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Photo Coverage of Masters Series: New York

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Masters Champion, William Jensen
[view]The finalists shake after their match
[view]William Baby Huey Jensen
[view]Jason Zila
[view]Jensen declares his target
[view]This is Jason Zilas first tournament in years
[view]Jensen went on to win the tournament
[view]Zila sideboards in some enchantment removal to counter Jensens Back to Basics
[view]Zila weighs his options carefully
[view]Zilas thinking
[view]Jensen lays a land
[view]Jensen stares Zila down
[view]Masters Finalist, Jason Zila
[view]Masters Champion, William Jensen

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Crowds watch the Masters quarterfinals
[view]Eskeland vs. Zila
[view]Norways Sigurd Eskeland
[view]Jason Zila, coming out of retirement
[view]Jensen vs. Van Cleave
[view]Trey Van Cleave
[view]Baby Huey Jensen

Friday's Pictures

[view]The Great One, Bob Maher, Jr.
[view]Jensen vs. Maher
[view]William Jensen, triumphant
[view]A well-dressed Warren Marsh
[view]Eskeland, after winning a bad matchup
[view]Foreground, Eskeland, background, Buehler
[view]Trey Van Cleave is happy with his hand
[view]Eskeland and Marsh share a joke before the match
[view]Dirk Baberowski smiles
[view]The man of the Masters, Jason Zila
[view]Baberowski vs. Van Cleave
[view]Rubin vs. Zila
[view]Ben Rubin with a staredown
[view]An enormous crowd gathered around the Masters top 8

Thursday's Pictures

[view]The 32 Masters players
[view]Jeff Donais with megaphone
[view]Nicolai Herzog vs. William Jensen
[view]Gary Wise looks at the magic flash while Ben Rubin pile shuffles
[view]Tony Dobson vs. Mark Le Pine
[view]Rob Dougherty is surviving
[view]Kyle Rose shuffles carefully
[view]Sigurd Eskeland vs. Steve OMahoney Schwartz
[view]Bob Maher, Jr. stares his opponent down
[view]Trevor Blackwell plays against Jon Finkel
[view]Kai Budde
[view]Neutral Ground was packed for the Masters Series
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz is on the ropes vs. Alex Shvartsman
[view]Dirk Baberowski vs. Alan Comer
[view]Warren Marsh vs. Justin Gary
[view]Sigurd Eskeland beat Alex Shvartsman
[view]No comment
[view]Pete Leiher lounges
[view]Ed Fear vs. David Bachmann
[view]Team ECA vs. Team Sped
[view]Krakower vs. Gallitz
[view]Bruce Cowley vs. Dave Price
[view]Team Baku vs. Team Paradox
[view]Zach Parker is in control
[view]Rob Dougherty shakes
[view]Trevor Blackwell plays Ben Rubin
[view]Kyle Rose vs. Warren Marsh
[view]Chris Senhouse playing a feature match.
[view]Tony Dobson playing a feature match.
[view]Kyle Rose and Brian Hacker
[view]Jeff Donais and James Lee
[view]Steve OMahoney Schwartz is waiting to play
[view]Chris Senhouse is the newest editor of the Dojo
[view]Dave Price, Pro Tour Champion, is reading Harry Potter
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz disapproves of a play
[view]Jon Finkel gearing up to play Trevor Blackwell
[view]Jeff Donais and Dave Williams
[view]Trevor Blackwell
[view]Gab Tsang and Brian Hacker drafting
[view]Canadian Champion Ryan Fuller
[view]Mattias Kettl made top 8 last time in New York
[view]Gateway Tournament head judge, Elaine Chase
[view]Sigurd Eskeland watches Ben Ronaldson
[view]Manuel Bevand plays Cursed Totem on Dave Williams
[view]Spectators watch top 8 players Manuel Bevand and Dave Williams
[view]Your Moves Games Rob Ddoh
[view]Dave Price is more than a mouthful
[view]Tony Dobson
[view]Alex Shvartsman plays a fun game. Note the condiment Outpost tokens
[view]Tony Dobson is pleased with himself
[view]Frank Canu
[view]Manuel Bevand
[view]Dave Williams
[view]Chris Senhouse
[view]Frank Canu
[view]Gary Wise, Scott Johns and Mike Turian practice team play
[view]Mike Pustilnik is practicing for tomorrows Pro Tour
[view]Tournament favorite Jon Finkel was eliminated in round 1
[view]His opponent, Trevor Blackwell, pulled off the upset
[view]Darwin Kastle prepares for round 1
[view]His opponent, Trey Van Cleave
[view]Dave Humpherys shuffles up, while Dave Price reads
[view]Sideboard writer Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Conspicuously Pictured: Warren Marsh and Alex Shvartsman
[view]Masters Round 1 commences
[view]Justin Gary looking coy
[view]Former U.S. National Champion, Matt Linde
[view]Gary Wise faces Ben Rubin

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