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2001 Asia Pacific Championship

Player Pictures

[view]Jin Okamoto receives his trophy in the Closing Ceremonies
[view]Head Judge Jeff Donais and Kelvin Hoon are the original Odd Couple
[view]The Top 3 of the Malaysia Open
[view]Jin Okamoto and trophy. The two go well together
[view]Jun Nobushita gives away his X-Ray Vision
[view]Congratulations to Jin Okamoto, 2001 APAC National Champion
[view]Jin Okamoto kicks it up a notch
[view]Wide-Angle Finals Action
[view]Kelvin Hoon and his teammates
[view]Nick Wong screams his congratulations
[view]Everyone tries to congratulate Kelvin Hoon at once
[view]The Malaysian Open Finals: Kelvin Hoon v. Ji-Hun Kim
[view]The Finals: Jun Nobushita v. Jin Okamoto
[view]Jin Okamoto needs a better look for a Fact or Fiction
[view]He lets slip how good his hand is
[view]Okamoto is steady in the Finals
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto congratulates Jun Nobushita on his semifinal win
[view]The APAC Finals attract attention
[view]Malaysia Open Finals: Kelvin Hoon v. Ji-Hun Kim
[view]Kelvin Hoon glowers
[view]Ji-Hun Kim doesnt like what he sees
[view]Sealed Deck Mayhem
[view]The Japanese players have a chin-wag
[view]Semifinals: Katsuhiro Mori v. Jun Nobushita
[view]Katsuhiro Mori sees trouble ahead
[view]Mori casts Tsabos Decree. Our helicopter was on the scene
[view]Jun Nobushita needs some graveyard information
[view]Ji-Hun Kim is calm, collected
[view]Jun Nobushita has been called Happy Go-Lucky
[view]Osamu Fujita peels
[view]Malaysia Open Semifinals: Ji-Hun Kim v. Osamu Fujita
[view]Katsuhiro Mori moves much faster, live
[view]Quarterfinals: Royce Chai against Jun Nobushita
[view]Quarterfinals: Sam Lau versus Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Katsuhiro Mori fakes a concession
[view]Sam Lau decides to Foil, but doesnt like it
[view]Quarterfinals: Jin Okamoto against Satoshi Nakamura and an army of cakes
[view]Jin Okamoto is under Gary Wises control
[view]Satoshi Nakamura tries to convince his opponent that his spell is no good
[view]Malaysia Open Quarterfinals: Osamu Fujita v. Wattanachai Chenarak
[view]Top 8 APAC Championship 2001
[view]Jun Nobushita is in a pickle
[view]Royce Chai says: Punch it Chewie
[view]Malaysia Open Quarterfinals: Doctor Wong v. Shawn Yap
[view]Malaysia Open Quarterfinals: Masaya Mori v. Ji-Hun Kim
[view]Nakamura appreciates the severity of his situation
[view]Quarterfinal action tuckers our Sideboard reporter Matt Vienneau
[view]The Top 8 of The Malaysia Open
[view]Tomoharu Saito and Peter Chao shake hands
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Tomoharu Saito
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Satoshi Nakamura
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Peter Chao
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Sam Lau
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Royce Chai
[view]Randomly, Ben Seck
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Jin Okamoto
[view]Top 8 Competitor: Jun Nobushita
[view]Tomoharu Saito
[view]Koichiro Maki is an aspiring rapmaster
[view]Tobey Tamber has exactly one fan
[view]The Elimination Round: Weng Kwong Aw Yeong v. Satoshi Nakamura
[view]Round 12: Toshiharu Niwa v. Sam Lau.
[view]Niwa is a fountain of energy
[view]Lau thinks, eats, and dresses Magic
[view]Round 12: Tobey Tamber plays dreamcrusher against Koichiro Maki
[view]Aw Yeong contemplates the nature of reality
[view]Nakamura is playing with a full deck
[view]Tomoharu Saito and Katsuhiro Mori must be getting tired of all these Feature Matches
[view]The incredibly charismatic Tequila Tang
[view]Ryan Soh delivers. What he delivers, we cannot say.
[view]The time-tunnel devours Sideboard reporter Matt Vienneau, as he covers Round 11s Feature: Tequila Tang against Ryan Soh
[view]Round 11 Feature: Albertus Law wages war against Jun Nobushita
[view]Jimpei Hassaku versus Weng Kwong Aw Yeong in Round 11
[view]Hassaku has worked on his Stare of Death
[view]Aw Yeong says: Oooh
[view]Round 11: Ben Seck versus Satoshi Nakamura
[view]Nakamuras new hat has unexpected powers
[view]Ben Seck seems to have everything under control
[view]The Illuminati rule all from their shadow gallery
[view]The back of Satoshi Nakamuras head takes on
[view]Everyone laugh at Gary or be punished
[view]Gary Wise faces his arch-nemesis
[view]Round 10 Feature: Royce Chai feigns a bad hand against Tobey Tamber
[view]Chai zooms in for a better look
[view]Tamber gawks
[view]Product placement
[view]The Feature Match area during round 10
[view]Round 10 blue-on-blue: Jin Okamoto against Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Okamoto can do this in his sleep
[view]Katshuhiro Mori and a giant arm
[view]Jimpei Hassaku tests his might against Toshiharu Niwa in a Round 9 Feature Match
[view]Niwa gets ready to make with the smashy-smashy
[view]Hassaku reaches into his bag of tricks
[view]The original model for The Thinker, Takamasa Fukata
[view]Junyang Ang susses things out
[view]Fukata against Ang in Round 9. FIGHT
[view]Oliver Oks is everyman
[view]Dingyuan Leong peeks at his top card, turning it into a land.
[view]A handy sign tells you about Dingyuan Leong v. Oliver Oks
[view]The best and the rest duke it out
[view]Deckchecks a-go-go
[view]This Koala watches a Fires on Fires staring match
[view]Heres that beating you ordered
[view]Between APACs and The Malaysian Open, its jam-packed
[view]Round 8 Action: Ben Seck versus Yujian Zhou
[view]Its THE Ben Seck GRRR
[view]Zhou is so happy, hes sliding out of his chair
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Tomoharu Saito v. Jun Nobushita
[view]Tomoharu Saito resolves Fact or Fiction with deliberate motions
[view]Terror Mayhem Unrest
[view]Adrian Teh and Singaporean Level 3 Judge Mountain Hung keep the peace
[view]The tournament bustles
[view]Youve gotta be kidding me
[view]Albertus Law versus Ryan Soh in a faced-paced knock-down drag-out drubbing
[view]Barcelona Top 8 competitor, Albertus Law
[view]Ryan Soh bends time with his mind. No lie
[view]Feature Matches get mobbed
[view]Dont tick off Saito Tomoharu
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Saito Tomoharu v. Koichiro Maki
[view]Maki performes levitation
[view]Amazing Round 7 Battle: Satoshi Nakamura v. Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Mori sorts out a Fact or Fiction
[view]Nakamura is straight out of the pastel 1920s
[view]James Lee informs Katsuhiro Mori that he only has 59 cards
[view]Tatsuo Yoshii. Hes not smug, just calm.
[view]Miu-Su Kim wears a shirt to match his demeanor
[view]Round 6 Feature Match: Yoshii vs. Kim, to the death
[view]Matt Vienneau searches for the right words to convey Round 6s Feature Match: Wei Ren Khoo versus Jin Okamoto
[view]Okamoto even looks like a champion
[view]In fairness, so does Khoo. Check out that keen stare
[view]His names not Ron at all Nao Yamamoto sure is crafty
[view]Jun Yang Ang has all the right tools
[view]Round 6: Law vs. Ang. It doesnt get any better than three-letter names
[view]Its superhuman Albertus Law. Watch him ponder.
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto is somewhat pleased
[view]In his Round 6 Feature Match, Tsukamoto explains cold fusion to Yamamoto
[view]Tobey Tamber and his incredibly heavy head
[view]Tamber gears up to face Morgan Ramanchandram in Round 5
[view]Ang Jun Yang asks: Are you talking to me
[view]Your guess is as good as ours
[view]Round 5 Feature Match: Tsuyoshi Fujita vs. Katsuhiro Mori
[view]One of Tsuyoshi Fujitas many tells
[view]Katsuhiro Mori is surprised to learn the moon landing was real
[view]Satoshi Nakamura likes his chances in his Round 5 Feature Match
[view]Felix Gonzales considers his options
[view]Its Mirror, Mirror all over again
[view]Tequila Tang against Australias Andrew Lai
[view]Eisaku Itadani confers with a Judge
[view]Saito Tomoharu is a beacon
[view]Itadani vs. Tomoharu in Round 5
[view]Players refuse to stop gaming for any reason, even flooding
[view]Everyone wants a piece of the Information Desk
[view]Chi Fei Ng works hard
[view]This man is in pain
[view]A macho Fujita plays without sleeves
[view]Zhou Yujian accelerates to Warp 9
[view]Yujian plays agains Eisaku Itadani in Round 4
[view]Hmm, Itadani was sure it was 2R
[view]Reynerio Estacio rubs his hands together in glee
[view]Round 4 action: Koichiro Maki vs Sam Lau
[view]Sam Lau balks at turn of events
[view]Koichiro Maki grimaces at his ill-fortune
[view]He recoils in what might be horror
[view]Thats not a knife. Oh, wait. It is.
[view]Kim Ji-Hun mugs for the camera
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita in his streetclothes
[view]Nick Wong and friend
[view]All confidence: Ryan Soh
[view]Tryouts for Smiling Thug 3
[view]Wen Shun-Kai will probably earn that role
[view]Kiyoshi Sasanuma and his fabulous shirt
[view]Tobey Tamber displays the fruits of his labour
[view]Masayuki Higashino considers his mana curve
[view]Sam Lau shows how its done
[view]Katsuhiro Mori cant get excited about his second deck
[view]This pack is all aces
[view]Katsuhiro Mori considers a red card
[view]This picture captures none of the intensity of the second draft
[view]Tobey Tamber and Masayuki Higashino are pensive dudes
[view]Filling in for Nick Wong: A duck
[view]Unfortunately for Nick, it can do no worse than he did
[view]For the second draft, Pod 2 looks over their first pack
[view]Its a run on the proverbial stock market
[view]As at any event, theres plenty of hangers-on
[view]Round 3 saw Japanese heavyweights Masayuki Higashino and Jun Nobushita face off
[view]You wouldnt want to run into Masayuki Higashino in a dark alley
[view]Jun Nobushita assesses the situation
[view]Round 3 Action: Peter Chao vs. Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Fujita is hip-deep in the Think Tank
[view]Wow, what a frown
[view]Round 3 Feature Match, Tobey Tamber vs Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Tobey Tamber struggles with a poor mana draw
[view]Katsuhiro Mori knows no fear
[view]Every match has its fair share of spectators
[view]Jonsen Sulaeman brings the noise to Albertus Law
[view]Law holds back a smile as he casts a spell
[view]Sulaeman is full of surprises
[view]Clifford Yap versus Tadayoshi Komiya in desperate Round 2 struggle
[view]Tadayoshi Komiya, former Japanese National Champion
[view]Yap is shocked at this turn of events
[view]This match is all concentration
[view]Koichiro Maki considers his options against Hwang Chang in Round 2
[view]Hwang Chang is a reflective player
[view]Two competitors weather the smoke and noise of the Opening Ceremonies
[view]Whatever, this guy
[view]Prapon Maneechareonwong looks great in a mug shot
[view]Katsuhiro Mori feigns concern. He has a Cloaked Treva.
[view]Tsuyoshi Douyama tries to calm down his cards.
[view]The always-intense Takamasa Fukata
[view]Its easy to smile when youre on the offensive
[view]Ben Seck has difficulty shuffling
[view]Now those are some interesting fingers.
[view]Prapon Maneechareonwong of Thailand is in a fog. Reiji Ando double-checks his lands.
[view]Reiji Andos hand is all action
[view]Round 1 action, Ishida versus Soh
[view]Itaru Ishida is the height of poise
[view]Ryan Soh grudgingly gives a thumbs-up
[view]Ben Thompson signs his works
[view]Gary Wise is getting beat so badly he cant even smile
[view]It isnt all fun and roses for our staff
[view]Satoshi Nakamura, with hat
[view]The unstoppable Masaya Mori
[view]Panzer Hunters Itaru Ishida
[view]Katsuhiro Mori is nonplussed
[view]Koichiro Maki
[view]Reiji Ando of Panzer Hunters. Check out his camo-suit.
[view]You dont want to be on the wrong end of this.
[view]Shameless self-promotion
[view]Itaru Ishida gets whats coming to him.
[view]A conundrum
[view]Satoshi Nakamura goes long.
[view]Two-time APAC champ Masaya Mori takes a card that wont make it into his deck.
[view]The Ben Seck drafts with determination. Masayuki Higashino is unimpressed.
[view]Now drafting: Jun Nobushita of Team Fire Beat, Top 4 at Grand Prix Yokohama.

Site Pictures

[view]Heed our warning
[view]To the victor go the spoils
[view]Free Stuff Gimme that
[view]Big Brother is beating you at Magic
[view]Kneel before our might
[view]Every man is subject to the ravages of time
[view]On loan from the set of 2001
[view]Gary Wise is King of his shack.
[view]Panorama showing the Sunway Lagoon Hotel, waterpark and mall
[view]This beats our first sign: GO AWAY
[view]One of many retailers on-site
[view]Theres an ice rink just next door.
[view]The front of the Sunway Lagoon, the hotel adjacent to the event
[view]Art imitates life
[view]These Malay dancers wowed the crowd
[view]The festivities included traditional Malay dance
[view]They were breathtaking
[view]It was a colorful extravaganza
[view]Nobody lost an eye to THESE laser beams
[view]Demonstrations show the appeal of the game to newcomers
[view]An event this big deserves an appropriately-sized banner

Staff Pictures

[view]Photographer Craig Cudnohufsky digs food
[view]Events Manager for APAC and Latin America, Laura Waniuk
[view]Henry Stern hosts the Magic Quiz Show
[view]Hes just one ugly suit away from being a game show host
[view]Gary Wise runs a Rochester Draft clinic, teaching the finer points of color selection and signalling
[view]Acting Content Coordinator Josh Bennett shows off his unbeatable Kung Fu
[view]Dale Aitken, Organized Play Manager for Australia and New Zealand is scorekeeper for The Malaysian Open
[view]Head Judge of Open, Ron Foster
[view]Henry Stern revels in his fandom
[view]Dramatic juxtaposition involving Jeff Donais
[view]Judges rule quickly and fairly
[view]Japanese Sideboard Editor Keita Mori and Judge Jacky Yang are detail-oriented
[view]Playing the part of The Riddler: Matt Vienneau
[view]Taro Kageyama, crack Japanese Sideboard reporter
[view]James Lee supports his Judges
[view]Sideboard Reporter Alex Shvartsman takes it all in
[view]Judges are powderkegs, just waiting to explode
[view]Name these three people, win a No-Prize
[view]With a touch of a button, the Head Judge starts the show
[view]Jeff Donais bangs a gong
[view]Alex Che receives a plaque thanking him for his work promoting Magic in Malaysia
[view]The Master of Ceremonies riled up the crowd
[view]Wizards of the Coast PR Staff Nancy and Tod
[view]Laura Waniuk is NOT, repeat, NOT on fire.
[view]Head Judge Jeff Donais and judges Ron Foster and Collin Jackson gear up for the festivities
[view]Every players worst nightmare: Nitpicking Judges looking for decklist errors.
[view]Randy Gallegos displays his art
[view]Ventriloquist Collin Jackson calls the draft without moving his lips

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