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2001 Grand Prix Cologne

Player Pictures

[view]Congratulations to both of you
[view]Top two
[view]Bernd Keller and Thomas Bisballe squeezing winner Jim Herold
[view]Antoine Ruel and his runner up trophy
[view]Thomas Bisballe calling the winners on stage
[view]Jim and Junior
[view]Antoine Ruel, just as lucky really
[view]Local hero and lucky bastard Jim Herold
[view]The final match: Jim Herold versus Antoine Ruel
[view]Trey Van Cleaves girlfriend is probably the only one who can see the good side of not making the final match
[view]German crew: Dominik Hothow, Christoph Lippert and Kai Budde discussing
[view]Joost Vollebregt versus Jim Herold in the semifinals
[view]Joost Vollebregt
[view]Jim Herold
[view]Trey Van Cleave versus Antoine Ruel in the semifinals
[view]Trey Van Cleave in the semifinals
[view]Antoine Ruel in the semifinals
[view]Jan Doise
[view]Antoine Ruel versus Jan Doise in the quarterfinals
[view]Antoine Ruel
[view]Jim Herold versus Christoph Lippert in an all-German quarterfinal
[view]Jim Herold
[view]Frank Karsten versus Trey Van Cleave in the quarterfinals
[view]Daniel Zink faces Joost Vollebregt in the quarterfinals
[view]The Ruel brothers looking at Antoines draft report. Antoine was going in first in the Top 8, while Olivier just missed the Top8, coming in ninth.
[view]Joost Vollebregt in the quarterfinals
[view]The centre of the world...for the moment: the quarterfinals
[view]Trey Van Cleave in the quarterfinals
[view]Frank Karsten facing Trey Van Cleave in the quarterfinals
[view]Daniel Zink has a brother that looks just like him He goes in second in the quarterfinals
[view]Frank Karsten goes in fifth, Jan Doise goes in eight and Joost Vollebregt goes in seventh
[view]The Dutchspeaking threesome: the Dutch Frank Karsten, the Belgian Jan Doise and the Dutch Joost Vollebregt
[view]Trey Van Cleave going in fourth in the quarterfinals
[view]Dutch Joost Vollebregt goes in seventh in the quarterfinals
[view]Dutch Frank Karsten goes in fifth in the quarterfinals
[view]German Christoph Lippert goes in sixth in the quarterfinals
[view]The Top 8 at Grand Prix Cologne
[view]Joost Vollebregt from The Netherlands
[view]The Dutch Joost Vollebregt and the Swiss Niklaus Hugi, not known but good
[view]Niklaus Hugi, a good chance of making top 8
[view]yvind degaard started this match knowing that the winner would make it to the top 8, while the loser would be out
[view]Proud to say that the Belgian Jan Doise will go to the quarterfinals
[view]Riddle. There is no Portuguese player on site but Portugal still has the possibility of being represented in the quarterfinals
[view]Sideboard reporter Mark Wraith has not missed a round so far
[view]Bram Snepvangers
[view]French Franck Canu, very high chances of making it
[view]This is fake This guy cannot stay serious for more than a second
[view]Ryan Fuller conceded to keep his buddy Olivier Ruel in the running for Top 8
[view]The rare smile of Kai Budde
[view]Raphal Lvy and Kai Budde in round twelve
[view]Gentle Raphal Lvy is said to be a favorite among young players
[view]Sulking Olivier
[view]How does Bram Snepvangers manage to look so serious every time
[view]Franck Canu supposedly has the best deck going into round twelve
[view]At the draft, the Dutch Bram Snepvangers
[view]Some say this guy will come out as the winner
[view]Jim Herold and Trey Van Cleave both started off quite well in round eleven
[view]Jim Herold won Grand Prix Frankfurt with his team Three Heroes last year
[view]Another expat. American Trey Van Cleave has been living in Denmark for a while now
[view]Smiling Konstanczer
[view]Antoine Ruel and Andr Konstanczer plan to see each other again in the top 8
[view]The French royal delegation: Nicolas Labarre, Cajus von Engelmann and Lionel Bnzech
[view]Building their decks at the side events
[view]Peer Krger and Claudia Orloff in quite a discussion
[view]Alls busy at the side events
[view]Playing a team Sealed deck at the side events
[view]Andr Konstanczer and Ryan Fuller in a very slow match, according to Head Judge Thomas Bisballe
[view]Ryan Fuller foreseeing that he would lose this game
[view]Andr Konstanczer. Read all about him in issue 24 of the Sideboard magazine
[view]Please meet Antoine Ruel Junior
[view]Wolfgang Magical Fingers Eder
[view]French Antoine Ruel versus Austrian Wolfgang Eder
[view]Look from left to right. The monk, the warrior and Raphal Lvy. Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons.
[view]Eivind Nitter and Kai Budde in a round nine feature match
[view]Kai Budde, cream of the crop
[view]Teammates Olivier Ruel and Noah Boeken even share rooms
[view]Noahs new duck doesnt squeak anymore. A bad omen
[view]Noah Boeken seemed to have had a good nights sleep
[view]Drafting tables, a decisive moment for the second day of Grand Prix Cologne
[view]Antoine Ruel and Andre Konstanczer in the last round of the day
[view]Funny hat
[view]Norwegian Eivind Nitter, its been a long day
[view]Rubbing his hands as if all was won. Raphal Lvy from France
[view]Black Ops challenging Andre Konstanczer
[view]Good luck charms
[view]Noah Boekens serious looks
[view]I actually saw Antoine Ruel kiss his little bear before a match today. Definitely brought him luck in round seven
[view]Kai Budde doesnt know all the Planeshift cards very well yet...
[view]Andre Konstanczer in competition with Christoph Lippert. Competition in haircolor
[view]Ryan Fuller shares Noah Boekens idea of keeping the brains warm
[view]The American Viking Trey Van Cleave
[view]Nicolas Labarre and Helmut Summersberger already met in the top 8 at the Worlds in Brussels last year
[view]His hair is getting long. Nicolas Labarre from France
[view]Helmut Summersberger from Austria in round six
[view]Noah Boeken and Stephan Valkyser sharing afterthoughts
[view]Round five features Benedikt Klauser from Austria and Christoph Lippert from Germany
[view]Blond and beautiful Christoph Lippert
[view]Benedikt Klauser was asked to smile but it didnt quite work
[view]Superman plays on
[view]Two of team Godzillas members facing each other in round four feature match: Ben Ronaldson and Patrick Mello
[view]Daniel Brickwell in an all-German feature match in round four
[view]Our German hero, Kai Budde made the cover of the first revamped American Sideboard
[view]Ben Ronaldson practises team play
[view]Patrick Mello made Top 4 with Draften Und Spielen at the team Pro Tour New York 2000
[view]The Grand Prix from high up in the sky
[view]The crowd starts to move
[view]Over 500 players in a turquoise metal cylinder: spacey

Site Pictures

[view]Here is where Sideboard staff goes jogging
[view]Waterfront in morning colours
[view]Guten Morgen, Deutschland
[view]Cologne is celebrating carnival and you cant get around it
[view]Cool card. 1/3 white, 1/3 red, 1/3 green, mutated from Portal to Invasion, 24/5, called Wildgriffin Wurm, can block and is signed by Carl Crichlow.
[view]The road is long, 2001 looks great in Europe
[view]An impressive stage holding promise for tomorrow
[view]Magic: The Gathering of players from 18 countries
[view]Take one step out of the building and you know you are at Koeln am Rhein, the beautiful cathedral
[view]Grand Prix Cologne is ready for take-off, be welcome

Staff Pictures

[view]The German - Portuguese Friedrich Rademacher covering matches for Sideboard Online
[view]A dubious look from Event Manager Christophe Weyers. Lasagna, right
[view]Judges Justus Roennau and Bernd Keller
[view]What did Head Judge Thomas Bisballe tell Davide Bitetto to make them give away such broad smiles
[view]Judges Christoph Waterkamp and Alexander Lang enjoying a well-deserved break
[view]A cute one from Sideboard reporter Mark Wraith
[view]The artist on site, Carl Critchlow made Saproling Burst, Rith, the Awakener and the amazing Wildfire. Signatures anyone
[view]Scorekeepers Ingo Kemper and Martin Engelhard processing the results of round three

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