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2001 Pro Tour Los Angeles

Sunday's Pictures

[view]A World Champion and a Pro Tour Champion
[view]A giant check
[view]With a handshake and a flourish, PTLA ends with Mikey P triumphant
[view]Maher with Runner-Up Cornelissen
[view]Cornelissen plots some destruction
[view]Semifinalist Klauser accepts his award
[view]Last years two best players
[view]Pustilnik appeals to the masses
[view]Mikey P scared to death
[view]A sad, sad discard pile
[view]Cornelissen bashes through Pustilniks defenses
[view]Ace Sideboard reporters Adrian Sullivan and Michelle Bush
[view]Champion Michael Pustilnik and his trophy
[view]Cornelissen looks at the board
[view]Pustilnik is happy with his tournament result
[view]Pustilnik, or Mikey P or Dr. P
[view]Cornelissen is pleased
[view]Trophy in sight, finalists Michael Pustilnik and Kamiel Cornelissen play for the gold
[view]Pustilnik shakes after beating Klauser
[view]Finkel and Cornelissen shake after a brutal match
[view]Cornelissen taps his creature while Sideboard reporter Ben Ronaldson observes
[view]The Finals Stage
[view]Kamel Cornelissen made it to the finals
[view]Klauser is one of two players sporting Rith
[view]No matter what he tried, Cornelissen always checked Finkel
[view]Finkel got crushed in the semis, 3-0
[view]Pustilnik vs. Klauser
[view]A happy Dr. P
[view]Benedikt Klauser of Austria
[view]Dr. P Absorbs
[view]Jeff Donais and Collin Jackson, senior judges
[view]Red Zone hijinks
[view]Rose vs. Cornelissen
[view]Erno Ekebom of Finland
[view]Mister Michael Gurney
[view]Chester, Virginias Lawrence Creech
[view]Jon Finkel dropped the semifinals
[view]Pustilnik points at his Hope Weaver
[view]Gurney Zaps Finkels Rats
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen weighs his options
[view]Jon Finkel has Smoldering Tar in play
[view]Michael Gurney
[view]Erno Ekebom takes his blocker out of the Red Zone
[view]Cornelissen fends off Roses quick deck
[view]Klauser looks puzzled at Ekeboms play
[view]Kyle Rose
[view]Klauser and Ekebom shake after their match
[view]New Yorker Mikey P
[view]Erno Ekebom
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]A dead-set Kyle Rose
[view]Austrian Benedikt Klauser
[view]Rose dropped the quarterfinals to Cornelissen
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Ekebom vs. Klauser
[view]Jon Finkel, after two days of play, looks a little tired
[view]A good ol standoff
[view]Creech vs. Pustilnik
[view]Lawrence Creech Repulses in response to Shackles
[view]The Top 8
[view]Top 8: Kyle Rose
[view]Top 8: Michael Pustilnik
[view]Top 8: Benedikt Klauser
[view]Top 8: Michael Gurney
[view]Top 8: Jon Finkel
[view]Top 8: Erno Ekebom
[view]Top 8: Lawrence Creech
[view]Top 8: Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]The Maro - Mark Rosewater
[view]The final draft
[view]Random Canadians: Jeff Donais and Josh Bennett
[view]Ekebom stands up to lay out his pack
[view]Klauser selects a green card
[view]Finkel checks out a pack
[view]Klauser and Rose at the draft
[view]Rith sits atop Cornelissens draft pile
[view]The Top 8 draft
[view]A large crowd gathered to watch the final draft
[view]Finkel reaches across the table
[view]Michael Gurney lays out his pack

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Kai Budde reads all about it in the newly redesigned Sideboard Magazine
[view]Fujita vs. Nakamura
[view]Sadeghpour vs. Rose
[view]The Kyle Rose - close to the Top 8
[view]Swedens Sadeghpour
[view]Froelich vs. Cornelissen
[view]Virginias Eric Froelich
[view]Ekebom vs. Niemenen
[view]Erno Ekebom looks good for the Top 8
[view]Satoshi sulks at an overpopulated Red Zone
[view]Kenichi Fujita, Japans hope for its first Top 8 at a Pro Tour
[view]James Lee gets some
[view]Dan Bock
[view]Wise vs. Ekebom
[view]Erno Ekebom
[view]Gary Wise dropped his last match and missed out on the Top 8
[view]A happy Svend Geersten
[view]Cornelissen enters the Red Zone
[view]Johns with the laugh
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen proved that hes an up and comer by staying in contention for the second straight Pro Tour
[view]Tuomo Nieminen plays for the Top 8
[view]Nathan Gapasain, JSS winner
[view]Naveen Gowda, JSS finalist
[view]Olivier Ruel
[view]Fujita vs. Ruel
[view]Geertsen is ANGRY
[view]Pustilnik puts his Zombie in front of a Kavu
[view]Geertsens beatdown is slowing down
[view]Mike Pustilnik is in a tight spot
[view]Fujita Kenichi
[view]Jon The Machine Finkel
[view]Michael Gurney is hunting for his first Top 8
[view]Gurney beats Finkel in a characteristic upset
[view]Kai Budde in a famous sweater
[view]Budde frowns as Kyle puts his finger in the air
[view]Virginian Kyle Rose is looking for the Top 8
[view]Players must be very careful as they draft - accidentally touching the wrong card forces them to draft it
[view]Late drafts are packed with quality players
[view]Finkel, looking uncharacteristically confused
[view]First pick
[view]Finkel picks a card - overhead
[view]Judge Elaine Chase busts up the draft
[view]Michelle Bush with Darwin Kastle
[view]Elements of Your Move Games: Danny Mandel, Rob Dougherty, Darwin Kastle and Chad Ellis
[view]Mike Long with groupies
[view]Entrance to PT - LA
[view]Play was set up on three levels
[view]Setting up the Finals stage
[view]Jon Finkel, looking good for his ninth PT Top 8
[view]Satoshi Nakamura
[view]Mike Turian, PT New York Team Champion
[view]GP Hiroshima Champion, Masayuki Higashino
[view]Baby Huey Jensen
[view]Canadas Gary Krakower
[view]Katsuhiro Mori vs. Gary Krakower
[view]CMUs Mike Turian vs. Satoshi Nakamura
[view]Ruel vs. Maruyama
[view]William Jensen plays against Masayuki Higashino
[view]Van Cleave vs. Pustilnik
[view]Everybodys hero, Mike Pustilnik
[view]The never-controversial Trey Van Cleave
[view]An ambivalent looking Brian Kibler
[view]Englishman John Ormerod
[view]Brian Kibler plays against John Ormerod
[view]Quinton Hoover, longtime Magic artist
[view]DCI judge guy James Lee leads the charge of artist signings. Artists usually stop by the judges area to do sketches and other cool stuff
[view]Artist Terese Nielsen of Force of Will fame
[view]Trading was rampant both on and off the Boat
[view]The friendly WOTC Staff - Alex Tinsman and Mindy Sherwood-Lewis
[view]Jeff Donais with Honorary Canadian Tony Tsai
[view]Michelle Bush flaunts her Coalition Victory
[view]Yes, Pro Tour Champion Buehler DOES have a Ley Line in front of him, on purpose
[view]Anthony Alongi and Randy Buehler play multiplayer. Collusion was rampant
[view]New Wizards employees: Bonecrusher Zantides and Paul Full English Breakfast Barclay
[view]Budde vs. OMahoney Schwartz
[view]Steve OMS played Kai Budde in a clash of the titans
[view]Finkel led, 1-0
[view]Tim McKenna
[view]Perennial favorite, Jon Finkel
[view]PT - Chicago Champion, Kai Budde
[view]SuperTexan Adrian Sayers, undefeated after eight rounds
[view]Denmarks Svend Geertsen mulls
[view]Humphreys played Clarke in round 9
[view]The Hump - Dave Humphreys of Your Move Games
[view]Nate Clarke
[view]The littlest Magic player
[view]Jon Finkel with fan Adam Propokin
[view]Mori vs. Chiclick
[view]Super Latin American player, Gerardo Godinez
[view]Top Japanese player Katsuhiro Mori
[view]These kids may not need the scholarships for awhile - but they could win them
[view]The Junior Super Series brings out the best young players
[view]JSS kids are tough competitors
[view]Dynamite Side Events Guy, Scott Larabee
[view]Crimson Acolyte is good
[view]High level judges, John Shannon, Collin Jackson and Mike Donais
[view]Erno Ekebom
[view]An undefeated Svend Geertsen
[view]Svend Geertsen vs. Erno Ekebom
[view]Fuller targets Williams in their round 8 Feature Match
[view]Canadian National Champion Ryan Fuller
[view]Texan Dave Williams
[view]Diligent judges pore over the decklists
[view]Its a long way away sometimes
[view]Everyones favorite, The Queen Mary. Above, there may or may not be a flying saucer
[view]Geertsen picks a card - he is one of the few undefeated players
[view]Head Judge Collin Jackson calls the draft
[view]Saftey comes first on the Queen Mary
[view]A nice overhead shot of some of the area
[view]Some players stayed all night
[view]One of the Queen Marys attractions . . . spooky

Friday's Pictures

[view]Geertsen vs. Humphreys
[view]David Humphreys
[view]Svend Geertsen
[view]Jensen adjusts his life total
[view]Fuller vs. Jensen
[view]Super-Canadian Ryan Fuller
[view]Sayers vs. Klauser
[view]Texan Adrian Sayers is doing very well
[view]Benedikt Klauser
[view]Gallitz vs. Selden
[view]The ubiquitous Donnie Gallitz
[view]Former World Champion Brian Selden
[view]Matt Vienneau is so very dynamic. Hi mom
[view]Masayuki Higashino sideboards
[view]Dougherty and Jensen play
[view]Rob Dougherty considers his options
[view]William Jensen
[view]David Williams
[view]Blackwell reveals his hand
[view]David Williams busts out against Trevor Blackwell
[view]The Hump David Humphreys plays in a Feature Match
[view]Nakamura flies over while his Teferis Moat keeps the ground tied up
[view]Dave Humphreys plays against Satoshi Nakamura while Adrian Sullivan reports
[view]The diligent judging staff is always in the thick of the action
[view]Meet Gary Wises worst enemy
[view]Outside the Queen Mary
[view]Watch out Its the coolest stuffed rabbit in Los Angeles
[view]Noah Boeken poses with a lucky ducky
[view]Senior Judges Mike Donais, Chris Bonecrusher Zantides and Collin Jackson confer on a ruling
[view]Renee Roub in brief respite
[view]Nicolai Herzog is used to the pressure
[view]Rubin leads Price by a game - the new scoreboard makes it easier for players to follow the match
[view]A slightly psychotropic Dave Price
[view]Ben Rubin is about to peel
[view]Norways Nicolai Herzog vs. Swedens Matthais Kettil
[view]Tony Dobson is English
[view]A happy, as always, Gary Wise
[view]Matthais Kettil enters the Red Zone
[view]Sheldon Menery lays down the law . . .
[view]And its funny
[view]Jon Finkel
[view]DCI Tournament Manager Jeff Donais converses with the bottom half of Sheldon Menerys head
[view]Sideboard Writer Becky Hiebert
[view]Sideboard Photographer Craig Cudnohufsky shows why hes behind the camera
[view]The Pros: Brian Davis and Sigurd Eskeland
[view]Snazzy pamphlets inform players of the weekends happenings
[view]Trading at the Pro Tour is fast and furious
[view]Former U.S. National Champion Matt Linde talks some strategy during a break
[view]William Jensen vs. Jamie Parke
[view]Jamie Parke is a fine young man
[view]New York Masters Champion William Jensen
[view]Ronaldson vs. Dougherty
[view]Englishman and Sideboard writer, Ben Ronaldson
[view]After making Top 8 in Chicago, Rob Dougherty has nowhere to go but up
[view]Popular columnist, Aaron Forsythe
[view]CMUs Mike Turian
[view]Teammates Aaron Forsythe vs. Mike Turian
[view]Nakamura vs. Johns
[view]Satoshi looks over the board full of cupcakes. Yummy
[view]PT - New York co-Champion, Scott Johns
[view]Lan Ho has a fatty . . . on his head
[view]A nice pack for the first picker
[view]A frowning Lan Ho and a happy Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]The second draft
[view]Chris Benafel, winner of PT Amsterdam
[view]Trevor Blackwell and Dave Williams
[view]Satoshi Nakamura and Pete Leiher
[view]Masayuki Higashino, fresh off of a GP win, drafts at LA
[view]Players crowd around the pairings. Can you spot Brian Davis
[view]Happy players check out the newly revamped Sideboard Magazine
[view]A confused Mike Long stumbles on some cards
[view]At the DCI booth, Pro Tour Player Coordinator Andy Heckt helps out a DCI member
[view]Satoshi Nakamura, Japans biggest star
[view]Dobson vs. Truc Bui, a venerable old Pro
[view]Englishman Tony Dobson
[view]Kamiel Cornlissen, PT - Chicagos finalist
[view]Old School Pro Svend Geertsen
[view]Scott Johns, of Mindripper, a popular Magic strategy site
[view]Alan Comer takes it to the stack
[view]Trevor Blackwell goes on the defensive
[view]Rubin takes it to the Red Zone
[view]Accomplished players Rubin and Dougherty duke it out in round 2
[view]Rob Dougherty of Team Your Move Games
[view]Long vs. Budde - controversy
[view]PT - Chicago Champion, Kai Budde
[view]Kai Budde Plague Spores Mike Long
[view]Stern struggles in round 2
[view]Dustin Sterns Blazing Specter
[view]A panoramic view of the site
[view]The quintessential Quentin Hoover
[view]Artist Ben Thompson displays Dust Bowl
[view]Sideboard writer Toby Wachter is down
[view]Players compete in Booster Drafts and have a great time
[view]Side events filled up early
[view]John Loniak administers judge certification with some happy applicants
[view]John Grant works the DCI booth
[view]A bunch of beautiful trophies
[view]Pro Tour Los Angeles front desk
[view]The Feature Match area
[view]Coming off a great performance at Chicagos Masters Series, Dave Williams dropped round 1
[view]A tired Jakub Slemr
[view]Jakub Slemr plays against Dave Williams
[view]The Pro Tour makes every decision more important
[view]Some players bring their own playmats. Its no Red Zone
[view]The scorekeeping station . . . creepy
[view]Sideboard writers . . . creepy
[view]Gab Tsang is having trouble with a flier
[view]Very bright dice and Mike Bregoli
[view]Steve preps to enter the Red Zone
[view]Steve OMS vs. Scott McCord
[view]Scott McCord
[view]Shvartsman very carefully places his creature in the Red Zone
[view]Mark Rosewater looks over Alex Shvartsmans shoulder
[view]The William Jensen. Baby Huey is good
[view]Players, who are glad they arent balding, play under a balcony
[view]An overview of the play area
[view]Dustin Stern played against William Ericson
[view]Dustin Stern, after recent high finishes at two Grand Prix, plays in the first round
[view]Canadas Gab Tsang
[view]Nothing like a Rout to cheer you up, thinks Mike Bregoli
[view]Some players are already sad
[view]Aaron Jackson reaches across the table to snag a card
[view]Ben Rubin is caught between a Dougherty and a Kastle
[view]Alex Shvartsman mises a Distorting Wake
[view]Steve OMS selects Nightscape Apprentice
[view]Players in the Pit, drafting before round 1

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