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2001 German Nationals Coverage

Festung Marienberg in the little city Würzburg is the site of the 2001 Deutsche Magic Meisterschaft. 127 players came to Würzburg to fight for the National Championship title and a slot at the German national team.


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Daniel Zink (Bochum) $3,000
 2.  Stephan J. Valkyser (Aachen) $2,250
 3.  Mark Ziegner (Mainz) $1,250
 4.  Christian Lührs (Bendestorf) $1,000
 5.  Mario Zemke (Dresden) $750
 6.  Patrick Mello (Hamburg) $700
 7.  Michael Neumaier (Pfeffenhausen) $550
 8.  Jan Brinkmann (Mainz) $500

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Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Mario Zemke   Stephan J. Valkyser, 3-2        
8 Stephan J. Valkyser   Stephan J. Valkyser, 3-1
4 Jan Brinkmann   Christian Lührs, 3-1   Daniel Zink, 3-2
5 Christian Lührs    
2 Patrick Mello   Daniel Zink, 3-0
7 Daniel Zink   Daniel Zink, 3-2
3 Michael Neumaier   Mark Ziegner, 3-2
6 Mark Ziegner    

Losers Bracket

  Loser's Bracket Semifinals   Loser's Bracket Finals   Loser's Bracket Winners   3/4-Place Playoff
  Semifinal 2 Loser Mark Ziegner        
    Mark Ziegner, 3-2    
Quarterfinal 1 Loser Mario Zemke   Mario Zemke, 3-2   Mark Ziegner, 3-1
Quarterfinal 2 Loser Jan Brinkmann    
Quarterfinal 3 Loser Patrick Mello   Patrick Mello, 3-1
Quarterfinal 4 Loser Michael Neumaier   Christian Lührs
  Semifinal 1 Loser Christian Lührs    

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