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Photo Coverage of 2000 European Championship

Player Pictures

[view]All of the French players watched Raphael Levy in the finals on the monitors.
[view]Raphael Levy following his match. He lost the final match, but has a lot to be proud of this weekend.
[view]Noah Boeken poses with his game-winning Giant Growth, Wild Might and Rushwood Legate.
[view]Boeken and Levy chat doing their match.
[view]Levy and Boeken are relieved that the match is over.
[view]Noah Boeken shakes Raphael Levys hand after the victory.
[view]Boekens Giant Growth and Wild Might are on the table, waiting to resolve.
[view]Noah Boeken is very anxious to win the Euro Championship.
[view]Noah Boeken smiles after hearing the crowd cheer his Tangle Wire.
[view]Raphael Levy is not happy at all about Tangle Wire in game 5.
[view]Noah Boeken smells victory and offers his hand to Levy.
[view]Boeken plays a spell and anxiously awaits to see if it will be countered.
[view]Boeken stretches and yawns as he waits for Levy to decide what to do in the last few turns of game five.
[view]Both players were under intense pressure during game five of the finals.
[view]A very tense final match. Boeken stares intently at Levy.
[view]View of the final match.
[view]Raphael Levy celebrates with his trophy.
[view]2000 European Finalist, Raphael Levy.
[view]Noah Boeken standing with trophy.
[view]2000 European Champion, Noah Boeken.
[view]Game three of Boeken versus Levy.
[view]Noah Boeken looks tense after losing game three of the finals.
[view]Levy is upset with himself after a mistake in game one of the finals.
[view]Noah Boeken and Raphael Levy in the final match.
[view]Boeken taunts Levy as he reminds him to check for Opalescence before phasing out his lands with his own Parallax Tide.
[view]Noah Boeken lost game two after winning game one of the finals.
[view]Osterberg was extremely unhappy after the Masticore incident.
[view]Levy smiles after Osterberg forgets to pay for Masticores upkeep in game 5 of the semifinals.
[view]Osterbergs Masticore in the graveyard after an unfortunate error.
[view]Osterberg versus Levy in the semifinals.
[view]Noah Boeken Netherlands defeats Loic Dobringa France in the semifinals.
[view]Rickard Osterberg lost the first game of the semifinals to Levys Replenish deck.
[view]Noah Boeken lost game one of the semifinals to the all-powerful Masticore.
[view]Levy vs. Osterberg in the semifinals.
[view]Loic Dobrigna from Paris, France.
[view]Boeken versus Dobriga in the semifinals.
[view]Raphael Levy is playing well in his second Euro Championship top 8.
[view]Camera view of the Boeken/Coeckelbergh match.
[view]Noah Boeken is in control of game 5 of the quarterfinals.
[view]A view of the quarterfinals.
[view]A large crowd watched the finals on the 8 monitors.
[view]Osterberg makes the final attack with his Morphling.
[view]Winter was not pleased when Osterberg got a Morphling on the table.
[view]Osterberg is in control of the fifth game of the quarterfinals.
[view]The Euro Championship staff prepare the trophies.
[view]Winter and Osterberg are tied, 2-2 in the quarterfinals
[view]Franzen is in big trouble in the quarterfinals versus Levy.
[view]Raphael Levy originally was disturbed by the crowd noise but all of the cheers were for him.
[view]Raphael Levy smiles after winning the quarterfinals.
[view]Noah Boeken wins 3-1 versus Gert Coeckelbergh in the quarterfinals. Boeken will advance to the semifinals versus Loic Dobrigna.
[view]Noah Boeken shows off the Vine Dryad with 3 Rancors that he used to crush Gert Coekelbergh in the quarterfinals.
[view]Joost Winter versus Rickard Osterberg in their quarterfinal match.
[view]Wolfgang Eder versus Loic Dobringa in the quarterfinals.
[view]Johan Franzen is using the red clown nose against Levy in the quarterfinals.
[view]Gert Coeckelbergh comes back to win game three versus Boeken.
[view]A moment of levity in the Boeken/Coekelbergh match.
[view]Noah Boeken wins game two against Gert Coekelbergh.
[view]Joost Winter Netherlands versus Richard Osterberg Sweden.
[view]Johan Franzen of Sweden, before the quarterfinals.
[view]Wolfgang Eder of Germany, before the quarterfinals.
[view]Loic Dobringa of France, before the quarterfinals.
[view]Raphael Levy of France, before the quarterfinals.
[view]The top 8 players before the quarterfinals.
[view]Noah Boeken of Holland, before the quarterfinals.
[view]Waless finest, Richard Edbury. Edbury won the US Nationals Fantasy Pro Tour this year.
[view]Mark Wraith claims he isnt photogenic.
[view]Tony Dobson in his Yankees cap
[view]Ben Ronaldson from England.
[view]Top 8 photo: Joost Winter Nertherlands
[view]Top 8 photo: Eder Wolfgang Germany
[view]Top 8 photo: Loic Dobrigna France
[view]Top 8 photo: Johan Franzen Swedish
[view]Top 8 photo: Gert Coeckelbergh Belgium
[view]Top 8 photo: Raphael Levy France
[view]Top 8 photo: Rickard Osterberg Swedish
[view]Top 8 photo: Noah Boeken Netherlands
[view]Noah Boeken, top player from The Netherlands.
[view]Rune Horvik types in decklists for the Sideboard.
[view]Noah Boeken versus Nicolas Olivieri.
[view]Nicolas Olivieri versus Noah Boeken.
[view]Frank Karsten just missed making the Top 8.
[view]Frank Karsten vs. Stewart Shinkins.
[view]Janosch Kuhn of Germany.
[view]Richard Osterberg vs. Ondrej Baudys in a round 12 feature match.
[view]Ondrej Baudys vs. Richard Osterberg.
[view]Kim Eikefet interviews Christian Luhrs.
[view]Flags for all the represented countries were on display at the event.
[view]Buying stuff is fun at the WOTC merchandise booth.
[view]Stewart Shinkins from Ireland.
[view]Jean-Louis Dhondt versus Loic Dobringa in a round 11 feature match.
[view]Johan Franzen versus Christoph Lippert.
[view]Johan Franzen took off his red clown nose for this important match.
[view]Loic Dobringa in his only feature match.
[view]American player John Shuler randomly showed up at the Euro Championship on the first day of his two-month European tour.
[view]Timme Nyegard considers his next play.
[view]Timme Nyegaard played Stewart Shinkins
[view]Noah Boeken in a feature match versus Wolfgang Eder.
[view]Ben Ronaldson England versus Nicolas Oliveiri France.
[view]Stewart Shinkins versus Timme Nyegaard.
[view]Sigurd Eskeland versus Jan Tomcani.
[view]Jan Tomcani from the Slovak Republic.
[view]Norways Siguard Eskeland cuts a striking profile.
[view]Sigurd Eskeland and his flock of animals giving him good luck.
[view]Feature Matches: John Ormerod versus Carlos Barrado, Jan Tomcani versus Sigurd Eskeland
[view]Raphael Levy versus Jean-Louis Dhondt in another feature match
[view]Nicholas Olivieri of France.
[view]Richard Osterberg versus Nicholas Olivieri in a round 10 feature match.
[view]Richard Osterberg of Sweden is doing very well at the European Championship.
[view]Left to Right: Ben Ronaldson English National Champion, Mark Wraith covering the feature match for the Sideboard, Dirk Baberowski watching the match after dropping for the tournament and Raphael Levy.
[view]Peer Kroger of Germany versus Mattias Jorstedt of Sweden in a round 9 feature match.
[view]Mattias Jorstedt from Sweden. Mattias was part of the 1997 Swedish National team which placed second at the Worlds losing to the winning Canadian National Team in the finals.
[view]Germanys Peer Kroger is happy to be in a feature match.
[view]Svend Geertsen from Denmark in a round 8 feature match.
[view]Carlos Barrado from Spain.
[view]Round 8 feature match, Carlos Barrado versus Hector Fuentes, both from Spain.
[view]Round 8 feature match, Svend Geertsen Denmark versus Mark Hernandez France.
[view]Johan Franzen Sweden wears a red clown nose during his matches.
[view]Christen Ljones gets beat down by Jakub Slemr, 0-2.
[view]Christer Ljones of Norway versus 1997 World Champion, Jakub Slemr.
[view]Bram Snepvangers versus current Denmark resident, Trey Van Cleave.
[view]The OTHER Czech player, Ondrej Baudys.
[view]Czech Republics finest, Jakub Slemr.
[view]Jean-Louis DHondt versus John Ormerod Noah Boeken watches beside them.
[view]Tomi Walamies versus Noah Boeken.
[view]Kai Budde 1999 World Champion faces Nicolai Herzog 1999 European Champion and highest DCI rated European player in a round 7 feature match.
[view]Tomi Walamies and Noah Boeken battle.
[view]Tomi Walamies in a round 7 feature match.
[view]Jean-Louis Dhondt considers his options in a round 7 feature match.
[view]Nicolai Herzog shuffles his deck.
[view]Christian Luhrs Germany and Bram Snepvangers Netherlands in a round 7 feature match.
[view]Englands finest, Mark Wraith.
[view]Michael Debard, Bram Snepvangers, Alex Shvartsman brooding, Jean-Louis Dhondt and Ben Ronaldson.
[view]Noah Boeken versus Rapahel Levy, round 6 feature match.
[view]Finlands Tommie Walamies versus Hollands Joost Winter. Joost shaved off his beard for this tournament in particular.
[view]Round 6 feature match action. Left to right: Walamies, Boeken, Randy Buehler Sideboard, Levy and Winter.
[view]Norweigan National Champion Bjorn Petter Jocumsen, commonly referred to as B.P. by his fellow Norweigans.
[view]Christer Ljones of Norway, Kim Eikefets ex-boyfriend but now single.
[view]Jakub Slemr, well respected player from Prague, Czech Republic.
[view]Yann Hamon French National Champ versus Jean-Louis Dhondt Blegium Nationals Finalist
[view]Warren Marsh versus Sturla blue drafter Bingen with Jakub Slemr in the background.
[view]Jean-Louis Dhondt has two Grand Prix top 8 finishes and was 16th at Pro Tour London.
[view]Roc Herms, top Spanish player.
[view]Jean-Louis Dhondt considers his options in his feature match.
[view]Odegaard Oyvind top Norgeiwan player and two runner-up finishes in the Oslo Invitational, one of Norways most prestigious tournaments versus Roc Herms ninth place at Pro Tour London and two time Spanish National Team member.
[view]Manuel Bevand versus Jakub Slemr, former World Champion.
[view]Jean-Louis Dhondt from Belgium.
[view]John Ormerod is a wacky Brit.
[view]Jelger Wiegersma from The Netherlands.
[view]Norways finest: Sturla Bingen.
[view]Erno Ekebom was top 8 at Pro Tour Los Angeles 1999.
[view]Raphael Levy has gone with a popular look and gotten blond streaks in his hair.
[view]Ollie Schneider looks into space after his match with the Welsh National Champion.
[view]Thomas Bisballe ejects the Welsh National Champion because his deck seemed insufficiently randomized.
[view]John Ormerod with head in hands in his feature match versus Gabor Papp.
[view]Nicolas Labarre is widely considered one of the nicest French players.
[view]Raphael Levy, hometown hero.
[view]Olivier Ruel versus Lucien Bui, both from France.
[view]There were many UK players in the round 4 feature matches. Clockwise from top left: John Ormerod England, Sideboard writer Alex Shvartsman Russia, Papp Gabor Hungary, John Larkin Ireland and Tony Dobson England.
[view]Gabor Papp versus John Ormerod in a feature match.
[view]Gabor Papp from Hungary.
[view]Lucien Bui.
[view]Erno Ekebom from Finland.
[view]Trey Van Cleave.
[view]The 3-0 table for the second booster draft.
[view]Bram Snepvangers from Holland. The Dutch are very proud of him.
[view]Svend Geertsen of Denmark.
[view]Noah Boeken is doing very well in the tournament.
[view]Thomas Preyer Austria vs. Noah Boeken Holland.
[view]Timme Nyegaard in round 3 feature match.
[view]Andrea Redi from Italy with a big smile.
[view]Ondrej Baudys taking his round 3 feature match very seriously.
[view]Timme Nyegaard from Denmark.
[view]Christian Gregorich.
[view]Kai Budde and John Omerod during the first draft.
[view]Kai Budde, 2000 World Champion and nice guy.
[view]Feature matches involving top players from Europe.
[view]Benedict Klauser versus Warren Marsh in a feature match.
[view]Raphael Levy vs. Christer Ljones in a feature match.
[view]John Ormerod takes his Magic seriously.
[view]Nicolas Labarre loves the camera.
[view]Peer Kroger used to be a top player from Germany.
[view]Nicolas Labarre is the pride of France.
[view]Christian Luhrs in a round 2 feature match against Nicolas Labarre.
[view]Raphael Levy in a round 2 feature match against Christer Ljones.
[view]Christer Ljones faced Raphael Levy in a feature match.
[view]Nicolas Labarre of France.
[view]Bram Snepvangers, from The Netherlands.
[view]Round 1 feature matches included Hernandez vs. Debard, Konstanczer vs. Bevand, Brickwell vs. Valkyser and Paskins vs. Fuentes.
[view]Andre Konstanczer is proud of his first National Championship.
[view]Marc Hernandez of France.
[view]Andre Konstanczer, 2000 German National Champion.
[view]Michael Debard, top player from France.
[view]Dan Paskins discusses Red Deck Wins with some fans.
[view]Two-thirds of Team Black Ops, considered the best team in the world.
[view]The UK guys discuss strategy before the tournament.
[view]The creator of Red Deck Wins 2000, Dan Paskins with help from Ben Ronaldson and a couple of other guys.
[view]Michael Debard from France.
[view]Kai Budde smiles its nice to be the World Champion.
[view]Christian Luhrs of Germany.
[view]Players are nervous to see who they will be paired against each round.
[view]Tony Dobson, widely considered to be one of the top players in the UK.
[view]Dominik Hothow of Germany is no stranger to competition, but was still a little nervous to compete in his first European Championship.
[view]Dirk Baberowski loves his Magic.
[view]Min Sin from Germany.
[view]Bram Snepvangers of Holland considers his next play.
[view]Tom Harle and Scott Wills from England.
[view]Ioan Llywd from Wales and Warren Marsh from England.
[view]Nicolai Herzog from Norway, Ernst Schipper from Czech Republic and Matteo Magnani from Italy during the first draft.
[view]Summersberger Helmut of Austria drafts beside John Larkin of Ireland who was a quaterfinalist from Pro Tour New York.
[view]Noah Boeken of the Netherlands drafts beside Massimo De Matteo of Italy.
[view]Stephan Valkyser of Germany drafts beside Daniel Brickwell of Germany while Jan Willem Barends judges.
[view]Two-time top 8 player PT Mainz and PT Dallas Peer Kroger of Germany.
[view]Christian Luhrs and Jim Herold from Germany.
[view]Nicolas Berthos of France, Bram Snepvangers of Holland and Seppo Toikka of Finland.
[view]Former World Champion Alexander Blumke of Switzerland drafts beside Stephen Brown of Wales and Vincent Guillex of France.
[view]Dirk Baberowski drafting with shaved head.
[view]Alexander Witt and Pro Tour New York Champion Sigurd Eskeland draft.
[view]Returning European Champion, Nicolai Herzog of Norway.
[view]Gregorich Christian from Austria during the first draft.
[view]Labarre has Olivier Ruel drafting right beside him.
[view]Nicolas Labarre drafts.

Site Pictures

[view]The overhead camera covers all the action in the final match.
[view]Champion, finalist and semifinalist trophies.
[view]The 2000 Euro Championship trophies.
[view]A view of the control room for the finals.
[view]A view from the jib camera.
[view]View of the quarterfinals, being played on stage in front of a live audience of over 300 people.
[view]The booth where Brian Hacker and Randy Buehler will sit for Sundays finals coverage.
[view]The countdown clocks for the Euro Championship.
[view]Tourists-eye-view of the Eiffel Tower.
[view]Thousands of tourists flock to the Eiffel Tower.
[view]A rare underside view of the Eiffel Tower.
[view]Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris.
[view]It was raining in Paris this weekend, but it was still beautiful.
[view]Paris, France.
[view]The Cultural Center had a wonderful Picasso sculpture exhibit.
[view]Tourists gather at the base of the Eiffel tower.
[view]The Saint Chapelle Rose window.
[view]View looking into Saint Chapelle.
[view]The beautiful stained glass of Saint Chapelle.
[view]The interior of Saint Chapelle.
[view]The tower of Saint Chapelle.
[view]Statue across from Notre Dame.
[view]Moat outside Notre Dame.
[view]Grand Opera house in Paris.
[view]The stained glass Rose window
[view]Joan of Arc statue inside Notre Dame.
[view]Candles inside Notre Dame.
[view]Cain beating down Abel.
[view]Ezekiel 25:17.
[view]Front view of Notre Dame.
[view]Pompidou Cultural Center in Paris. Evidence that everything built in the 1970s should be torn down.
[view]Collin Jackson and random.pigeons
[view]Rear view of Notre Dame.
[view]Flying buttresses of Notre Dame.
[view]Gargoyles defend Notre Dame.
[view]Notre Dame stained glass window.
[view]Pieta Madonna with dying Christ from Notre Dame.

Staff Pictures

[view]The backbone of Organized Play in Europe: Andrea Chiarvesio, Christophe Astorri, Carl Crook, Felix Huybrechts and Christophe Weyers.
[view]Andrea Chiarvesio WOTC Italy, Christophe Astorri WOTC France, Carl Crook WOTC UK, Felix Huybrechts WOTC Belgium and Christophe Weyers Euro Championships Event Manager congratulate the players during the awards ceremony.
[view]Chris Weyers starts the final ceremony.
[view]Brian Hacker, Ellen Koberer and Randy Buehler.
[view]Nine time zones away from the tournament, Monty Ashley keeps the website updated with the latest information.
[view]The 2000 European Championship judge staff.
[view]The amazing event manager for WOTC Belgium, Chris Weyers.
[view]Brian Hacker and Randy Buehler doing live commentary for the quarterfinals.
[view]A cameramans eye view of the finals.
[view]Judges came from as far as Russia to judge the European Championship.
[view]The finals preparations are nearly finished.
[view]Vladimir Kamenon, level 2 judge from Yugoslavia.
[view]A full camera crew filmed the finals of the 2000 Euro Championship.
[view]Rogerio Alecrim, level 3 judge from Portugal.
[view]Davide Tolle Bonati, Italian Magic coverage writer.
[view]Richard Clyne, level 3 judge from England.
[view]Keith Anderson, former South African, now living in England and working for WOTC UK.
[view]Jerome Mioso from WOTC France.
[view]Mario Van Leeuwen, level 3 judge from Germany.
[view]Stephane Blanchon and Cajus Von Engelmann, getting ready to start round 10.
[view]Jaap Brouwer in Euro Championship judging action.
[view]Cedric Nouveau, level 3 judge from France.
[view]Kim Eikefet is so cool, she has to wear shades.
[view]Felix Huybrechts the event manager for Euro Championships.
[view]Felix is in charge of Organized Play for the European Territories.
[view]Brian Hacker and Jeff Donais in a high-level consultation while doing Sideboard coverage.
[view]Mark Wraith and Collin Jackson typing up Sideboard coverage.
[view]Vicky, Kim and Alex work hard bringing coverage for fans around the world.
[view]The staff for the Italian web coverage.
[view]Magic artist Christopher Moeller.
[view]Level 2 judge, Jan Willem Barends from The Netherlands one of the Dutch Vikings.
[view]Level 4 Polish judge Jakub Wysoczanski.
[view]Italian DCI Manager, Andrea Chiarvesio.
[view]Level 3 French judge Abde Allala.
[view]Mark Wraith covers John Ormerods feature match.
[view]Collin Jackson writes coverage in between looking for local animals.
[view]Belgiums finest, Vicky Korstanje.
[view]Jeff Donais takes a drink of water after a day of hard work.
[view]Vicky Korstanje is coordinating web content for the Sideboard Online.
[view]Carl Crook composes an email to Chris Zantides on his handheld organizer.
[view]Jeff Donais sending Sideboard updates from Euros.
[view]Artist Greg Staples.
[view]Card vendors from England sold cards for peoples Standard decks.
[view]Randy Buehler covers a draft for Ben Ronaldson.
[view]Cyril Grillon, the DCI Manager for European Territories.
[view]Abde Allala, the new DCI Manager for France.
[view]Jaap Brouwer of Holland runs a draft table.
[view]Johan Allouche is writing for the french Sideboard coverage.
[view]Victor van den Broek is assisting in Sideboard coverage for the European Championsip.
[view]Special guest artist Rebecca Guay.
[view]Jerome Miosos nickname is Manteus.
[view]The French sideboard team is very close.
[view]Randy Buehler is working hard generating feature matches and draft coverage.
[view]Brian Hacker, doing Sideboard coverage.
[view]Julian Silverstone, doing French language Sideboard coverage.
[view]Ilea Rotelli, a very talented Italian reporter, player and judge.
[view]Alex Shvarstman loves doing coverage.
[view]Kim Eikefet is a very serious reporter.
[view]French TV reporter covering the Euro Championship.
[view]Gijsbert Hoogendijk, level 3 judge from The Netherlands.
[view]Cajus Von Engelmann runs the Ostelen Game Center here in Paris. Its one of the top game centers in the world.
[view]Judges from around the world. Clockwise from top: Keith Anderson is a level 3 judge formerly of South Africa now living in the UK anonymous French Judge Michael Katsberg is a level 3 judge from Denmark Jakub Wysoczanski is a level 4 judge and DCI coordinator for Poland Jan-Willem Barends is a level 2 judge from The Netherlands.
[view]Thomas Bisballe, level 4 judge from Denmark, calls the first draft.
[view]A video crew was filming the entire tournament.
[view]Pete Norris, Sideboard writer for the event.
[view]Thomas Bisballe makes his opening announcements.
[view]Judges are ready to hand out land for the first draft.
[view]Brian Hacker is writing for the Sideboard and doing commentary on Sunday for the finals.
[view]Collin Jackson, American judge, netrep rules guru and sometimes player.
[view]Paul Barclay, English judge, netrep, rules guru and sometimes player.
[view]Thomas Bisballe is cheerful before the tournament.
[view]Head Scorekeeper Cajus Von Engelmann
[view]Collin Jackson with an apostle.
[view]Carl Crook, Cyril Grillon, and head judge Thomas Bisballe Jensen

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