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2001 Grand Prix Gothenburg

Sunday's Pictures

[view]A happy happy winner
[view]The top two and the Viking
[view]Number one Jos Schreurs
[view]Martin Jord and Jos Schreurs.
[view]Jesper Thrane. With the wrong trophy
[view]Runner up Jesper Thrane
[view]Sideboard freshman David Williams. Why would Kim be wearing headphones now
[view]The final match, Jesper Thrane versus Jos Schreurs
[view]Sideboard familiar Pete Norris from the UK
[view]Sideboard revelation Daniel Mukka from Sweden
[view]Scott Wills versus Jos Schreurs in the semi-finals. Bram Snepvangers keeping an eye on a fellow countryman
[view]Jos Schreurs
[view]Scott Wills
[view]Sideboard uniform
[view]Raphal Lvy
[view]Jesper Thrane
[view]Jesper Thrane versus Raphal Lvy in the semi-finals. Took em two hours
[view]Pete Norris and Olivier Ruel. Dont ask
[view]Martin Jord and Glen Angus, indefatigable
[view]Jos Schreuers verus Marcus Angelin in the quarterfinals
[view]Marcus Angelin
[view]Jos Schreurs
[view]Jimmy man versus Jesper Thrane in the quarterfinals
[view]Jesper Thrane
[view]Jimmy man
[view]Scott Wills
[view]Sondre Ellingvag versus Raphal Lvy in the quarterfinals
[view]Sondre Ellingvag
[view]Eivind Nitter
[view]Eivind Nitter versus Scott Wills in the quarterfinals
[view]Looking for inspiration, Sideboard staff member Nele Van der borght
[view]It seems Ive seen this picture before. Poor Dominik
[view]Black and White Norwegian whiskey. Mikael Magnusson
[view]Scott Wills wouldnt have quite expected to play in a round thirteen feature match if youd have asked Saturday morning
[view]Looks that kill from Jelger Wiegersma, covering the match Jos Schreurs versus Alexander Shvartsman
[view]Jos Schreurs. This man will have the Magic World at his feet shortly . . .
[view]MickeH versus SmokingHotCanu
[view]Pink Ops getting a beating from Les Chattards at the team event
[view]Marcus and Markus
[view]Markus Jobstl from Austria
[view]The local Marcus Angelin
[view]Albert Alshamn versus Raphal Lvy in round twelve
[view]Raphal Lvy in a familiar pose
[view]This guy is okay he helped with the setup of the Grand Prix. Albert Alshamn from Gteborg
[view]The newly discovered Sideboard reporter Daniel Mukka covering Shvartsman and Nitter in round eleven
[view]This guy has a fan
[view]Alex Shvartsman, still convinced he wont be able to do coverage in the finals
[view]Niels who could not possibly lose Sanders Jensen against Tuomo Niemenin and his broken U/W/B deck
[view]You know we love hats. Tuomo Nieminem from Finland
[view]Ben Ronaldson should be looking the other way. Hes covering Svend Geertsens draft
[view]Kim Eikefet squeezed in between Budde and Nitter following their second draft of the day
[view]Jimmy man from Sweden going in seventh
[view]Marcus Angelin from Sweden going in fourth
[view]Sondre Ellingvag from Norway going in sixth
[view]Eivind Nitter from Norway going in first
[view]Jos Schreurs from the Netherlands going in fifth
[view]Raphal Lvy going in third
[view]Scott Wills from the UK going in eight
[view]Jesper Manne Thrane from Denmark going in second
[view]If Nitter had pushed it just a little bit, Shvartsman would have made Top 8
[view]Mattias Jorstedt is practising his sad puppy eye look
[view]Johan Sadeghpour and Alex Shvartsman covered by Daniel Mukka
[view]Yes, Johan Sadeghpour from Sweden is in fact an intelligent human being
[view]Alex is still cold
[view]A colourful Sigurd Eskeland
[view]Trash talking in Scandinavianish
[view]Head Judge Jaap Brouwer discussing the dos and donts of match coverage with a Sideboard reporter
[view]Team Goblin Gate, I guess, at the team side events
[view]The Black Ops. No, the Pink Ops... No, team Your mum/Ta mre. Whatever
[view]A Scandinavian get-together
[view]The fluffy good luck token makes you wonder what else is in the bag
[view]Magnusson and Canu in a round nine feature match
[view]Mikael MikeH Magnusson from Norway
[view]Smoking hot Franck Canu
[view]Jakob Steinaa versus Zvi Mowshowitz in a round nine feature match
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz aka Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Jakob Steinaa aka the Danish Deckbuilder
[view]Glen Agnus is happy to donate this viking to the winner of Grand Prix Gothenburg
[view]Nicola Herzog and Sigurd Eskeland in an all-Norwegian feature match
[view]This one looks like he just lost his boat
[view]Looking for Vikings. A friendly one
[view]Alex Shvartsman and Dominik Hothow in a hurry, Alex had quickly finished business
[view]Disco inferno Alex Shvartsman in the first round of the day, still warming up
[view]Burn baby burn Franck Canus jacket
[view]A pensive Kai Budde
[view]Little Zvi
[view]Little Dominik
[view]Sideboard reporter Ben Ronaldson follows Zvi Mowshowitzs drafting, or not really
[view]Kai Budde at the draft, the early bird catches the wurm

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Somebody needs a shave. I know, mum, leave me alone
[view]Pro Tour Barcelona, 3 to 6 May 2001
[view]Just love the hat
[view]Eivind Nitter, tight
[view]Faraos invading Scandinavia, what would the vikings have said
[view]Kai Budde playing versus Tomi Walamies in the last round of the day. Helmut Summersberger approves
[view]Tomi Walamies from Finland, some doubts still
[view]Almost a feature match: Sideboard contributors Victor van den Broek and Pete Norris chose to draw
[view]The battle of the titans: Firsov versus Budde
[view]Kosmopolitan is the word. Konstantin Firsov
[view]Kai Budde
[view]Niels Sanders Jensen from Denmark won Grand Prix Copenhagen last year
[view]Judge Johanna Knuutinen from Finland overlooking the game between Dominik Hothow versus Niels Sanders Jensen. Serious business
[view]Rune Horvik from Norway scorekeeping too
[view]One of the scorekeepers today, the Dutch Angelique Den Brok
[view]Martin Napoleon Jrdo, responsible for Magic at Portal, Sweden
[view]The same Martin, yes sir
[view]Nordic Mattias Jorstedt and Eivind Nitter in round five
[view]Eivind Nitter, the clown of Norwegian Magic
[view]Chewing his gum, Mattias Jorstedt
[view]Lvy having mana problems
[view]Raphal Lvys Swedish girlfriend teaches the French all the dirty words
[view]Sigurd Eskeland from Norway
[view]Scandinavian feature match
[view]Svend Geertsen from Denmark came second at the Worlds in 1997
[view]Karolina Andersson, member of The Charm School all-female mailing list
[view]Scott I dont usually whine like that Wills
[view]Alex Shvartsman is happy to pose for the Sideboard
[view]These two ladies are both going in round four, unbeaten. Evelien De Jaeghere from Belgium and Karolina Andersson from Sweden
[view]Wizards photographer Jon Wallin did not pass unnoticed
[view]Check out Mattias Jorstedts Swedish Grand Prix coverage Then tell me what he wrote... Next to Ben Ronaldson from the UK
[view]All things blue
[view]The artist on site, Glen Angus, hard at work after a fairly wet night out
[view]Gangus glowing
[view]Any time is a good time for eating a banana. Might as well be the first round of the day
[view]Olivier Ruel finished his deck in no time
[view]Let the battle begin
[view]Pairings are up
[view]No ship-repair at Eriksbergshallen today, but a whole weekend of Magic
[view]Registering in the sunshine
[view]Head judge Jaap Brouwer and event manager Christophe Weyers breaking the day
[view]Cosy corner with Jaap Brouwer and Mark Wraight
[view]Kai Budde and Dave Williams at a draft during the first registrations on Friday
[view]Eleven in the morning, things start to take shape
[view]Ten in the morning on day zero, sunshine peeking in
[view]Eriksberghallen, this is where it will all happen this weekend
[view]Grand entree on Swedish grounds
[view]Fish for dinner tonight
[view]Arriving at the site with the ferry in Gothenburg harbor

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