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2001 Grand Prix Brisbane

Sunday's Pictures

[view]1st and 2nd place Johnston and Miller
[view]Grand Prix Brisbane Champion Richard Johnston
[view]Grand Prix checks are big.
[view]My check, not yours.
[view]The trophy is as big as him
[view]Richard Johnston holding his trophy
[view]Roger Miller takes second place
[view]Rune Horvik presents Alex with his plaque
[view]3rd place to Alex Shvartsman
[view]Top 8 player Egidio De Gois
[view]Lenny Collins attacking in the quarters
[view]A rather large semi final match
[view]Roger Miller in the semis
[view]Shvartsman ponders his cards
[view]Pang Ming Wee happy with his finals draft deck
[view]Dan Romans vs Alex Shvartsman quarter final
[view]Alex Shvartsman in the quarters
[view]Lenny Collins prays for good cards in the final draft
[view]Brisbane hero and legend, Dan Romans drafts in the finals
[view]Can you do a 7-pile shuffle like Adam
[view]Sydneysider Adam Kemp
[view]Roger Miller, New Zealands hope in the Top 8
[view]Round 12 feature - Shvartsman vs. Gordon
[view]Alex Shvartsman preps for a very important game
[view]I can shuffle better then you can.
[view]Doecke makes a play in his Round 11 Feature Match
[view]Corney gets another feature match - ask and you shall receive.
[view]Who drafts two Finkels
[view]Adam Kemp is once again having a great draft
[view]Michael Doecke is mesmerized in the second draft
[view]Bryce Trevilyan smiles for the camera
[view]Ex AU National champ and previous Top 4 APACer Michael Doecke
[view]Happy-go-lucky New Zealand Judge Adrian Kitto
[view]Round 10 feature - Cole Swannack vs Chris Nadebaum
[view]You will be destroyed said in robot-like voice
[view]Chris Nadebaum fans his cards
[view]Michael Mason working hard
[view]Will Copeman uses a little slight of hand
[view]Rune Horvik DQs the scorekeeper, Scott Larabee
[view]Rune Horvik, Head Judge
[view]Magic can be complicated sometimes
[view]Ben Seck smirks at Simon Leungs pitiful hand
[view]Anatoli Lightfoot taps his land
[view]With a body like that how could Lenny lose
[view]Collins vs Corney in round 8
[view]A little of Brisbanes past
[view]King George guards city hall
[view]City of Brisbane shield
[view]The Top 64 begin Day 2
[view]Wild Mongrel for me, please
[view]Lenny Collins power drafts on table one
[view]What card would you choose
[view]Day 2 drafting
[view]Rune Horvik runs the draft
[view]Secret Agent Jeremy Wright
[view]Thats Mr. Rod Ho to you
[view]Bandana man Jake Hart

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Wei Ren Khoo, 3rd at AU nats this year, attempts to knock Ben Seck out of the GP
[view]The Ben Seck in a sudden death match for day 2
[view]Round 7 feature combatants compare cards
[view]Feature matches for round 7, death match anyone
[view]Pang Ming Wee finishes day one at 6-1
[view]At the speed of light, Ben Seck wins another round
[view]More of the GP wedding couple
[view]The first ever Grand Prix wedding
[view]How much fun are GPs
[view]Head Judge Rune Horvik meditates between rounds
[view]Dr. Low hard at work
[view]A happy Scott Larabee
[view]The red devil
[view]Another round over, Im outta here
[view]Kim Brebach sideboards like the best of em
[view]Have you ever seen two possessed magic players
[view]Blonde hair, black beard, go figure
[view]Mr. Shvartsman shows off the latest in Invitational wear
[view]Will Copeman, GP Sydney finalist
[view]A bit of Buffy in between rounds
[view]A seriously huge organ
[view]How slick is this shirt
[view]Chris Kwan in combat
[view]New Zealand national champ James White
[view]Clock tower by night
[view]The always happy TBS
[view]These two cards won me the match says Alex Shvartsman
[view]Nadebaum packs up after defeat
[view]Shvartsman vs Nadebaum in round 4
[view]For those who might need some divine intervention
[view]Would you trust this guy signing your cards
[view]Mark Tedin, artist of the century
[view]Side Events TO Mel Perry tackles the old prosbloom deck
[view]Battle of Andrews in round 3 Corney vs Varga
[view]Andrew Varga is so happy he finally got a feature match
[view]Lovely ladies with some lovely lunch
[view]Guys with byes testing their decks
[view]Another Zvi Mowshowitz of old wannabe
[view]Rod Ho looking sporty in his round 2 feature match
[view]The no-bye players have it tough to make it to day 2
[view]Bronwyn Bruce, one of the few female competitors at the GP
[view]TO and player Marcus Hodges in a first round feature
[view]Everyones a winner in Brisbane
[view]Local team Brisvegas with their funky shirts
[view]Who says magic players dont shave
[view]Wei Ren Khoo is very satisfied
[view]2001 Australian National team member Andrew Gordon
[view]A mural good enough for a Magic card
[view]Brisbane City Hall in all its glory
[view]Grand Prix trials are stressful

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