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2001 Grand Prix Singapore

Sunday's Pictures

[view]The pose of a champion.
[view]Victory is so sweet
[view]Grand Prix - Singapore 2001 Champion: Albertus Law
[view]Champion Albertus Law
[view]Finalist Kelvin Hoon
[view]Semifinalist Akuma Leong
[view]Semifinalist Michihisa Onoda
[view]Head Judge Mountain Hung thanks everyone for their hard work
[view]Someone needs to work a little harder at being an evil overlord
[view]Quarterfinalist Lance Yeong
[view]Kelvin Hoon hopes that a good honest glare will help.
[view]Funny, they dont look like Goblins ...
[view]Birds-eye-view of the finals
[view]Albertus Law falls asleep at the wheel with plenty of cash on the line
[view]Something is hilarious, beyond that we cannot say.
[view]Ice is headed right for Kelvin Hoon ... IN 3-D
[view]Semifinal Action: Kelvin Hoon v. Michihisa Onoda
[view]Onodas chilling stare fogs the camera lens ever so slightly
[view]Kelvin Hoon is making stuff happen. Believe it.
[view]Semifinal Action: Albertus Law v. Akuma Leong
[view]A rare side-view of Albertus Law
[view]Akuma Leong is having every control players worst nightmare
[view]The Top 8 minus 1. Lance Yeong had a train to catch.
[view]Quarterfinalist Chang Chua
[view]Quarterfinalist David Kwan
[view]Quarterfinalist Royce Chai
[view]She is called ... SONIA
[view]Akuma Leong is strictly business
[view]Amateur Chang Chua is just thrilled to be in the Top 8
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Kelvin Hoon v. David Kwan
[view]Kelvin Hoon is taking it easy
[view]David Kwan is trouble, but what about Zombie David Kwan
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Michihisa Onoda v. Lance Yeong
[view]Michihisa Onoda has one expression, and this is it.
[view]Lance Yeong wonders
[view]Albertus Law is a thinking machine, like in those crazy stories
[view]Royce Chai knows this ones for most of the marbles
[view]Quarterfinal Action: Royce Chai v. Albertus Law
[view]Chris Toepker is the height of Geek Chic
[view]Head Judge Mountain Hung hands out some pearls of wisdom to his underlings.
[view]The lovely and talented Keita Mori adjusts his nonexistent tie
[view]Vanity Pose: Content Co-ordinator Josh Bennett
[view]Cub reporter Jun-Wei Hew does his best, and thats what counts
[view]Round 13 Feature Match: Nick Cher v. Kelvin Hoon
[view]Hoon permits himself a small smile as his plan comes together
[view]Cher is right at home in the feature match area
[view]Round 13 Feature Match: Adrian Toh v. Lance Yeong. In the background, Kelvin Hoon takes an emergency phonecall.
[view]Lance Yeong wishes things were different.
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Kok Seng Ong v. David Chua. Lighthearted fun
[view]Chua and his bedroom eyes
[view]Ong conducts an impromptu seance
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Chuen Hwa Tan v. Jarrod Kwan
[view]Tan is focused on just one thing, and it aint donuts
[view]Kwan, on the other hand, lets his interest wander
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Bao Qiang Lin v. Royce Chai
[view]Lin is all action. ALL action.
[view]Royce Chai gets his think on
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Michihisa Onoda v. Allen Tan
[view]Tan pauses for a moment of delicious concentration
[view]Onoda sees right through you and all your petty schemes
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Lance Yeong v. Nick Cher. Lance has plenty of answers, but will he find time to use them
[view]Cher is a rock. The kind of rock that falls on people and crushes them.
[view]Yeong shuffles his hand in hopes of finding a card he didnt know about.
[view]Wang is both happy and go-lucky
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Albertus Law v. Sim Loong Wang
[view]Law waxes pensive, and fuzzy.
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Kelvin Hoon v. Akuma Leong.
[view]Hoon puts on his best deadeyed expresssion
[view]Leong puzzles over five cards that have very little fiction about them.
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Ryan Soh v. Yujian Zhou. Zhou bluffs by completely ignoring the table.
[view]Zhou likes his Spectral Lynx, but not too much.
[view]Soh is dextrous, not to be confused with dextrose.
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Sam Lau v. David Kwan. Check out that pout
[view]Kwan leans back for some old-fashioned beats.
[view]Laus a powderkeg Stand back
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Itaru Ishida and a world of hurt v. Yuki Murakami.
[view]Murakami ponders
[view]Ishida is safe behind Pikula

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Jin Okamoto in one word: Cerebral.
[view]Samson Wong smiles, completely oblivious to the nastiness hes about to encounter
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Jin Okamoto v. Samson Wong. Multicolor Madness
[view]Its a classic Trenches endgame
[view]Albertus Law makes his move
[view]Nick Wong is depressed, and its going to take more than a duck to put a smile on his face
[view]Round 6 Feature Match: Its The Mirror, starring Nick Wong and Albertus Law
[view]Partners in crime: Itaru Ishida, and The Okamoto Djinn himself.
[view]Round 5 Feature Match: Sam Lau v. Michihisa Onoda. Its glow versus glower
[view]Sam Lau, in a rare moment of indecision
[view]Onoda senses trouble. And he doesnt like it.
[view]Round 4 Feature Match: Ryan Soh v. Robin Pong
[view]Ryan Soh tries to make it work. Somehow, anyhow.
[view]Robin Pong sets his brain to SUPER GENIUS
[view]Albertus Law is dashing, stoic
[view]The perpetually modest Itaru Ishida, Grand Prix Kobe Champion.
[view]Defending GP Singapore Champ Sam Lau shows his winning smile.
[view]Theyre off to see the wizard
[view]Artist John Matson serves his loyal fans.
[view]A familiar scene. Maindeck Gainsay or no
[view]Everyone wants to check out Round 3s Feature/Grudge Match. Even Scorekeeper Adrian Teh
[view]The visiting Japanese players, up to their usual wacky antics. In the foreground is the back of Itaru Ishidas head
[view]Nick Wong with duck: Both sullen.
[view]Round 3 Feature Match: Nick Wong on the wrong end of Royce Chais business
[view]Chais acute narcolepsy is acting up again
[view]Royce Chai is bamboozled by the camera, while Nick Wong desperately Opts for land
[view]Round 2 Feature Match: Reiji Ando v. Cheng Hua
[view]Hua has two Spectral Lynxes against red-green, yet something is amiss...
[view]Ando is intense times ten
[view]Felix Leong is laid-back, and then some.
[view]Round 1 Action: Tan v. Leong. Look away and you might miss it
[view]Chris Choon Han Tan doesnt like where this is headed
[view]Somewhere in there is the Round 1 Feature Match
[view]Its not Kobe, but what they lack in numbers, they more than make up for in fiestiness
[view]Stretching back to the horizon: Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre
[view]The Convention Center is huge Though not all of it is for the GP.
[view]Suntec City towers like a giant mirrored colossus
[view]You could grow old looking for your name on our extensive Bye List

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