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2001 Grand Prix Santiago

Player Pictures

[view]Gabrenjas Head Shot
[view]Gabrenjas Head Shot, but a slightly different one from before
[view]The three big winners: Chiles Rodriguez, Mexicos Godinez, and Argentinas Gabrenja
[view]Argentinian Gabrenja with his Championship trophy
[view]Reid Schmadeka congratulations Champion Matias Gabrenja of Argentina
[view]Tournament Organizer Reid Schmadeka has a winning smile
[view]Godinez shakes Head Judge Pedro Ceriottis hand
[view]Godinez getting his trophy
[view]Mexicos Gerardo Godinez accepting second
[view]Jorge Rodriguez of Chiles Team XOptimo accepts his third place prize
[view]Yet another Gabrena and friends pose
[view]Another pose from Champion Gabrenja and friends
[view]Gabrenja and his fellow Argentinians pose for the camera
[view]Handshakes follow the attack of Gabrenja
[view]Gabrenjas fans follow Argentinian tradition and attack the winner
[view]Gabrenja and Godinez move to shake hands
[view]Gabrenja and Godinez start the final match
[view]Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti witnesses the opening of the game as Gabrenja shuffles
[view]Godinezs Pikachu with Gabrenjas lucky Dawnstrider
[view]Gabrenjas Opening hand
[view]Godinez Opening hand
[view]Godinez picks up a Prophetic Bolt from Fact or Fiction
[view]In response to Gabrenjas Fact or Fiction, Godinez bolts to the head
[view]Fact or Fiction nets Gabrenja a Prophetic Bolt and Exclude
[view]Godinezs Void for 4 misses Gabrenja
[view]T4: Gabrenja presses his early advantage in Game 1 against Echeverria
[view]T4: Gabrenja left and Echeverria trade creatures
[view]T4: Argentinas Gabrenja brings green attackers in the mirror match against Jose Echeverria
[view]T4: Two spectators watch the Godinez/Rodriguez match from up close
[view]T4: Godinez and Rodriguez may be fighting, but their toys are friends.
[view]T4: Godinez concentrates on his play
[view]T4: An early Familiar for Gerardo Godinez
[view]T4: Yet another angle of the amazing Charm/Familiar fight
[view]T4: Rodriguez checks to see if his Dromars Charm resolves
[view]T4: Rodriguez tries to destroy Godinezs Familiar
[view]Not everyone can keep from yawning during the Semifinals
[view]The crowd watches Top 4 match Godinez versus Chiles Team XOptimo member Jorge Rodriguez
[view]Top 8: Jorge Rodriguez brings out defense against Brocks Knights, much to his bears approval
[view]Top 8: Another victim for Mexican Lobotomy
[view]Top 8: Maher and Williams watch on friend Brock Parkers match
[view]Top 8: Godinez gets some defense in the early game
[view]Top 8: Gerardo Godinez
[view]Top 8: Rodrigo Sanchezs hand fails to find an answer to Jose Echeverrias Mongoose
[view]Top 8: Brock Parker brings the noise with Gallinas Knight
[view]Top 8: Matias Gabrenja R of Argentina versus Chiles Juan Reutter
[view]Top 8: Godinez, Hojman, and Pikachu
[view]Top 8: Rodrigo Sanchez and Jose Echeverria begin their match
[view]Top 8: Parker, Rodriguez, and a bear in a hat
[view]Top 8 of Grand Prix Santiago begins
[view]Matias Gabrenja of Argentina
[view]Jose Echeverria of Chile
[view]Brock Parker of the United States
[view]Rodrigo Sanchez of Chiles Team Xoptimo.com
[view]Juan Reutter of Chiles Team Xoptimo.com
[view]Jorge Rodriguez of Chiles Team Xoptimo.com
[view]Andres Hojman of Chiles Team Xoptimo.com
[view]Gerardo Godinez of Mexico
[view]Left to Right: Andres Hojman, Jorge Rodriguez, Juan Reutter, Rodrigo Sanchez, Brock Parker, Jose Echeverria, Gerardo Godinez, and Matias Gabrenja
[view]Another Top 8 Portrait
[view]Gainsay stops Escobars Meddling Mage
[view]Hojman considers casting his Dromars Charm
[view]Escobar contemplates his next move
[view]Andres Hojman and Juan Edo Escobar square off in the final round
[view]Mexicos Damian Brown-Santirso shows his game face.
[view]Parker and Jensen at Table One
[view]Comer tries to sneak a Prophetic Bolt through
[view]Ostravichs Restock against Comer
[view]Alan Comer and Argentinian National Champion Diego Ostravich
[view]Suters Snake and Goose
[view]Le Saux and Suter get some smiles
[view]Rodrigo Sanchez brings a second Gallinas Knight down against Gerardo Godinez
[view]Rodrigo Sanchez and Gerardo Godinez fight for the number one seed
[view]Judges, three reporters, and two players
[view]Damian Hiller starts his attack against Romao
[view]Romao is slowly overwhelmed by Damian
[view]Chilean spectators cheer Suter in his match against Argentinian rival Ostravich
[view]Suter attacks with his Snake
[view]Grand Prix Rio de Janeiro Champion Romao plays against Damian Hiller
[view]Argentinian National Champion Diego Ostravich plays against Chilean Champion Sebastian Suter.
[view]Felipes leather gloves have smacked down many opponents today
[view]Amateur Felipe Rodriguez takes on Gerardo Godinez at the top tables.
[view]Juan Aros receives a match loss for marked sleeves
[view]Bollati/Sanchez action picture: Fire/Ice during combat
[view]The Rock approves of amateur Felipe Rodriguess Thornscape Familiar
[view]Huey and Brock Parker
[view]Bollati and Sanchez face off as Sideboard Reporter Alejo Zagalski watches
[view]Bollati and Sanchez get into some creature combat
[view]Aros starts the beatdown with Thornscape Familiar
[view]Juan Aros brings his 0 byes to a Round 9 Feature Match versus Mexicos Gerardo Godinez
[view]Luciano and friends take it easy between rounds of the PTQ
[view]Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti discusses his ruling with Comer and Le Saux
[view]Jensen ends the game against Araiza
[view]Crowds gather when Feature Matches get called
[view]Le Saux gives Alan Comer a Lobotomy
[view]Bob Maher has things well in hand
[view]Latin American Champion Scott Richards ponders his next move
[view]The Day 2 competitors hard at work
[view]Table One during Round 8
[view]Alan Comer plays a hooded Rafael Le Saux in a Round 8 Feature
[view]Mexican Pro Hugo Araiza squares off against William Jensen in a Round 8 Feature
[view]Godinez and Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti discuss a ruling
[view]Crosis in Action in Round 7
[view]Round 7 Feature - Chiles Rafael La Saux versus Uruguays Scott Richards, this years Latin American Champion
[view]Latin America Champion Scott Richards prepares for his match
[view]Latin American Champion Scott Richards faces off from Rafael La Saux, Chiles best player in a Round 7 Feature Match
[view]Godinez and William Jensen square off at the top
[view]Worlds competitor Sebastian Suter waits for his opponent to finish
[view]Chileans watch local favorite Jorge Rodriguez in a feature match
[view]Argentinian Lucas Ramirez faces Jorge Rodriguez of Chile
[view]Juan Reuter and Walter Witt of Chile begin Round 2
[view]Game 1s inevitable ending: Trenches
[view]Juan Reuter
[view]Davis and Jensen
[view]Exciting Domain on Domain Round 4: Davis, Jensen
[view]Round 5 Feature: Godinez, Comer, a judge, and Pikachu
[view]Godinez has another Lobotomy choice
[view]Godinez takes all of Comers Prophetic Bolts
[view]Godinezs choice from Comers Fact or Fiction
[view]Gerardo Godinez displays some tech from Mexico.
[view]Maher and a huge crowd watch Huey Gunslinging
[view]Round 1s first table
[view]Jose Cintra returns to the tournament scene.
[view]Sebastian Suter hides the obscene language on his shirt behind his bag
[view]Alex Shvartsman and Tournament Organizer Reid Schmadeka.
[view]Brian Davis enjoys his three byes.
[view]Crowds prepare for the Grand Prix on the first morning
[view]Day Zero: Registering the early-birds

Site Pictures

[view]A scene from the floor
[view]Tourney site, Crown Plaza Santiago

Staff Pictures

[view]Head Scorekeeper Christian Buzeta
[view]The judging staff trying to get the Top 8 together
[view]Jeff Miracola gets his artwork ready for the Santiago competitors and spectators
[view]Randy Buehler arrives to gunsling
[view]The tournament organizers work is never done
[view]Head Judge Pedro Ceriotti
[view]The DCIs judges making sure that Santiago competitors arent using Pyroblasts
[view]Judges hand out the badges to eager players

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