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2001 Grand Prix Cape Town

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Thompson concedes to Polin
[view]Peter Klein vs. Ben Seck
[view]Mitchell vs. Kruger
[view]I will give you this ring, if you concede
[view]Andrew Mitchell tries to figure out why he drafted so many Leaf Dancers
[view]Kruger Wagner stares down his opponent
[view]Polin vs Thompson, with Fuller stealing the spotlight
[view]Robert Thompson
[view]If you just made top 4 of a Grand Prix, youd be smiling like Justin Polin, too
[view]The elusive Thomas Pannell
[view]Day two of the Grand Prix, in progress
[view]Alex Shvartsman studies his hand
[view]Ben Seck does his Chris Tucker impression
[view]Ryan Fuller does not look happy with his tournament finish

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Tables await the players for the Grand Prix
[view]Monitors around the Grand Prix show the action in the Invitational

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