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2001 Australian Nationals

Player Pictures

[view]Ben Seck - Making his third Top 8 in Australian Nationals
[view]Quarter Finals Match - Rob Nadebaum and Ben Seck
[view]The amazing Sideboard Reporters - Yaro Starek and Liam Coltman
[view]Quarter Finals Match - Michael Mercer and Shun Jiang
[view]Pang Ming Wee- Number one composite player in Australia
[view]Michael Mercer ready to rumble
[view]The power that is Rob Nadebaum
[view]Oliver Oks stares down his opponent
[view]Shun Jiang tries to top deck his way out of trouble
[view]Wei Ren Khoo wins his round 10 feature match
[view]Walluin- Magic Player or YMCA Band Member
[view]So, what you are saying is...
[view]For me
[view]John Ou centre taking deck advice from his team mates
[view]So many Magic players, where do I begin
[view]Ben Seck has finally gotten his hat back
[view]Blue sleeve
[view]2000 Australian National Champion Stephen Campbell
[view]Chris Fogin dishes out the justice
[view]Andrew Gordon, will he ever smile
[view]Can red hair make you play better
[view]Bronwyn Bruce, the only female still playing
[view]Rod shmoozes the staff
[view]When Millstones collide
[view]Chris Kwan pondering
[view]Ben Seck wins - without his hat
[view]Australias answer to Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Magic cards can be used to play dominoes too
[view]Can Kim Brebach win with this hand
[view]Brebach vs Ou, a 6th round feature match
[view]Rob Nadebaum does his best Tom Cruise impersonation
[view]buy . . . no, sell . . . no, buy
[view]The Trophies
[view]Andrew Gordon has the mighty Armadillo Cloak in his opening hand
[view]Andrew Gordon does his best death stare
[view]Chris Kwan on his way to a 6-0 in draft
[view]If I study hard enough I should go 6-0 tomorrow
[view]Trading is fierce and furious at this nationals
[view]Im 2-2, and extremely happy about it
[view]Spiky hair is definitely in this year
[view]Ben Seck with groupies
[view]Berren Im French Hamilton
[view]Joe Connolly says Smile for life
[view]Michael Doecke works his deck
[view]The smiling Andrew Corney
[view]Nathan Russell - International Man of Mystery Association founding member
[view]Michael Doecke, Chris Kwan and Joe Connolly- Draft with me
[view]Red is the only color for me
[view]Must stay awake...cant fall asleep during my turn...
[view]This is soooo scary
[view]Would you trust this guy
[view]Early Nguyen-Thoughtful
[view]Stephan Campbell prepares himself for a hard day
[view]Michael Doecke mediates on his next match
[view]Drafting is hard, hmm...ok
[view]Tough Pick
[view]Ben Seck arrives after a hard night at Canberras only nightclub, Insomnia
[view]Ach, Hans Run its the Lhurgoyf
[view]Getting in tune with one another-Chris Kwan and Rod Ho
[view]Glen Shandley, former Australian great, relives the old times playing in the Type 1 Challenge
[view]Yeah, Im gonna win and you cant do anything about it
[view]Im tired and I havent even started playing
[view]Chris V and the card that won him his first round grinder match
[view]Jake Hart losses his first round in the single elimination qualifier
[view]Chris Kwan is serious even when pratice drafting
[view]Nik Smith grinds his way into nationals
[view]1996 APAC Champion Nathan Russell remembers the glory days
[view]Michael Doecke and Justin West show some magic love
[view]A happy Greg Romans on grinder day
[view]Melbourne Player Joe Connolly

Site Pictures

[view]The National Convention is also playing host to a Camp Quality day, which is a association for kids with cancer.
[view]In Canberra Burger King is called Hungry Jacks
[view]The Canberra National Convention Centre

Staff Pictures

[view]Andrew Pirie and his favorite machine
[view]David J Low left supervises Jason McDonald, Head Judge of the QT
[view]Head judge Michael Mason discusses a ruling with floor judge Ryan Dare
[view]The new head of Australian Magic, Dale Aitken, hard at work no he is not being rude, just resting.

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