netherlands: "Amsterdam of course!"

Which card in Torment Limited do you most hate to face?
Janosch Kuhn, Germany: "Faceless Butcher" Mike Pustilnik, USA: "Mesmeric Fiend" Jake Smith, UK: "Narcissism"

When do you think Kai's pact with the devil will end?
Zvi Mowshowitz, USA: "At midnight on Sunday, of course!" Dirk Baberowski, Germany: "I don't know. I don't think it will ever end. He's better than most people." Chris Benafel, USA: "I think it will probably end when he stops playing Magic every day... That was probably one of the conditions of the deal."

What sort of accessories should a Jon Finkel (Shadowmage Infiltrator) Action Figure come with?
Pete Norris, UK: "Ready-to-go draft packs and an autograph pen" Brian Kibler, USA: "A mirror and a razor blade" Alex Shvartsman, USA: "A mask of Kai Budde"

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