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2001 Grand Prix Kaohsiung

Sunday's Pictures

[view]The Champ, with trophy and smile
[view]The Champ, with trophy and art
[view]Tobey Tamber is stern
[view]Champion Tobey Tamber and artist Arnie Swekel, now with trophy
[view]Champion Tobey Tamber and artist Arnie Swekel
[view]Finalist Tzu Ching Kuo
[view]Semifinalist King Yim Kingston Tong
[view]Quarterfinalist Hon Ming Au Yeung
[view]Judges Rule Get it
[view]Semifinalist Nick Wong
[view]Tong and Tamber are all business
[view]Ban Planeswalkers Scorn
[view]Josh Bennett does what Josh Bennett does best
[view]Quarterfinalist Granger Petersen
[view]Quarterfinalist Fumio Hoshino
[view]Quarterfinalist Toshiki Tsukamoto
[view]Plenty of well-wishers turn out for King Yim Kingston Tongs Quarterfinal victory
[view]The White/Blue v. White/Blue matchup Cliff Notes
[view]Vying in the Quarters
[view]Grand Prix Yokohama Trial winners Team Off Class
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto might end up with five colors
[view]Deck Construction is a lonely business
[view]The Top 8 Draft
[view]Henry Stern watches the top tables
[view]More of the leaders
[view]Without a lunch break, many players felt faint
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Wen Jien Hwang versus Chi Hou Jiang
[view]Hwang is in the Think Tank
[view]Quite the bunch of savage little misers
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto leaves the third Confound in the board
[view]Nick Wong claims this is a bad deck
[view]Teddy Ng and Tzu Ching Kuo are forced to play each other in Round 11
[view]Fumio Hoshino has the answers, but not nearly enough time
[view]Hoshino vs. Tong
[view]Everyones interested in Round 10s feature match
[view]Its the battle of the small numbers
[view]Tobey Gutpunches Tamber meets his match
[view]Alex Shvartsmans bue cards are OK
[view]GP Trial Yokohama in full swing
[view]Yep, looks bad.
[view]Round 9 feature match: Tobey Tamber versus Hon Ming Au Yeung
[view]At first, the crowd supports Tobey
[view]Soon its a feeding frenzy
[view]Judges solve disputes with chapter and verse
[view]GP Yokohama Trial entrants Team Off Class, composed of players who missed Day 2
[view]Many teams are on the hunt for byes in the GP Yokohama Trial
[view]This man says 9 rounds and three drafts will take only thirteen hours
[view]Its tough to see the big picture in team sealed
[view]Nick Wong is feeling blue
[view]Portrait of a beatdown draft. That IS a Planar Portal
[view]Tobey Tambers first build includes three Opts. He is unimpressed.
[view]Pouncing Kavu makes the Removal pile
[view]Teddy Ng confronts his W/G/u deck
[view]Top table of the first draft
[view]An errant Planeshift card is found in the second pack
[view]A limited combo that could make some players very sad
[view]James Lee models some of our lovely parting gifts
[view]Built with Hitchcock in mind

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Kaohsiung is Taiwans second largest city and the only city besides Taipei to have an international airport. It is also home to the countrys largest international seaport.
[view]A beautiful natural garden of coral formations at Oluanpi. This park is located in Kenting, two hours from Kaohsiung.
[view]The Golden Buddha towers above 480 life-size golden images at the entrance of Fokuangshan, Light of Buddga Mountain. This is one of Taiwans largest temple complexes and is the center of Buddhist scholarship for Taiwan. The temple is located an hour northeast of Kaohsiung.
[view]Over three-hundred thousand of Taiwans original aboriginal people remain in the southern half of Taiwan. Stone and wood carvings are on display for tourists.
[view]Beautiful Taiwan
[view]Arnie Swekel prepares one of his patented Knuckle Sandwiches
[view]Not your average tournament site
[view]To the victor go the spoils
[view]207th place receives a bag
[view]Legally acquired official timepiece
[view]Safety is our top priority
[view]The Head Judge warms up the crowd
[view]He turns the lights down low for his next number
[view]Although to look at it the next day, youd never guess
[view]Guest artist Arnie Swekel under siege by fans
[view]Kaohsiung by day
[view]At night it fights crime
[view]The rest of it
[view]Part of the Day One field
[view]The venue was cozy
[view]Our crack judging staff
[view]Nick Wong with duck
[view]The top table at the end of Day One
[view]Possible 7-0 sealed deck
[view]King of the Asian Grand Prix without crown
[view]Theres not nearly enough going on here
[view]And right on schedule to boot
[view]Round 6: Ng versus Siagian

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