Grand Prix St. Louis Fact Sheet


America's Center
130 Complex
701 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101
(314) 342-5036


May 12-14, 2000
Side events begin Friday evening.


$90 (per team) preregistration
$100 (per team) on site

For advance registration, contact Gray Matter Conventions at (800) 852-2442 (in New York state, call (212) 633-6320). Advance registration will be available until 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 10, 2000. For hotel reservations, call the Omni Majestic Hotel, 1019 Pine St., St. Louis, MO at (314) 436-2355. Mention "Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix", "Gray Matter Conventions", or "Professional Event Services" for discount.


The main tournament at Grand Prix–St. Louis is open to 3-person teams consisting of Magic® players of all ages.

In the event that a team who wins an invitation to a Pro Tour stop at a Grand Prix has already qualified for an invitation, the invitation shall be extended to the next-best finishing team in that Grand Prix. Previous qualification may be through a Qualifier tournament, through performances at a professional tournament, or by being an invited DCI™ team (valid upon the date of the official rank announcement for the appropriate professional tournament).

The format for Grand Prix–St. Louis will be Team-limited (3-person teams). All DCI Team Limited-format rules and Magic Floor Rules announced on September 1, 1999, along with all subsequent updates released on or before April 1, 2000, will be enforced.

The structure for Grand Prix–St. Louis will be modified Swiss-style (50-minute rounds, number of rounds determined by number of teams), with the Top 20 teams advancing to the second day of competition for prizes and invitations. The top 4 previously uninvited teams will receive invitations.

6 rounds of Sealed Deck play. Teams will construct decks before rounds 1 and 4. Each team will receive 2 Mercadian Masques™ tournament packs and 4 Nemesis™ boosters. From this pool of cards, teams must construct 3 decks (assigning all cards to a main deck or sideboard). Players may add any amount of basic lands to their decks.

The top 20 teams after day 1 will play 3 rounds of Team Rochester draft (drafting each round). The top 4 teams after 3 rounds will play a single-elimination playoff using the Team Rochester draft format. All Rochester drafts on day 2 will consist of 2 Mercadian Masques boosters and 1 Nemesis booster per player.

Tournament Byes (Byes are not cumulative throughout the season or year)

Byes will be given to players in the Grand Prix based on the following criteria:

Second-Round Byes

First-Round Byes


Grand Prix–St. Louis will feature a standard "main tournament" prize schedule.

Main Tournament Prize Schedule (all prizes are "per team")

Finish Prize

1 $4,500
2 $3,000
3 $2,000
4 $1,500
5–8 $1,000

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