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2000 Grand Prix Florence

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Finalist Bram Snepvangers
[view]Champion Benedikt Klauser
[view]The Top 2: Benedikt Klauser and Bram Snepvangers
[view]The Finals: Bram Snepvangers vs. Benedikt Klauser
[view]Semifinal between Martin Zuercher and Benedikt Klauser
[view]Semifinal between Bram Snepvangers and Kai Budde
[view]Quarterfinal between Bram Snepvangers and Daniele Canavesi
[view]Quarterfinal between Benedikt Klauser and Mario Pascoli
[view]Quarterfinal between Ben Ronaldson and Martin Zuercher
[view]The Top 8 at GP Florence. Top from left to right: Mario Pascoli, Martin Zuercher, Bram Snepvangers and. Benedikt Klauser. Bottom from left to right: Ben Ronaldson, Kai Budde, Daniele Canavesi.
[view]GP Bully
[view]Martin Zuercher Switzerland
[view]Daniele Canavesi Italy
[view]Benedikt Klauser Austria
[view]Bram Snepvangers Netherlands
[view]Mario Pascoli Italy
[view]Ben Ronaldson England
[view]Kai Budde Germany
[view]Kai Budde playing a relaxed final round against Stefano Fiore.
[view]An all-Italian feature match in round 14 between Mario Pascoli and Daniele Canavesi.
[view]Olle Rade faces David Price in a Round 13 feature match
[view]Another pinball wizard in the making: Ed Fear.
[view]Mario Pascoli from Italy went into the 2nd day undefeated.
[view]Kai Budde in a round 12 feature match against Mario Pascoli.
[view]Ed Fear has been travelling to most of the recent Grand Prix events and has had a good performance at all of them.
[view]Olle Rade is back. Going in the tournament with only 1 bye, the Swede is proving yet again that hes very good at this game.
[view]Ed Fear and Olle Rade gathered a big crowd in round 12.
[view]Kai Budde was already certain of making Top 8 before going into round 13.
[view]A round 13 feature match between Bram Snepvangers and Andrea Santin.
[view]Trey van Cleave is playing a good tournament. In round 11 he played another feature match against Dominik Hothow.
[view]A round 11 feature match between former World Champion Kai Budde and Daniele Canavesi.
[view]On the opposite side of the park in which the site building is located you can see one of the many historic buildings in Florence.
[view]Banners outside welcome players to the event.
[view]Heather Hudson is the 2nd Magic artist on site.
[view]The side event area is pretty crowded on the 2nd day of the tournament.
[view]Matteo Bianchi was 1 of the 2 Italians in the top 8 at the end of day 1.
[view]A round 10 feature match between Justin Gary and Craig Jones.
[view]Antoine Ruel was the only Ruel brother to make day 2.
[view]Alexandre De Macedo Braga 14 is probably the youngest player in the tournament. He finished 4th on the 1st day.
[view]Ben Ronaldson being on 8-1 is playing against Trey Van Cleave in round 10.
[view]Cajus von Engelmann, a well-known face at every European Grand Prix, is taking care of scorekeeping in Florence.
[view]Tony Dobson after not making day 1 decided to become the new pinball wizard.
[view]England vs. France: Ben Ronaldson vs. Antoine Ruel in a round 9 feature match.
[view]2 undefeated players in a round 9 feature match: Bram Snepvangers and Mario Pascoli.
[view]Benedikt Klauser playing against Matteo Bianchi in a round 10 feature match.
[view]Benedikt Klauser finished 7th on Day 1.

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Bram Snepvangers and Craig Jones are both on 7-0 when they play their final round of day 1.
[view]Olle Rade playing against former World Champion Kai Budde in a Round 8 feature match.
[view]A round 7 feature match between Olle Rade and Alexandre Belin.
[view]A round 7 feature match between Ed Fear and Justin Gary.
[view]A Round 6 feature match between Dominik Hothow and Benedikt Klauser.
[view]A Round 5 feature match between Ed Fear and Federico Dato.
[view]A Round 5 feature match between Antoine Ruel and Mattias Jorstedt.
[view]A Round 4 feature match between Alexis Dumay and David Price.
[view]A Round 4 feature match between Helmut Summersberger and Tony Dobson.
[view]Ilja Rotelli is the new Organized Play Manager at WotC Italy.
[view]Paolo Parente is one of the 2 artists signing cards during the weekend.
[view]Christophe Weyers and Vicky Korstanje from WotC Belgium.
[view]Alessia Mery Luz Naccarato, one of the few female players in Florence.
[view]Copper-Leaf Angel watching over the tournament.
[view]Sideboard: The ultimate magazine for Magic players.
[view]The pairings.
[view]Ben Ronaldson, current English Champion. The picture just looked much better in black and white.
[view]A good opening hand for Trix.
[view]Round 3, table 1: Ed Ross from Scotland.
[view]Pete Norris, also a regular Sideboard reporter, playing in the sunshine.
[view]Iris Brandstetter from Austria.
[view]Ed Fear doesnt look very happy with Cyril Grillon.
[view]JamieLynn from Canada is helping out with Sideboard coverage.
[view]Cyril Grillon, head judge of the event, being his normal self again
[view]Playtesting during the first 3 rounds: Scott Wills, Tony Dobson, Justin Gary and Pete Norris.
[view]The game store Blues Brothers is selling all kinds of Magic stuff on site.
[view]The main tournament area is spread over 2 floors. This is the 2nd floor.
[view]Scott Wills from England is also a regular Sideboard reporter.
[view]Dominik Hothow, top 8 finalist at Worlds 2000.
[view]Patrick Mello from Germany.
[view]A very busy judge station.
[view]Ivan Stanoev from the Czech Republic. He played the finals with his team Hammer of Brno at the team GP in Frankfurt.
[view]The only Dutch player in the tournament, Bram Snepvangers.
[view]Headjudge Cyril Grillon giving Antoine Ruel a game loss for drawing an extra card after casting Mystical Tutor.
[view]Craig Jones, winner of GP Birmingham 1998.
[view]Michael Debard came to Florence with the Mishra Team after being absent for a while.
[view]Mattias Jorstedt playing in round 3.
[view]Olle Rade from Sweden only had 1 bye at GP Florence.
[view]Impression of the tournament area before the start of round 1.
[view]Another lovely couple: David Price and Lauren Passmore from the USA.
[view]Olle Rade and Mattias Jorstedt are the only Swedes to have made it to Florence.
[view]Trey Van Cleave, living in Denmark at the moment, is making frequent appearances at European events.
[view]A lovely couple: Justin Gary USA and Ryan Fuller Canada.
[view]Benedikt Klauser from Austria, top 8 player at this years Worlds.
[view]Ed Fear from the USA, preferred Florence to Buenos Aires.
[view]Nicolai Herzog, European Champion 1999, from Norway.
[view]Antoine Ruel, winner of GP Porto 2000, also came to Florence to compete in the Grand Prix.
[view]Beautiful Florence, Italy
[view]Florence is in northern Italy
[view]Florence, Italy: site of Grand Prix-Florence

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