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2001 Pro Tour Barcelona Coverage

Kai Budde defeated Alan Comer to take the Barcelona Championship, but in the process smashed records and put himself way out in front of the Player of the Year race. Not only is he now the only player to have won three Pro Tours, he's also the only player to win two in one season.

Congratulations to Kai Budde, Pro Tour Barcelona Champion!


Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Kai Budde (Germany)$30,000
 2.  Alan Comer (USA)$20,000
 3.  Daniel Clegg(USA)$15,000
 4.  Patrick Mello (Germany)$13,000
 5.  Brad Swan (USA)$9,000
 6.  Albertus Law (Singapore)$8,500
 7.  Yuri Kolomeyko (Ukraine)$8,000
 8.  Chad Ellis (USA)$7,500

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Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Daniel Clegg   Daniel Clegg, 3-0        
8 Chad Ellis   Alan Comer, 3-2
4 Alan Comer   Alan Comer, 3-0   Kai Budde, 3-1
5 Brad Swan    
2 Patrick Mello   Patrick Mello, 3-0
7 Yuri Kolomeyko   Kai Budde, 3-1
3 Kai Budde   Kai Budde, 3-0
6 Albertus Law    

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