Day One Wrap-up

By Randy Buehler

Day 1 featured 6 rounds of Masques/Nemesis/Prophecy booster draft. At the end of the day 1 local Hong Kong player Chi Fai Teddy Ng was in first place with a perfect 6-0 record. Japanese player and 1999 Invitational competitor Satoshi Nakamura was just tiebreaker points behind him. Reigning APAC champion Masaya Mori made a great run today with a brutal schedule and wound up 5-1. Also in prime position for tomorrow is Japanese PT regular Itaru Ishida. Two-time Japanese national champion Toshiki Tsukamoto started slowly, but came all the way back to finish 4-1-1 and claim 15th place going into Saturday.

Tomorrow everyone gets to bring out his or her Standard decks. This is only the second weekend that Prophecy is legal in Standard, so we could see some surprises. The eyes of the world will turn to Hong Kong since this is the same Standard that will be used at the Euro championships next weekend and then at Worlds in less than a month. Stay tuned to the Sideboard for live updates, a breakdown of the field, Top 8 decklists, and coverage of anything else interesting that happens.

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