Round 9: Alexandre Blumke vs. Niels Sanders Jensen

By Randy Buehler

Alexandre Blumke (of Switzerland) is one of three world champions playing today. In the ninth round he took on Grand Prix Copenhagen champion Niels Sanders Jensen (of Denmark). Blumke used a white weenie deck with Enlightened Tutors, Gaea's Cradles, and a number of 3-mana Rebels. Jensen played a base green Hermit deck with splashes of both white and red. It looked to me like he took Angry Hermit and replaced the Avalanche Riders with Disenchants.

After Jensen played a pair of Llanowar Elves but no third land to start game 1, Blumke Tutored for Cursed Totem. Blumke's Totem would shut down his own Mother of Runes and Lieutenant, but it seemed correct given Jensen's mana situation. Jensen Disenchanted the Totem, untapped, and played Deranged Hermit. Blumke played a second Mother of Runes and his position seemed reasonable - he could block the squirrels and fly over with a Glider. However, when Jensen came up with Gaea's Cradle and Masticore, the game turned ugly. Jensen tapped his Cradle for 8 so he could kill Lin Sivvi, one Glider, and still leave up regeneration mana. Blumke drew one more card, realized the rest of his army was about to die, and conceded.

Blumke started strong in game 2. He played turn 1 Sergeant, turn 2 Cradle, and then turn 3 Cursed Totem. His cards didn't have the greatest synergy, but Jensen was forced to play many creatures. Blumke then swept the board with Wrath of God and played a flier. Jensen once again Disenchanted the Cursed Totem and then went to town with his Masticore. Blumke was forced to Tutor for a 'Core of his own just to block, but when Jensen played a second Masticore, there was nothing Blumke could do.

Blumke 0 (now 4-3-2)

Jensen 2 (now 5-2-2)

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