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Question Six: What is the best card in Extended?
Nicolai Herzog: Call of the Herd Matt Linde: Duress Billy Jensen: Ruination

Question Five: If you could choose your deck now, what would you play?
Satoshi Nakamura: Turbo Land Franck Canu: Illusions/Donate Christian Rochon: Oath

Question Four: Who would play you in the M:tG movie?
Andrew Cuneo: Yahoo Serious Tom Guevin: Tom Green Matt Vienneau: Jeff Goldblum

Question Three: What is the strongest color combination in Odyssey Draft?
Ben Seck: B-U Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz: U-Anything Bob Maher, Jr.: U-G

Question Two: What Odyssey card has the biggest impact on Extended?
Bob Maher, Jr.: Entomb Michael Turian: Zombie Infestation Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz: Finkel

Question One: What's the most skill intensive card in the Magic game?
Ben Seck: Scroll Rack Bob Maher, Jr.: Fact or Fiction Trey Van Cleave: Jackal Pup

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