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2002 Grand Prix Heidelberg

Player Pictures

[view]The winner of Grand Prix Heidelberg, Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Top 2
[view]Cornelissen gets an original Devout Witness along with his winners trophy
[view]Chris Benafel receives his runner up trophy: I hate second place...
[view]The Dutch fans
[view]Chris Benafel vs. Kamiel Cornelissen in the finals
[view]Chris Benafel wont give up without a fight
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen is a very very quiet guy
[view]Joost Vollebregt Oh no, just one of Canus tokens
[view]A closer look at Canus Squirrels
[view]Canu surprised his opponent with his tokens
[view]Franck Canu vs. Chris Benafel
[view]The French fanclub
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen vs. Thomas Preyer
[view]Thomas Preyer vs. Patrick Mello
[view]Thomas Preyer and Christoph Lippert in the background
[view]Chris Benafel vs. Jelger Wiegersma
[view]Jelger Wiegersma
[view]Chris Benafel
[view]Joost Vollebregt vs. Franck Canu
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko vs. Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Franck Canu
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko
[view]Joost Vollebregt
[view]Patrick Mello
[view]The quarterfinals of Grand Prix Heidelberg
[view]The Top 8 at the draft
[view]People following from the balconies
[view]Trying to understand how good players draft
[view]All eight best players
[view]The Top 8 of Grand Prix Heidelberg
[view]Thomas Preyer
[view]Thomas Preyer, seventh seed
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko, third seed
[view]Franck Canu, fifth seed
[view]Jelger Wiegersma
[view]Joost Vollebregt
[view]Chris Benafel
[view]Joost Vollebregt, fourth seed
[view]Chris Benafel, eight seed
[view]Jelger Wiegersma, first seed
[view]Patrick Mello
[view]Patrick Mello, second seed
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen, sixth seed
[view]Jim Herold versus Rickard sterberg in the last round before the quarterfinals
[view]Rickard sterberg
[view]Bram Snepvangers
[view]Jelger Wiegersma
[view]Bram Snepvangers versus Jelger Wiegersma fighting for top 8
[view]Both Yuri Kolomeyko and Patrick Mello were sure of making Top 8 at this point but they played anyway and were closely followed by Grand Prix Vienna winner Stephan Meyer
[view]Jens Krause is sooo close to top 8
[view]Franck Canu versus Patrick Mello in round thirteen
[view]Ben Ronaldson does not seem to approve Franck Canus ways
[view]After the Vollebregt - Kozak match, Joost knew he made top 8
[view]Joost Vollebregt sneeks at his cards from the corner of his eyes
[view]Stefan Kozak is playing for his first Grand Prix top 8
[view]Boris Engels is another of those unknown Germans playing well in day two
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko made top 8 at Pro Tour Barcelona and did really well in general last year
[view]This German is doing very well and nobody seems to know who he is: Reinhard Blech
[view]Is Jim Herold on his way to a fourth Grand Prix win
[view]Joost Vollebregt versus Chris Benafel, Anton Jonsson versus Noah Boeken: the Dutch are everywhere
[view]Justin Bliek keeps an eye on Benafels drafting
[view]Patrick Mello and Jelger Wiegersma in the second draft of the day
[view]What would Gary Wise do in Amsterdam
[view]Raphal Lvy dreams of the south
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen does not like to travel far for an event
[view]Mike Pustilnik has a fan
[view]Jens Thoren should really try another hair color
[view]The Swiss Blumke against the German Blume in round eleven: German-speakers have something with flowers
[view]His friends call him little flower
[view]Mike Pustilnik enjoys the attention
[view]Jake Smith has been living in Norway for a bit but moved back to the UK now
[view]Janosch Khn
[view]Oyvind Odegaard did not make day 2 and is playing at the side events now
[view]Thomas Bisballe on a mission to prove that judges can play
[view]A very popular feature match here in Heidelberg: best player in the world vs German National Champion
[view]Little Zink is desperate
[view]Kai Budde fresh
[view]American Eagle Brock Parker - not quite maybe
[view]Trying to find inspiration under his cap, Noah Boeken
[view]Noah Boeken and Brock Parker battle things out
[view]Canu versus Cornelissen in the first round of the day
[view]Thomas Preyer had to mulligan down to four
[view]Can you believe Jelger Wiegersma actually had long hair before
[view]Very French Franck Canu
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen is sometimes said to be a better player than Tom van de Logt
[view]Building a deck at nine in the morning
[view]Kai Budde in the draft, well on his way to an 0-3 finish, according to Sideboard reporter Alex Shvartsman
[view]Olivier Ruel and Brian Kibler in a warm embrace late on Saturday - very late
[view]Dan Clegg will be visiting Heidelberg on Sunday
[view]Brock Parker, what can one say
[view]Christoph Lippert, losing to the World Champion is not a shame
[view]Tom van de Logt winning his last round of the day, meaning he has to get up early tomorrow morning
[view]Steve OMahoney Schwartz
[view]Before Farid Meraghni won Pro Tour San Diego, nobody knew who this little Frenchie was
[view]Patrick Mello in the company of Steve OMS
[view]Janosch Khn in a reflective mood
[view]Tense and all-German, a round seven feature match between Patrick Mello and Janosch Khn
[view]Brian Kibler One of these is for Ben Ronaldson
[view]Stan the Man
[view]The Swiss Blumke was 1995 World Champion - that is a long time ago
[view]Not what he expected, Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Patrick Mello seems confident enough
[view]Frances oldest little kid, Olivier Ruel
[view]Clockwise: Marco Blume, Jelger Wiegersma and Helmut Summersberger
[view]Markus Bell gives Sideboard reporter Peer Krger food for thought - assuming that is a reason to suck your pen
[view]The Danes gathering around table one: Thomas Bisballe was undefeated until he played Ulrik Tarp in round six, judge Jesper Stehr Nielsen watching the game
[view]Smirky Chris Benafel
[view]A side glance from Zvi Mowshowitz, who wouldnt kill for that
[view]An all-Dutch feature match
[view]Best known for weird decks, which seemingly only do well when played by himself: Bram Snepvangers
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen is probably the slowest Dutch player around
[view]Rickard sterberg needed an answer to Marco Blume and didnt find it in round five
[view]Marco Blume keeps impressing people
[view]DCI tech, new ways of handing in results slips
[view]Red Bull gives you toothache
[view]Red Bull gives you wings
[view]After three rounds, Tom van de Logt finally gets to play
[view]Ben Ronaldson is having fun
[view]Victor van den Broek and Pete Norris make you wonder what its like to live in the Netherlands
[view]Dirk Baberowski Kais pact with the devil will probably never end...
[view]The Austrian Helmut Summersberger next to Dutch Joost Vollebregt, who made top 8 in Biarritz last November
[view]Wolfgang Eder and Gunnar Refsdal, two of Germanys most experienced German Magic players
[view]Big in France, Wilfried Ranque in round three
[view]A very surprised Ruud Warmenhoven gets no help from the huge stork next to him
[view]Ovind Odegaard watches fellow Norwegian Nitter while Victor van den Broek gets a beating
[view]Focused even if he doesnt look it, European Champion Eivind Nitter
[view]Side events
[view]So eager to watch he almost falls over
[view]If these guys had no byes, theyd be featured as a big Scandinavian match: Norwegian Nicola Herzog versus Swedish Jens Thoren
[view]Shaya Schwager, probably one of the most colourful Germans around
[view]Mikey P and Gary Wise are good friends, they say
[view]Dave Montreuil says hi to his mum
[view]Claudia Loroff does more than just play, shes a regular contributor to the German Sideboard magazine
[view]Winner of a womens Invitational versus the runner up of last years European Championship in round two
[view]Kibler has a plan for a deck with dragons, most likely
[view]Alex Shvartsman, mtg op
[view]Mikey P gives away his biggest smile to his fans
[view]Local Pro player, Janosch Khn can wait two rounds before having to play
[view]Winnie the Pooh and bare feet in sandals when its ice cold outside... Guess who are the two players at the land station
[view]880 players fill every spare corner of the building
[view]Thomas Bisballe versus another Danish Pro player, Jrn Hajek in the first round of the day
[view]Strange to see Thomas Bisballe without a judge-shirt
[view]Move move move every mountain
[view]Ready for carnival
[view]Twenty minutes left for deck construction
[view]Tick-tock. Tick-Tock. Everyones got a box, a starter pack and two boosters
[view]Benafel and Boeken and and his special tokens: a paper-cut Pustilnik, Kastle and Blume
[view]Meeting old friends
[view]At this point probably around 800 players registered
[view]At this point we were at 700 players
[view]Three New York gentlemen in Heidelberg
[view]All is quiet on the Heidelberg front
[view]Get ready to become a star

Site Pictures

[view]Live video broadcast of the finals
[view]View from the window, the castle in the background
[view]Treasures of Magic art
[view]Bernd Kellers history of Magic
[view]A very special play mat
[view]Torment is deadly, black is the colour
[view]Under this castle is a barrel that can contain 2200 hectoliter of, well, anything drinkable
[view]The gardens of the castle, symbol of the German romantic era
[view]Lovely Heidelberg was built along the Neckar river
[view]A gun for protection
[view]View on the Karl-Theodor bridge
[view]The long - ask Zvi - and winding road that leads to... the castle
[view]The square where they used to buy and sell corn, right Chris
[view]Promising bar hidden away by Grand Prix shields
[view]A beautiful art nouveau entrance
[view]Keep em busy in between rounds
[view]Fly Guy in front of the Stadthalle
[view]The Grand Prix is being held in the former city hall of Heidelberg
[view]The greeting of the flag - tomorrow at six
[view]My favourite angel - not Serra, it is called leafy
[view]View of the site from the side event area, dig this

Staff Pictures

[view]Ingo Muhs, Organized Play Manager for Germany
[view]Event manager Christophe Weyers announced the Top 8
[view]Don Hazeltine and his wife after a tiring but rewarding weekend
[view]Judge Ingo Kemper preparing the finals area
[view]Claudia Loroff doing the German coverage
[view]Don Hazeltine and his wife tried to get over the jet lag
[view]Danish level 3 judge Jesper Stehr Nielsen
[view]Deck checks
[view]One of the most experienced judges around, Norwegian Rune Horvik
[view]Cathy Nicoloff doesnt miss a move while shes covering a round six feature match
[view]An industrious lot, these judges
[view]The artist Don Hazeltine dressed up for Britney
[view]Star of todays Sideboard Online coverage, Craig Jones from the UK
[view]Sticking to drinks on this side of the table
[view]The sweet side of the table
[view]The judges picnic the night before the tournament
[view]Registration times four: Peter Coenen, Rune Horvik, Oliver Knaup and Peter Jungnischke
[view]Looking important: Bernd Keller from Amigo and event manager Christophe Weyers
[view]Amigos Ingo Muhs und Peter Jungnischke pretending to be working

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