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2001 Grand Prix Hong Kong

Player Pictures

[view]Ladies and Gentlemen, DA CHAMP
[view]Fung was forced to cut a phone call short for the closing ceremonies
[view]To the victors belong the spoils
[view]Champion Jeff Fung receives his trophy
[view]Finalist Frederick Salazer receives his trophy
[view]Semifinalist Shinsuke Hayashi receives his trophy
[view]Semifinalist Tsuyoshi Fujita receives his trophy
[view]THE FINALS: Frederick Salazar versus Jeff Fung
[view]Salazar has a poker face carved from granite
[view]Salazars reticence infects even the outspoken Fung
[view]Not nearly enough spectators
[view]Semifinal Action: Frederick Salazar versus Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Salazar plays it cool
[view]Fujita settles in for the long haul
[view]Semifinal Action: Shinsuke Hayashi versus Jeff Fung
[view]Fungs way is flat-out INSANE
[view]Hayashi reels from the beating hes getting
[view]Quarterfinals put metaphorical butts in the metaphorical seats
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Jeff Fung versus Brian Hegstad
[view]Hegstad is as laid-back as they come
[view]Fung in a rare moment of serenity
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Bayani Manansala, Jr. versus Shinsuke Hayashi
[view]Manansala smiles at the prospect of a GP title
[view]Hayashi breathes deeply
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Tsuyoshi Fujita versus Ryan Fuller
[view]Fuller does his best The Thinker
[view]Fujitas Antelope may be funny, but it works
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Steven Shears versus Frederick Salazar
[view]Shears needs a miracle, and he knows it
[view]Salazar will accept nothing short of victory
[view]Its lonely at the top
[view]Cant you just feel the tension
[view]Eyes on the prize, boys Stay on the ball, stay on the wall. And so on.
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita and Shinsuke Hayashi: Experience and youth
[view]Everyone crowd around Its the happeninest Top 8 in town
[view]Peter Szigeti and Chris Benafel send this one out to all their fans
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Francis Robert Profeta
[view]Everyone loves Smilin Ryan Fuller
[view]Profeta isnt nervous despite being on the verge of greatness
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Pavel Matousek vs. Wing Tat Chung. Two men enter, one man leaves
[view]Chung is just one win away from Top 8
[view]OMG Ultros Sez: Im gonna jam up your opera
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Edsel Alvarez vs. Steven Shears
[view]Somnambulist Steven Shears
[view]Alvarez is both happy AND go-lucky
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Shuuhei Nakamura vs. Jun Nobushita
[view]Nobushita flexes his mental muscle
[view]Nakamura thinks, then thinks some more
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Bayani Manansala, Jr. vs. Ryan Fuller
[view]Fuller worries that this is going to get worse before it gets better
[view]Manansalas baby face hides his ruthless nature
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Albertus Law vs. Baoqiang Lin
[view]Lin is known as the loudest mouth in Singapore. Not that you could tell from this picture
[view]Law is a studious-looking fellow
[view]Katsuhiro Mori perches
[view]One half of Pod 1: Four different kinds of pensive
[view]The other half has more of a surly thing going on
[view]A crowd surrounds Pod 1 in hopes of stealing wisdom from the top players
[view]BAMBOOZLED Jun Nobushita wins his Round 9 Feature Match on the strength of this card
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Kenichi Fujita vs. Zang Shu Nu
[view]Fujita cant help but appear the bully
[view]Nu maintains an air of quiet intensity
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Katsuhiro Mori vs. Jun Nobushita. Nobushita calculates the killing blow
[view]Moris at threshold, but it isnt enough
[view]Somehow, Nobushita always manages to appear exasperated
[view]Kenichi Fujita fuels up
[view]Should have been a Feature Match 3: Chris Benafel vs. Jun Nobushita
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Nick Wong vs. Brian Hegstad
[view]Brian Dreamy Hegstad drives all the boys crazy
[view]Wong draws strength from his duck
[view]Should have been a Feature Match 2: Steven Shears vs. Kenichi Fujita
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Tequila Tang vs. Sam Lau
[view]Tang has the quiet self-confidence of an action hero
[view]Lau laughs, but he knows his chances are slim
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Dan Clegg vs. Shinsuke Hayashi
[view]Hayashi may not be the biggest, but hes wiry
[view]Clegg blurs the edges of reality with his speed shuffling
[view]Katsuhiro Mori has drafted what scientists call A Beating
[view]Deck Construction means hard decisions
[view]Yep, those are some spells.
[view]Drafting at rectangular tables is awkward for all involved
[view]Brian Hegstad lays out his booster under the watchful eye of Teddy Ng
[view]A little prayer never hurt
[view]The color lines are drawn early in draft
[view]Who said good things came in threes
[view]Round 6 Feature Match: Nick Wong vs. Kwok Wing Ng. Overrun has been cast.
[view]Ngs confidence stems from his being assured victory
[view]Wong doesnt like this one bit
[view]Brian Hegstad has mastered effortless effort
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita pauses to reflect
[view]Round 6 Feature Match: Brian Hegstad vs. Tsuyoshi Fujita. Grace versus Poise.
[view]Should have been a Feature Match: Teddy Ng vs. Brett Shears
[view]Round 5 Feature Match: Ko Okada vs. Dan Clegg
[view]Clegg makes sure things dont get out of hand
[view]Okada in full swing
[view]Round 5 Feature Match: Chris Benafel vs. Zheng Yan Yang. Suspense Danger
[view]Yang taps cautiously
[view]Benafel gets his Mirari on
[view]Round 4 Feature Match: Jeff Fung vs. Wing Chun Nip
[view]Nip needs this Windreader to go the distance
[view]Fung administers Justice, Token-Style
[view]Round 4 Feature Match: Alex Shvartsman vs. Ryan Fuller. Its GP Cape Town all over again
[view]Shvartsman mulls
[view]Fuller turns up the concentration
[view]Jun Nobushita and Katsuhiro Mori team up on the new kid, Hayashi Shinsuke
[view]Round 3 Feature Match: Chua Chang vs. Chin Wang Leung
[view]Leung assesses his options
[view]Changs youth inspires false confidence in his opponents
[view]Round 2 Feature Match: Osamu Fujita vs. Chi Wai Ip
[view]Ips cluttered board speaks of a frantic genius
[view]Fujita can have threshold like THAT
[view]Here comes trouble
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita tears through his sealed deck
[view]Joe Soh keeps one eye on the clock
[view]Elvin Boon Tat Eng ... waits
[view]Round 1 Feature Match: Soh vs. Eng
[view]Taro Kageyama learns the hard way that you shouldnt cross Kenichi Fujita
[view]Top Japanese Players enjoy their byes
[view]Nick Wong is unmistakeable anywhere
[view]Kelvin Hoon goes through the motions
[view]Grand Prix - Singapore Champion Albertus Law struggles with his sealed deck
[view]Rookie of the Year Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Tequila Tang is in your face
[view]Ryan Fuller, poised to crush dreams
[view]The venerable Kenichi Fujita
[view]Asia-Pacific Champion Jin Okamoto cant hold back the giggles
[view]Brian Hegstad hopes for the best
[view]Satoshi Nakamura and Itaru Ishida: A deadly combination
[view]Singapores Sam Lau operates on little-to-no sleep
[view]It just wouldnt be an Asian Grand Prix without Alex Shvartsman
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita assumes someone else is being photographed
[view]Chris Benafel and his look of studied arrogance
[view]Deck Registration goes swimmingly

Site Pictures

[view]Truly, a garden of earthly delights
[view]Untold wonders are just outside, not that the players would know
[view]The Site: Somewhere in there, history is being made

Staff Pictures

[view]Japanese Sideboard Editor Keita Mori has a discerning eye
[view]Regional Manager Chris Toepker and similar bigwig David Ong clown around
[view]This draft is ruled by the iron fist of James Lee
[view]Cub Reporter Jun-Wei Hew emulates old hand Itaru Ishida
[view]Sideboard Content Coordinator Josh Bennett takes unprofessionalism to new depths
[view]Itaru Ishidas working the wrong side of the table on Day 2
[view]If theres one thing Scorekeeper Adrian Teh loves, its timeliness
[view]Diligent Judges take a break from keeping the peace
[view]Head Judge James Lee reads out the Dos and Do-Not-Dos of Rochester Draft
[view]Any closer and youd have to pay extra
[view]Artist John Matson signs for fans
[view]Head Judge James Lee surveys his handiwork
[view]Diligent Judges ensure an orderly tournament

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