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2001 Grand Prix Las Vegas

Player Pictures

[view]Chris Benafel and Peter Szigeti begged me to take this picture of them sothey could give a shout out to their fans. Or was it fan
[view]James Bucknell piloted his green-whte-black deck to a perfect 7-0 day 1record. Deeds and Elephant tokens are some good.
[view]Alan Comer didnt drop a game on Day 1 with his nifty new Miracle Growdeck.
[view]Patrick Selk went 7-0 on day 1 with Counter-Sliver.
[view]Kaare Anderson won 14 straight day 1 games with his green-white-blackdeck.
[view]What happened to the other half of Jason Opalka
[view]John Shuler and Chris Benafel simply do not like each other.
[view]John Shuler believes a field full of Donate is just what his AdrianSullivan designed Holistic Wisdom deck needs to succeed.
[view]Chris Benafel is running Donate this weekend.
[view]Scott Johns stuck with Donate for this event. Good ol rock - nothingbeats rock.
[view]Alan Comer only has 10 lands in his deck. Yep, the man who inventedlow-land count decks with his Turbo-Xerox design back in 1997 has taken ita step farther with Land Grant, Sleight of Hand, and Brainstorm helpinghim find the two lands he needs to run his fish deck and grow his QuirionDryad.
[view]In a stunning upset, Zvi Mowshowitz believes Turbo-Land is the best deckfor the current Extended metagame.
[view]It was Old School 2, New School 1 when Gilsons Deeds undid SzigetisTinkers in a round 3 feature match.
[view]The one, the only thank goodness, ptr ... Peter Szigeti.
[view]Frank Gilson took a break from his work on Warcraft 3 to make the trip toVegas and do some gaming with cards instead of pixels.
[view]But I built your sons Oath deck Mr. Maher, sir. says Ped Bun to TheGreater One.
[view]I dont care -- see if you can deal with turn 1 Pup. says Maher, Sr. toPed Bun.
[view]Sheldon Menery was playing, not judging in Vegas. He was also sporting aYour Move Games shirt and deck. YMG owner Rob Dougherty explained thatits all part of his master plan to suck up to every high level judge inthe game.
[view]Mons Johnson. Yes, THAT Mons.
[view]462 players showed up to stake their claim to part of the 25,000 purseat Grand Prix Las Vegas. Estimates of their collective casino losses werealso about 25,000.

Staff Pictures

[view]The legenday decklist specialists Rick and Connie Takenaga.
[view]The omnipresent Scott Larabee warns people for the 1,000th time in hiscareer to check their byes before the first round begins.
[view]Head Judge Mike Donais is in the house.

Miscellaneous Pictures

[view]As usual, the dealers were out in force, buying and selling whateverMagic cards they could.

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