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2001 Grand Prix Biarritz

Player Pictures

[view]The best two Magic players of Biarritz, Kai Budde and Nicolas Labarre
[view]Doing the Olivier Ruel
[view]Congratulations to Nicolas Labarre Good on you
[view]The winner of Grand Prix Biarritz
[view]The semifinals attracted a big crowd despite the late hour
[view]Nicolas Labarre vs. Lucio Moratinos in the semifinals
[view]Kai Budde vs. Joost Vollebregt in the semifinals
[view]Joost Vollebregt
[view]Alexis Dumay
[view]Cant do without pulling a face
[view]Olivier Ruel
[view]Nicolas Labarre
[view]Ferran Vila
[view]Lucio Moratinos
[view]Alexander Witt
[view]Kai Budde
[view]Grand Prix Biarritz Top 8 and Winnie the Pooh
[view]The very best eight
[view]Nicolas Labarre and Jelger Wiegersma fighting over a spot in the Top 8
[view]Carlos Barrado plays the Swedish Anton Jonsson in round fourteen
[view]Alex Shvartsman and Mattias Jorstedt decided to draw in the last round of the day neither of them made Top 8
[view]The side events attracted a fine crowd
[view]Olivier Ruel versus Ben Ronaldson in round thirteen
[view]Jens Thoren versus Mattias Jorstedt in round thirteen
[view]Nicolas Labarre versus Romuald Balluais in round twelve
[view]Frdric Courtois versus Jelger Wiegersma in round twelve
[view]Jelger Wiegersma: nobody can pronounce his name but everybody knows who he is by now
[view]The seventh pod
[view]Difficult choices at the fourth draft table
[view]La crme de la crme of Grand Prix Biarritz
[view]A fine audience for the fifth pod
[view]The third pod of the second draft
[view]Old McRui had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
[view]Ryan Fuller, focused on winning
[view]Ben Blue Eyes Ronaldson
[view]Olivier Ruel and part of his household, domestic problems
[view]Jens Thoren, a duck and a frog
[view]Ryan Fuller and Alexander Witt, both undefeated at this point
[view]The little Folgados
[view]Even though this is Biarritz, not really T-shirt weather
[view]Christoph Lippert, Gary Wise and Kai Budde chatting the round away
[view]Craig Jones covering an all-Swedish feature match between Jorstedt and Kettil. Or Mattias versus Mattias
[view]Mattias Kettil: And now for the play of the game
[view]Noah Boeken, slaughtered in fifteen minutes
[view]Carlos Barrado brought some fans
[view]Renato Graa
[view]Michael Debard
[view]David Norgeot
[view]Eugene Okin, one clever fellow from Russia
[view]Alejandro Dominguez, not sure of who could start the first game of the day
[view]Rueda Franciso, one of the many Spanish players in Biarritz
[view]The Spanish Francisco Rueda faces fellow countryman Raul Mestre
[view]All 64 players who made day two are constructing their decks
[view]The first draft table, Ryan Fuller is picky
[view]This one tries to catch up with the big guys, watch out for Bastien
[view]Gauthier had a fine day picking up strategy from more experienced players
[view]A round eight feature match between two Frenchmen: one very experienced, the other one less.
[view]Patrick Mello and Stewart Shinkins exchange advice
[view]Gary Wise trying to make day two and failing at it
[view]Antoine Ruel in Sideboard reporter Rui Oliveiras shadow, playing for day two
[view]Eric LaFontaine was pretty nervous over his first feature match ever
[view]Jonathan Garcia finds playing more important than shaving
[view]Cant miss him, the Spanish Xavier Lozano
[view]Yann Hamon and a cute Black Lotus lady
[view]Raphal Lvy, evaluating his opponents moves
[view]Quickly taking of his hat for the photographer, Stewart Shinkins shows hes a little bit vain
[view]A radiant Alex Shvartsman
[view]Not at a first row table but a fascinating match-up anyway: Gary Wise versus Frederico Bastos
[view]A match of titans
[view]Big bad Wilfried Ranque, one of the best French players of the moment
[view]The round five feature match between the Dutch Jelger Wiegersma and Ben Ronaldson is covered by Pete Norris
[view]Ben Ronaldson in round five, pensive
[view]The Ruel brothers, a picture for their mum
[view]Nicolas Labarre, a reference in French Magic play
[view]Serra Angel keeping an eye on a bunch of Magic players
[view]A colorful player
[view]Mattias Jorstedt and Alexis Dumay featured in round four
[view]This guy took a dive last night, Frdric Courtois
[view]French Champion Pierre Malherbaud
[view]A very fly Pete Too Nice For His Own Good Norris in a desperate effort to look meaner
[view]Guaranteed fresh blood, definitely no older than seven or eight
[view]Carlos Barrado
[view]Mattias Jorstedt
[view]Jelger Wiegersma
[view]Fabrice Deslandes, one of the judges registering decks
[view]Joao Duarte from Portugal qualified twice for Pro Tour San Diego
[view]No mana, no sweets
[view]Olivier Ruel came fourth at Grand Prix Shizuoka, Japan and wants the world to know - or at least ask about it
[view]Waiting to get started
[view]Good morning Biarritz
[view]Trading is part of the game
[view]And theres 524 of them

Site Pictures

[view]No excuse for not having taken a bath
[view]A grande entre
[view]The first players are expected in a couple of hours
[view]Dream dream dream
[view]The old port
[view]Not afraid of cold water
[view]The lighthouse
[view]Just making sure everyone understands how gorgeous this place is
[view]The same view, over the left shoulder
[view]Believe it or not, this is the view from the site
[view]Stars and stripes
[view]Men at work
[view]The second balcony is ours
[view]Youll understand soon enough why this place is called Bellevue
[view]A first peek through the window, early morning

Staff Pictures

[view]The French OP manager and organizer of the event Christophe Astorri, standing straight despite a wrecked knee and lack of sleep
[view]Wizards own Damien Guillemard and judge Stphane Blanchon at the side events
[view]The judges team
[view]Wait, there are still some judges missing
[view]The photographer Patrick Tohier at his best
[view]Judge David Vogin watching over table two
[view]Neles sideboard draft
[view]Monsieur le Head Judge calling the draft
[view]Judge Thierry Gourdon shows his true nature, playing a Gameboy. Once a boy, always a boy
[view]Head Judge Cyril Grillon listens to all your problems
[view]The artist Anthony Waters taken by surprise
[view]Sideboard staff, Rui Oliveira and Stphane Solsona exchanging ideas or maybe just waking up
[view]Tophe scratching his head, and things havent even started
[view]Esteban, the French Sideboard editor and PF helping out with the set-up of the event
[view]Le nouveau machismo or scorekeeper Cajus Von Engelmann and three computers

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