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2001 Pro Tour Barcelona

Sunday's Pictures

[view]These guys go home happily. Congratulations to all of them
[view]Kai Budde, the record breaking winner of three Pro Tours now
[view]Way to go, Alan
[view]Dan Clegg and his third place Pro Tour trophy
[view]Patrick Mello and his fourth place Pro Tour trophy
[view]The finalists evaluating the match
[view]A fair win for Kai Budde
[view]Alan Comer bursts out in laughter over his game
[view]Koichiro Maki covering the finals match for the Japanese Sideboard Online
[view]Alan Comer near the end of the game
[view]Im taking home a trophy anyway
[view]Alan Comer considering his options in the finals
[view]Lets keep this short, shall we
[view]Budde pulling a face
[view]Kai Buddha
[view]Zvi My, I look good in print Moshowitz
[view]The finalists of Pro Tour Barcelona are ready for the challenge
[view]Kai Budde and his trophy. At that point in time, he wasnt sure he could keep it.
[view]Keita Mori did great work on the Japanese coverage. If you cant read Japanese, youre missing out.
[view]Cool, Im getting a trophy anyway
[view]Comers three big monsters
[view]Food for the hungry
[view]Mikey P is a star now
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko vs. Patrick Mello in the quarter finals.
[view]Spectators can watch the semi final matches live with expert commentary
[view]Flyers coming in.
[view]Patrick Mello looks very relaxed in his semi final match against Kai Budde.
[view]Patrick Mello attacking with a smile.
[view]Your turn Kai Budde in his semi final match against Patrick Mello.
[view]Dan Clegg is looking very worried.
[view]Kai,looking very determined to win his 3rd Pro Tour title in 2 years.
[view]Dan Clegg and Alan Comer in the semi finals.
[view]Alan Comer looking carefully at his card before casting it.
[view]And I target this land. Alan Comer in his semifinal match against Dan Clegg.
[view]Alan Comer is looking very pleased with himself.
[view]Dan Clegg doesnt look very confident.
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko, the pride of the Ukraine
[view]Yuri at pray
[view]Patrick Mello versus Yuri Kolomeyko in the quarterfinals of Pro Tour Barcelona
[view]Patrick Mello is almost sure of the match now
[view]Brad Swan played his aggressive red-green deck to an 0-3 finish
[view]Scott Johns judges over the Comer - Swan match
[view]Albertus Law checks Budde out over the brim of his glasses
[view]Chad Ellis is saying Hit me with your best shot
[view]Dan Clegg seems to be many players favorite
[view]Red Zone
[view]Kai Budde defeated Albertus Law, 3-0
[view]Self-assured Patrick Mello
[view]Alan Comer just defeated Brad Swan, 3-0
[view]Jaap Brouwer at the Budde - Law match
[view]Kai Budde distracted. As is the camera man, Sideboard reporter Josh Bennett and Head Judge Thomas Bisballe
[view]Kai Budde versus Albertus Law in the quarterfinals of Pro Tour Barcelona
[view]Big Birds sister
[view]Jeweled Bird decorated for five-color Magic
[view]A finals deck
[view]These cards should take Mello through
[view]Patrick Mellos neat rows
[view]Kai Budde lays out his cards for to build his deck
[view]Sabertooth Nishoba, an obvious choice for Budde
[view]Patrick Mello can go for Scorching Lava or maybe Annihilate
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko and Brad Swan pass on the rest of the booster
[view]Dan Clegg and Patrick Mello are in doubt still
[view]Alan Comer made his pick at the draft table
[view]Chad Ellis carefully puts his draft choice on the table
[view]The draft table
[view]Antonio de Rosas had to come too early to his liking
[view]Alan Comer going in fourth seed
[view]Kai Budde going in third seed
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko going in seventh seed
[view]Dan Clegg going in first seed
[view]Brad Swan going in fifth seed
[view]The top eight in the streets of Barcelona
[view]Albertus Law going in sixth seed
[view]Patrick Mello going in second seed
[view]Chad Ellis going in eighth seed

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Chad Ellis overjoyed with his place in the top 8
[view]Mark Rosewater announcing the top 8 of the Pro Tour
[view]Brad Swan versus Justin Gary in an all-American feature match in round fourteen
[view]Justin Gary - very concentrated
[view]Brad son of Swan explains his tactics
[view]Worried, Jbstl Its an honorable thing to lose from Kai Budde
[view]Kai Budde had to win this one. Guess what He did
[view]Kai Budde DE versus Markus Jbstl AT in a round fourteen feature match
[view]Jon Finkel US versus Raphal Gennari CH in the last round of the day
[view]For Jon Finkel, top 8 is a no-go by now
[view]Imagine playing your first Pro Tour, being in contention for top 8 and only having to win one match in the last round and then discover that youre paired up against Jon Finkel. Raphal Gennari from Switzerland
[view]What are you talking about, Im planning on giving Ukraine its first Top 8 finish
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko earning his first Pro Tour top 8
[view]Franck Canu at 10 victories in round thirteen, but missed the last round
[view]Chris Benafel
[view]Trey Van Cleave
[view]Gary Wise
[view]Alexander Witt
[view]Yoshii Tatsuo Japan versus Jan Tomcani Slovak Republic
[view]One more Plains for Jan Tomcani
[view]Yoshii Tatsuo intensely looking at the other side of the table
[view]A very disappointed Jon Finkel congratulates Comer
[view]Finkel wrecking his brain
[view]Alan Comer showing his hand
[view]Finkel lingering on Recoil
[view]Benedikt Klauser raising an eyebrow
[view]Justin Gary If there is anybody up there, please give me a little hand
[view]Benedikt Klauser AT versus Justin Gary US in round thirteen
[view]Stewart Shinkins scored well in last Pro Tour Los Angeles and is considered the best Irish player by far
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko surprising everyone, but he keeps his cool
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko Ukraine versus Stewart Shinkins Ireland in round thirteen
[view]Utter concentration for Kai Budde, much is at stake
[view]Albertus Law from Singapore
[view]Shake it baby. Finkel for president
[view]Jon Finkel Punch, smack, pow
[view]The audience follows the show between Kastle and Finkel
[view]Smash One more Yoco, Kai
[view]Yoco para beber, Kai Budde gets himself pumped up
[view]Patrick Mello trying to give his Duskwalker flying
[view]Darwin Kastle draws his last card of the match
[view]Steady course to top 8 Finkel had to win - so he did
[view]No...more...beatings Darwin Kastle gets it hard from Jon Finkel in round twelve
[view]Kai Budde versus Patrick Mello in an all German feature match in round twelve
[view]Going to confessional
[view]Big in Japan - tonight: Yoshi Tatsuro
[view]Law won round twelve, one more and he probably makes top 8
[view]Yoshi Tatsuro JP versus Albertus Law SG in round twelve
[view]Chris Benafel and Benedikt Klauser, hands neatly in their laps
[view]Justin Gary has been all over the place during this tournament. He is making a come-back towards the top 8 now. To his left Tuomo Nieminen
[view]Jon Finkel drafting black-blue-white again
[view]Kai Budde has been at the top all tournament now
[view]Yoshii Tatsuro at the draft. This Pro Tour rookie is making an impression
[view]Head Judge Thomas Bisballe wanted a shirt to match the Pro Tour banners
[view]Vicky Korstanje, Jeroen Beeckx and Christophe Weyers taking a break
[view]Judges Juan Tavira, Thomas Bisballe and Mario Van Leeuwen are called to mediate
[view]David Price US versus Alan Comer US in a round eleven feature match
[view]David Price, check out the pink
[view]French kiss
[view]Benedikt Klauser AT versus Olivier Ruel FR in a round eleven feature match
[view]Benedikt Klauser is all concentration. Or maybe just tired
[view]Chris Benafel US versus Darwin Kastle US in a round eleven feature match
[view]Darwin Kastle was a trendsetter: goatees rule
[view]The hat is his teammates. The trash talk is his. Chris Benafel
[view]Scott Johns broad smile
[view]Scott Johns US versus Mike Pustilnik US in a round eleven feature match
[view]Mikey P having the time of his life
[view]After so many years in California, Alan Comer still hasnt lost his English accent
[view]Wizards staff Randy Buehler, Mike Donais, Jeff Donais, Worth Wollpert and the back of Thomas Pannell making it cosy up on the stage
[view]Gary Wise CA versus Paco Llopis SP in a round ten feature match
[view]Local boy Paco Llopis
[view]Gary Wise reaching for his beard
[view]Scott Johns US versus Kai Budde DE in a round ten feature match
[view]Scott Johns and his pen never separate
[view]Kai Budde shows his best side for the camera
[view]Matt Place US versus Laurence Creech US in a round ten feature match
[view]An attack of Matt Place
[view]Laurence Creech is studying what Creech has played so far
[view]Kyle Rose and Rob Dougherty at the beginning of a round ten feature match
[view]Kyle Roses fingers are itching
[view]Rob Dougherty having a laugh
[view]Lots of local players and lots of fun at side events
[view]Bryan Hubble
[view]Bryan Hubble US versus Tomoharu Seito JP in round nine
[view]Tomoharu Seito
[view]Darwin Kastle US versus Shawn Regnier US in a round nine feature match
[view]Shawn Now you show me what you got Regnier
[view]Darwin Kastle keeps his hand warm
[view]Head Judge Thomas Bisballe keeps track of the clock
[view]Judge Mike Donais and Head Judge Thomas Bisballe
[view]Janosch Khn didnt know he was going to lose yet
[view]All confidence, Mikey P.
[view]Mike Pustilnik US versus Janosch Khn DE in a round nine feature match
[view]David Price US versus Steve OMS US in a round nine feature match
[view]David Price takes the blow
[view]Steve OMahoney-Schwartz is waiting for his opponent to wake up
[view]Justin Gary US versus Olle Rade SE in a round nine feature match
[view]Olle Rade plays with conviction
[view]Justin Gary giving away his best joke
[view]Nicolas Olivieri and the traces of a savage fight
[view]Raphal Lvy You were saying
[view]Little Franck Canu
[view]Paul Barclay, Laura Waniuk and Reid Schmadeke keep the side events going
[view]Nobody beats Nicolas Labarres distinction
[view]Olivier Ruel, always in a good mood
[view]Benedikt Klauser at the draft
[view]A shake of the Hammer
[view]Kai Budde DE had a very strong first day at the Pro Tour
[view]Dan Clegg US versus Kai Budde DE in round eight
[view]Dan Clegg has his own little worries
[view]Justin Gary US versus Kamiel Cornelissen NE in round eight
[view]That is sneaky, Justin Gary
[view]A sharp eye from Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Jaap Brouwer and Jeff Donais do the deck check
[view]Shawn Regnier US versus Tommi Hovi FI in round eight
[view]Does Tommi Hovi play for money
[view]The Hammer. There is nothing else you can say
[view]Chad Ellis plays a teammate in round eight
[view]A brand new day for Darwin Kastle
[view]Chad Ellis US versus Darwin Kastle US in round eight
[view]Red alert: these are feature matches
[view]Kyle Rose and Rob Dougherty drafting
[view]Chad Ellis, Darwin Kastle and Chris Manning from Your Move Games, next to each other at the draft table
[view]The sound of shuffling cards
[view]The third draft of the Pro Tour has begun
[view]Had a tough night
[view]The local judge, Juan Tavira and Jakub Wysoczanski from Poland
[view]Jaap Brouwer is ready for the second day of the Pro Tour
[view]Cyril Grillon, Jeff Donais and Jerme Mioso. Lots of experience in one trio
[view]Judges checking decklists
[view]Wizards staff Nathalie Sury and Jerme Bothy
[view]Anthony Waters making himself comfortable
[view]Laura Waniuk tries hard not to look at the camera
[view]Scorekeeper Cajus Von Engelmann hides behind his computer
[view]Masticore makes a big impression at the DCI information booth
[view]Olivier Ruel, Antoine Ruel, Noah Boeken and Raphal Lvy having a first morning chat
[view]Mister Mark Rosewater picks out the feature matches

Friday's Pictures

[view]Neither of these two gentlemen seems to believe what is happening
[view]Daniel OMahoney-Schwartz has a last look at his card before he plays it
[view]Willian Jensen is not sure whether he heard this right
[view]Ko Okada
[view]Katsuhiro Mori plays pink sleeves, how cool
[view]Katsuhiro Mori versus Ko Okada
[view]David Bachmann, so serious
[view]Aaron Forsythe versus David Bachmann in round seven
[view]Tough one - Gary Wise
[view]Mike Bregoli about to suck a thumb
[view]Shoot. Bet thats what Antoine Ruel is saying here
[view]yvind degaard bites his lip
[view]Aaron Forsythe calling in the help from Mark Rosewater
[view]Mike Bregoli versus Gary Wise
[view]Antoine Ruel versus yvind degaard in round seven
[view]Ggggrrrrryan Fuller
[view]John Ormerod lets down his hair but wins the match
[view]John Ormerod versus Ryan Fuller
[view]Who is this
[view]Australian and female, two reasons for having a picture on the web
[view]I dare you Stephan Valkyser
[view]Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Katsuhiro Mori versus Stephan Valkyser in round six
[view]Benedikt Klauser from Austria
[view]Rune Horvik knows what Cornelissen is laughing about
[view]Benedikt Klauser versus Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Svend Geertsen
[view]Matt Vienneau does the Toronto shuffle
[view]Shiny nose Sigurd Eskeland
[view]Scott Wills is definitely not interested in Alan Comers match
[view]Sharp dressed man with a red nose There can be only one: Warren Marsh
[view]Dutch duck reading a book. Now, which other duck could do that
[view]A quick hand from Noah Boeken
[view]The feature match area
[view]Alexandro Dominguez from Spain or two hats in a row
[view]Whats that tongue doing there, Trey
[view]Dont forget to take a breath Side events registration area
[view]Judges Mario Van Leeuwen and Peter Coenen. No fast food for these guys
[view]Neat and tidy Marc Hernandez
[view]Threefold Grand Prix winner Jim Herold turned his back on some very colorful players
[view]Italian OP Manager Ilja Rotelli probably still wonders how this picture will come out
[view]Satoshi Nakamura gives us a deep frown
[view]It will be one out of these two
[view]Mike Long - not happy
[view]Level 3 judges Gis Hoogendijk and Keith Anderson strike a pose
[view]Thomas Bisballe, Mike Donais, scorekeeeper Gordon Culp and Ilja Rotelli in one of their less active moments
[view]Roll out the red carpet for the Magic Pros
[view]Wet corner near the site
[view]Palm trees and blue skies. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Spain
[view]A friendly English match between Tony Dobson and John Ormerod
[view]A signature from John Avon anyone
[view]Ciruelo Cabral lines up his work
[view]Diana Johns and Ma Donais taking the guard at the information booth
[view]The Wizards of the Coast store of goodies
[view]The first steps
[view]Wizards Christophe Weyers and Jerme Bothy expected more, better, whatever
[view]An Van Dam and Thomas Heuvelman
[view]Black seems to be a fashionable color
[view]Lots of people playing the fifth round
[view]Mike Pustilnik versus Scott Johns in round five
[view]William Jensen mesmerized
[view]Lightning Dart destroying Steel-Leaf Paladin
[view]Olivier Ruel versus William Jensen in round five
[view]David Price versus Steve OMahoney-Schwartz in round five
[view]David Price is not ready
[view]But Steve OMS is
[view]Janosh Khn versus Bob Maher in round five
[view]Its in the tips of his fingers, Bob Maher
[view]No he is not falling asleep. Janosh Khn
[view]Can you see the light
[view]Mikey P goes Now what do you want me to say to that
[view]Olivier Ruels ears go all red from thinking
[view]The second draft of the day
[view]Patrick Mello and Kai Budde clearly think in the same language
[view]Scott Johns at the draft. The pen is for inspiration
[view]Steve OMahoney-Schwartz drafting
[view]Mike Pustilnik at his second draft today
[view]Your regular Magic players food
[view]Magic artist Anthony Waters
[view]Ron Spears. The red cheeks show hes been signing lots of cards today
[view]Shifty mad Vienneau
[view]Judges bite their nails when arguing with Mike Long over a game with Roel Doise
[view]Dutch Glory versus American Charm
[view]Kai Budde and Gary Wise in round four
[view]Hands on the table, Michelle Bush
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen makes room for his opponent
[view]All tied up, Gerardo Godinez-Estrada
[view]Masayuki Higashino plays his card
[view]Chris Benafel beat Casey McCarrel, 2-1
[view]Red rules - the hat, its the hat
[view]Kai Budde does exactly the same thing
[view]YesGary Wise top-decked the right one
[view]Chris Benafel, laughing at what he is about to do to his opponent
[view]Casey McCarrel, grinning his way through round four
[view]Lost squirrel waiting for its mum at the judges station
[view]Masaya Mori versus Matt Linde
[view]Matt Linde, one more second before he makes his choice
[view]Masaya Mori, no relation to Sideboard reporter Keita Mori
[view]Shawn Hammer Regnier likes to arm-wrestle
[view]Noah Boeken accidentally swallows his Nemata, Grove Guardian
[view]Will Federico Bastos repeat his Pro Tour Tokyo Top 8 achievement
[view]Noah Boeken facing Federico Bastos in round three
[view]Considering options, Scott Johns
[view]Darwin Kastle has a choice of three
[view]Rose and Vienneau in a round three feature match
[view]Matt Vienneau lingering on his move
[view]Kyle Rose mistook Barcelona for Hawaii
[view]Sideboards own electrician. Nele Van der borght
[view]Magic is a trading card game
[view]Japan is well represented
[view]Land man John Avon
[view]Boom boom shakalakalaka boom. Everybody walks the dinosaur
[view]Black eyed boy, Ciruelo Cabral
[view]Fujita leads against Pisicchio, 1-0
[view]Gabriele Pisicchios pensive look
[view]Che peccato
[view]He doesnt have a poker face, now does he Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Josh Bennett falling asleep over the Fuller - game
[view]Ryan Fuller, patient for once
[view]Laurence Creech giving the thumbs down
[view]Two men wiggle for the camera
[view]Wow, Tommi Hovi never smiles
[view]Satoshi Nakamura summoning his best spell
[view]Satoshi Nakamura versus Sigurd Eskeland
[view]Nicola Herzog and Tommi Hovi, short-cut and ready for the Barcelona beaches
[view]Priceless Price
[view]All the way from the Czech Republic, Jakub Slemr
[view]Tony Dobson. Shady looks
[view]Antoine Ruel without ripped trousers this time
[view]Justin Gary. The question to ask, is Why
[view]Swills best picture of the year
[view]Scott Johns, blond and beautiful
[view]Olivier Ruel in his favorite football shirt
[view]Nicolas Labarre has the light shining in his eyes
[view]Gary Wise, the freshmaker
[view]Alex Smartman
[view]A friendly shake to finish, Finkel and Jorstedt
[view]Mattias Jorstedt next to Noah Boeken
[view]Finkel real close
[view]Heh heh he goes
[view]Gerardo Godinez-Estrada, the guy wearing the Burger King crown at the Latin American Championship
[view]Broad smile. Chris Benafel probably has his reasons
[view]Chris Benafel faces Gerardo Godinez-Estrada in round one
[view]Pretty hard to impress this guy. Tom Swan
[view]Tom Swan and Dave Williams, two out of 110 Americans
[view]Plague Spores for you
[view]He is not joking. Antoine Ruel
[view]Whoosh Are you trying to scare me Gary Wise
[view]The first round of the day. Helvik and Stead next to Craig Jones and Darwin Kastle
[view]Bill Stead made a couple of top 8s at US Grand Prix lately
[view]Torbjorn Helvik from Norway
[view]Antoine Ruel has made his choice
[view]Mister Wise in slow motion
[view]Jon Finkels third pick
[view]Keita Mori follows Finkels draft
[view]Jesper Thrane and Andrea Paselli in the first draft
[view]Antonio De Rosas, gimme a nice one
[view]Sideboard rocks the boat
[view]Your favorite color combination in the draft Barcelona
[view]Rush to the seats
[view]Want to see my goodies
[view]Here is one quick judge for you
[view]The DCI is watching you
[view]The pros are building their first decks of the day
[view]Stop pushing
[view]Coffee gets you going
[view]Morning paper
[view]Spanish breakfast...gives you wings
[view]A big thank you to all our Sideboard readers, its you we do this for
[view]Catalonia represented
[view]Fresh and clean, the judges team is ready to take on the Pro Tour

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