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Question Fifteen: What is the meaning of life? (Part 2)

Alexander Witt (Netherlands) - "Having fun." Gary Wise (Canada) - "Experience life . . . no, that's the key of life (rolling eyes). I don't think any human being is capable to comprehend the meaning of life." Trey van Cleave (Denmark) - "Bigger is better."

Question Fourteen: What is the meaning of life? (Part 1)

Zvi Mowshowitz (USA) - "Life is: anything dies when you step on it." Chris Benafel (USA) - "To be happy!" Mark Wraith (England) - "Is there a meaning?"

Question Thirteen: Who is going to win this Pro Tour? (Part 2)

Darwin Kastle (USA) - "I haven't seen all the decks yet, but I think Kai Budde. His deck is definitely a good one and he plays well under pressure." Nicolaï Herzog (Norway) - "Dan Clegg" Craig Cudnohovsky, the photographer (USA) - "Dan Clegg, because he did best at the initial Top 8 picture session. He reminds me of a friend - same kind of scatterbrain."

Question Twelve: Who is going to win this Pro Tour? (Part 1)

Tom van de Logt (Netherlands) - "I think Chad Ellis, but I hope Dan Clegg. No, I think Kai Budde..." Brian Kibler (USA) - "Dan Clegg" Jan Doise (Belgium) - "Alan Comer. He has a good deck, he has Nemata."

Question Eleven: What have you learned during this tournament? (Part 2)

Zvi Mowshowitz (USA) - "That I don't understand how to draft Invasion/Planeshift." Gary Wise (Canada) - "That I suck at Magic." Mark Wraith (England) - "Despite this format being played since January this year, I'm disappointed at how poorly the pros master it."

Question Ten: What have you learned during this tournament? (Part 1)

Alexander Witt (Netherlands) - "How to draft. That it's important to carefully look at the cards you're passed on and to pick them." Trey Van Cleave (Denmark) - "That blue/white/something is the best." Chris Benafel (USA) - "That 7 rounds of Magic is a very long time to play Magic when you're not winning!"

Question Nine: If your first pick is Tsabo's Decree, is your next pick Faerie Squadron or Duskwalker?

John Ormerod (England) - "Faerie Squadron" Mike Pustilnik (USA) - "Duskwalker" Bram Snepvangers (Netherlands) - "Duskwalker"

Question Eight: Who do you think will win the Masters?

Mike Pustilnik (USA) - "Jon Finkel" John Ormerod (England) - "Zvi Mowshowitz" Bram Snepvangers (Netherlands) - "Jon Finkel"

Question Seven: What is your favorite common card as a first pick?

Bram Snepvangers (Netherlands) - "Agonizing Demise" Mike Pustilnik (USA) - "Probe" John Ormerod (England) - "Agonizing Demise"

Question Six: Who's your favorite Sideboard writer?

Carlos Barrado (Spain) - "Gary Wise" Satoshi Nakamura (Japan) - "Zvi and Alex" Noah Boeken (Netherlands) - "Rui Oliveira"

Question Five: What is the coolest thing you've done in Barcelona so far?

Satoshi Nakamura (Japan) - "Won the gateway and played against Gary Wise" Jim Herold (Germany) - "Done nothing yet" Carlos Barrado (Spain) - "Wear a hat (Barretina in Spanish)"

Question Four: What is your favorite card as a first pick?

Jon Finkel (USA) - "Breath of Daragaaz" Noah Boeken (Netherlands) - "Ghitu Fire" Satoshi Nakamura (Japan) - "Thornscape Apprentice"

Question Three: What color combination are you playing?

Alex Shvartsman (USA) - "Green-Red with a splash of White" Scott Johns (USA) - "Blue-White with a splash of Red" Tony Dobson (UK) - "Black-Blue-White"

Question Two: What do you think is the best color combination?

Gary Wise (Canada) - "Blue-Black" Olivier Ruel (France) - "Red-Black-Blue but I prefer White-Green-Blue" Jakub Slemr (Czech Republic) - "Black-Blue either with White or Red"

Question One: Who's your favorite to win the tournament other than yourself?

Scott Wills (UK) - "Gary Wise but he lost his first round. Kamiel Cornelissen but he did really well in the last 3 so he's bound to have a bad one. An American!" Antoine Ruel (France) - "Olivier Ruel" David Price (USA) - "Jon Finkel"

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