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Photo Coverage of Grand Prix-St. Louis 2000

Player Pictures

[view]Our Move Games was in with a win while Team Sourgirl wanted to play the role of spoilers. It all came down to the match between Mike Bregoli and Mike Bernat. Bregoli was up 1-0 as time was running out and it looked like he was going to win, but Bernat had a Highway Robber that allowed him to deal the last two points of damage before Bregoli could attack for the win. Thus the overall match went down as a draw and both teams had to settle for 1 PT point for their efforts this weekend.
[view]Dogma and Pudge met in the only match where the winner was definitely going to advance to the top 4. Dogma pulled off the upset, giving Mike Heffern his second berth in a Grand Prix final.
[view]Everything did break perfectly for Hubbo. They beat Coolers and enough other teams lost for them to sneak in to the finals in 4th place.
[view]Everyone wanted to know who would make the Top 4.
[view]Coolers took on Hubbo in the last round of the Swiss. Coolers was in with a win while Hubbo was trying to play spoiler, knowing that everything had to break perfectly for them to advance.
[view]Your Move Games and Team Antarctica agreed to an intentional draw before round 9, thus ensuring both of them a berth in the Top 4.
[view]Jon Finkel makes all the decisions on Team Antarctica. Here he tells Steve O what to draft.
[view]Going into round 8 there were only two teams at 6-0-1: Pudge and Coolers. Here they draft knowing that the winner clinches a berth in the Top 4. After the draft Scott Johns pointed to Mike Turian and said We have a problem. Youre going to win and were both going to lose. He wasnt quite right. Turian did win, Wise lost, and Johns managed a draw so the match was a draw.
[view]This isnt what Zvi Mowshowitz wanted to spend Day 2 doing...
[view]Sam Gilly learned the hard way never to draft green when playing against Mike Turian. Turian swept the green on green match 2-0 and Team Pudge moved into first place with their round 7 victory over Team Sourgirl.
[view]After winning his own round 7 match, Jon Finkel watches as the fate of his team rests on Steve Os shoulders. Steve OMS did indeed win and Anarctica moved into 6th place.
[view]Twenty teams advanced to day 2. Here they all anxiously await the beginning of the first Team Rochester Draft.
[view]Tight Club was not so tight. They lost to the King and the rest of Team Hubbo. This was builled as the battle of the Tight Clubs since it was Opalka and Hubble who came up with the name, but then had it stolen by Maher, Williams, and McKenna.
[view]Scot Larabee watches as Pudge builds their round 7 decks.
[view]Team Antarctica seems happy as they build their decks after the first draft on Day 2.
[view]Mike Heffern 2nd place at Grand Prix Memphis and the rest of Team Dogma prepare for their 6th round match against Team Antarctica. Heffern played Finkel to a draw and the other two matches split so both teams finished day 1 at 4-0-2.
[view]Congratulations to Team Sourgirl -- the only team to survive Day 1 without a loss or a draw.
[view]Who casts Rouse and Dark Triumph for 12 Jason Opalka does and there was nothing Mike Bregoli of Team Our Move Games could do about it. Opalka and Team Hubbo won the match, but both teams advanced to day 2.
[view]Alex Shvartsman and Team Legion made an early exit from Grand Prix St. Louis. Darwin Kastle and Team Your Move Games were in 7th place at the end of Day 1 so Kastle is in position to extend his lead over Schvartsman in the Player of the Year race.
[view]A large crowd watched as Dan OMahoney-Schwartz tried to pull out game 3 of match 3 after his teammates split their own matches. Dan was actually one turn from losing when extra turns ran out so Team Coolers and Team Antarctica drew.
[view]Team Legion from the left thats Alex Shvartsman, Mike Pustilnik, and Zvi Mowshowitz need a win in the last round of the Swiss to continue playing. Here they collect their thoughts after round 5.
[view]After watching teammate Mike Long go 1-9-1 in Nagoya, Dave Williams complained that this was Grand Prix Nagoya all over again except this time its me who cant win. Of course, Williams teammates on Tight Club Tim McKenna and Bob Maher havent lost yet and Tight Club is sitting on top of the standings.
[view]Jason Opalka seems pretty happy about the cards his team Team Hubbo has to work with.
[view]Dave Price stands up to get a better view of Team Paradoxs choices.
[view]Jason Marks has SOME mercenaries in his second deck.
[view]Jeff Fung builds his deck for the last three rounds on Day 1.
[view]Team Antarctica tries to figure out which cards to give to which players.
[view]Amber Price was unable to deal with Dave Prices Predator and her Capitalist Pigs picked up their first loss to Team Paradox.
[view]Jon Finkel waits out a deck check. Dan O received a free match win that helped Anarctica move to 3-0.
[view]Round 3 was when all the high PT point teams finally had to play. Here Zvi Mowshowitz shuffles up his deck for the first time.
[view]Billy Jensen left and Mike Bregoli right have put T.J.s Collectibles on the map.
[view]Scott Johns was on the receiving end of this Lin Sivvi, but his teammates both won to give him his first match win ever at a Grand Prix.
[view]Lauren Passmore ponders her next move. Her team Capitalist Pigs started off 2-0.
[view]Bryan Hubble and Ryan Carpenter won their round 2 match against The Ric.
[view]Pro Tour Chicago finalist Brian Davis.
[view]Thats Grand Prix specialist Trey van Cleave on the left discussing his deck with teammates John and Jason Marks. As John explained before the tournament, Im playing with Satan this weekend.
[view]The best that Atlanta has to offer: from the left Matt Ranks, Rudy Edwards, and Joe Crosby The 40oz All Stars
[view]The brothers Cowley. Thats Steve on the left and Bruce on the right.
[view]Alex Shvartsman has his game face on.
[view]Dave Price seems less than convinced about whatever Matt Vienneau is saying.
[view]The city of Boston is well represented at this event. Here Matt Rauseo right talks with Baby Huey Billy Jensen, center and Chris Senhouse left.
[view]Ben Rubin has once again trotted out his lucky Superman T-Shirt. He seems less than excited about the teamname Tighter than Tommy being suggested by William Jensen off camera.
[view]Ben Rubin and Billy Jensen plan to team up with Casey McCarrel for the Team Pro Tour, but his DCI suspension doesnt end until tomorrow so they picked up free agent Mike Bregoli for the weekend.
[view]Michael Turian: Broken in this format
[view]Jonathon Becker: Lawyer, Virginian, and snappy dresser.
[view]Steven OMahoney-Schwartz sorts his cards for the first draft.
[view]Husband and wife Beth and Denver Liston teamed up with fellow Ohio Valley event regular and PT NY Top 32 finisher Mark Globus in back.
[view]Team Your Move Games won the first team Pro Tour and now theyre hoping to win a team Grand Prix. From the left thats Dave Humpherys, Darwin Kastle, and Rob Dougherty. Kastle would like to earn some Pro Tour points this weekend and extend his lead in the Player of the Year race over Alex Shvartsman.
[view]A meeting of the Mogg minds. Here you see Gary Wise hiding behind Scott Johns.
[view]Here comes trouble ... Canadian Matt Vienneau is legendary for his inimitable ability to whine. This weekend hes playing with Gary Krakower and Dave Price Team Paradox.
[view]Its been over 4 years since Jason Opalka was the top ranked Standard player in the world, but he still calls himself the T2K Type 2 King. Here he watches a practice draft that includes Jon Finkel left and Dave Williams right. Thats Steve OMSs ear in the foreground.
[view]Scott Johns right, Gary Wise center, and Mike Bregoli laughing build sealed decks during the Grand Prix Trial. Wise and Johns are teaming up with Mike Turian for the main event, but his plane didnt arrive until 1am so they grabbed the closest Mike they could find for the warm-up event.

City Pictures

[view]We really are in St. Louis
[view]Grand Prix St. Louis is being held downtown at the Americas Center.

Site Pictures

[view]Americas Center sign
[view]Americas Center sign

Side Event Pictures

[view]Grand Prixs are a great place to find a dealer whos got that card youve been looking for for months.

Staff Pictures

[view]Tournament Organizer Mike Guptil relaxes after a long day.
[view]The ever vigilant Dan Gray keeps a careful eye on the semi-final drafts.
[view]Former Pro Tour player and current member of WotC RD Randy Buehler is to blame for all the coverage on the Sideboard this weekend.
[view]Head Judge Dan Gray laid down the law before the draft began.
[view]Head Judge Dan Gray looks on and laughs.
[view]Tournament Organizer Mike Guptil mutilates a blue Power Ranger.
[view]Scott Larabee left, Brian-David Marshall back, and Mike Guptil right always run quality events.

Miscellaneous Pictures

[view]No P.E.S. event would be complete without the amazing high tech gray box to drop match result slips into.

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