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2001 Grand Prix Singapore Coverage

With all eyes on Albertus Law after a string of impressive Pro Tour finishes, he did not disappoint. Meeting his teammate Kelvin Hoon in the finals, Law showed exactly why he's Singapore's winningest man, taking the match and the crown to the wild cheering of the assembled crowd. Congratulations to Albertus Law, Grand Prix - Singapore 2001 Champion!

Top 8 Final Standing

1.Albertus Hui Chin Law$2,400
2.Kelvin Yew Teck Hoon$1,700
3.Akuma Ding Yuen Leong$1,200
4.Michihisa Onoda$1,000
5.Royce Ming Huang Chai$800
6.Lance Chin Wei Yeong$800
7.David Kwan$800
8.Chang Chua$800

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Leong, Akuma Ding Yuen   Leong, Akuma Ding Yuen, 2-1        
8 Chua, Chang   Law, Albertus Hui Chin, 2-0
4 Law, Albertus Hui Chin   Law, Albertus Hui Chin, 2-1   Law, Albertus Hui Chin, 2-1
5 Chai, Royce Ming Huang    
2 Hoon, Kelvin Yew Teck   Hoon, Kelvin Yew Teck, 2-0
7 Kwan, David   Hoon, Kelvin Yew Teck, 2-1
3 Onoda, Michihisa   Onoda, Michihisa, 2-1
6 Yeong, Lance, Chin Wei    

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