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Photo Coverage of 2000 Amateur Championship

Player Pictures

[view]John Stevens, victorious
[view]2000 Amateur Champion, John Stevens
[view]Idoux again
[view]Matt Idoux
[view]Jeremy Humphrey
[view]Chris Kelly
[view]Brian Dudley
[view]John Stevens
[view]Daniel Campisi
[view]Tanis Tramontin
[view]Another Hinton shot
[view]Charles Hinton
[view]Chris Kelly with some very angry squirrels.
[view]Daniel Campisi
[view]Brian Dudley
[view]Ray Yu of MTGNews.com, in LARP garb.
[view]Dan Li
[view]Tanis Tramontin
[view]Andrew Bonham
[view]Bradley Sherman
[view]Lauren Passmore
[view]Jason Rose
[view]Chris Kelly
[view]Steven Hlaj
[view]Robert Castro
[view]Round 1 begins.
[view]Lauren Passmore
[view]Packed player area waits for round 1.
[view]Same people, less candy.

Site Pictures

[view]Random on-scene tank.
[view]The friendly Wizards of the Coast area.
[view]Dungeons andDragons 3rd Edition demos
[view]Pokemon demos
[view]MtG demos
[view]MLB demos
[view]WCW demos
[view]L5R demos
[view]Lines of eager convention-goers formed early.
[view]Registration at Origins was frantic.

Staff Pictures

[view]The Head Judge Scott
[view]The busy Arena League headquarters.
[view]The fresh maker - artist Tony DiTerlizzi with Mentos and webmaster Jim Gaynor
[view]TopDeck Editor-in-Chief Will McDermott playing MLB

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