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Quick Interview (archive)

What is your favorite Magic set?
Jeff Fung: Tempest Darwin Kastle: Urza's Legacy Tom Guevin: Ice Age

Do you play any sports?
Ryan Fuller: Hockey, Rugby Kurtis Hahn: Do you play any sports? Hopefully Sumo Wrestling tonight, Football and Basketball Jeff Cunningham: Snowboarding

What's the most overrated card in Odyssey Limited?
Tomi Walamies: I don't know, I went 1-4 Brock Parker: Firebolt Sol Malka: Wild Mongrel

Who will win the Pro Tour?
Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz: Jon Finkel Marco Blume: Kai Budde Kai Budde: Dirk Baberowski

Who is your favorite musical act?
Olivier Ruel: Radiohead Trevor Blackwell: Paul Oakenfold Chris Pikula: Neurosis

Who is the best Fantasy Pro Tour deal?
Nicolas Labarre: Kai Budde (110 pts) Peter Szigeti: Brett Shears (12 pts) Alex Shvartsman: Bryce Currence (2 pts)

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