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2001 Pro Tour Tokyo

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Your Champion, Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Runner up Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Two awards for Chris Benafel
[view]The final handshake
[view]A happy Zvi on the way to victory
[view]O Zvi
[view]Fujita oddly holding his cards upside down
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Finals - Fujita vs. Mowshowitz
[view]The finalists with the championship trophy
[view]Panzer Hunters watch the Top 8, waiting for their Masters finals
[view]A confident looking Mowshowitz
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz metagamed his way into the finals
[view]Spectators watch all the action live on screen
[view]Teammates Ryan Fuller and Noah Boeken watch their teammates
[view]Semifinals: Fujita vs. Hager
[view]Judges relax on Day 3
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]A happy Chris Benafel
[view]Soon-to-be finalist Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]South Carolinas Lucas Hager
[view]The semifinals stage
[view]Wizards of the Coast Vice President David Hoppe says hello to his son Alex
[view]Magic players of all ages gather for Day 3
[view]A ton of trading goes on at Pro Tours
[view]Mowshowitz and Bastos shake after their match
[view]A very happy Fujita breezed by Williams in the quarters
[view]Portugese support
[view]Freneau and Hager worked together on this format. All three ABU players and Hager played in the quarterfinals
[view]Benafel and Fuller, teammates in a tough matchup
[view]Williams and Fujita look through Fujitas graveyard
[view]Portugals first Top 8er: Frederico Bastos
[view]Netrunnin Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Texan superstar Dave Williams made his first Top 8
[view]ABUs Philip Freneau
[view]Oregons Chris Benafel
[view]Yargh Lucas Hager, stunned
[view]A very happy Ryan Fuller
[view]The awesome Sideboard Japan staff
[view]A strong Top 8
[view]Top 8: Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Top 8: Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Top 8: Ryan Fuller
[view]Top 8: Frederico Bastos
[view]Top 8: David Williams
[view]Top 8: Lucas Hager
[view]Top 8: Philip Freneau
[view]Top 8: Chris Benafel
[view]William Jensen and Matt Linde have a message for Magic players everywhere - and their girlfriends

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Fujita is embraced after his victory
[view]Triumphant Japanese: Fujita and Sasakawa
[view]Sasakawa and Fujita shake after a tense match
[view]Top 8 competitor: Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Can you feel the love
[view]Oliver Ruel
[view]Lots of the weekends popular cards
[view]Williams broken Crypt Angel
[view]Bryan Hubble
[view]Dave Williams Terminate
[view]Chris Benafel won his last match to make Top 8
[view]Benafel vs. Canu
[view]Its Oliver Schneider
[view]A very happy Ryan Fuller
[view]Sasakawa must peel
[view]Philip Freneau was paired against undefeated teammate Ryan Fuller in Round 14
[view]Sideboard Japan reporters nervously watch the match that will decide which Japanese player made the Top 8
[view]Franck Canu
[view]Noah Boeken leans in to help Dave Williams with his tiebreakers
[view]Contenders scramble to do the math and find out whether or not they can draw into the Top 8
[view]Three Englishmen and a Forsythe
[view]Teammates: Freneau and Benafel
[view]Tomohide Sasakawa was defeated in the last round by Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Davis vs. Sasakawa
[view]The always captivating Brian Davis
[view]Texan and Pro Tour mainstay Bryan Hubble
[view]O Canada
[view]Bryan Hubble gets crushed by ABUs Ryan Fuller
[view]Even RD members need their ice cream
[view]Tomcani vs. Freneau
[view]You cant draw cards from there, Benafel
[view]ABUs Philip Freneau
[view]Jan Tomcani
[view]Total rogue: Bram Snepvangers
[view]The littlest Viking, Olle Rade
[view]Poor Brian Selden ended up on the wrong end of his match
[view]ABU Superman Ryan Fuller
[view]Zvis Fact or Fiction piles
[view]Warren Marsh covers Brian Selden vs. Ryan Fuller
[view]Head Judge Chris Bonecrusher Zantides
[view]Darwin Kastle
[view]Kazuya Hirabayashi, top Japanese deckbuilder
[view]Kastle vs. Hirabayashi
[view]Incredibly nervous spectators watch and root for hometown heroes
[view]Sideboards own Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Royce Chai getting beat down
[view]Having a good time: Sasakawa
[view]Eisaku deals some damage
[view]Two Japanese playing fighting for Top 8: Eisaku vs. Sasakawa
[view]Good friends Dan OMS and Dave Williams
[view]Tasty lunch
[view]Artist Brian Snoddy with fans
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Fujita Addles Wise - and likes the results
[view]Nothing like a good Terminal Moraine
[view]Zvi used his defenders
[view]Two Blazing Specters. Excellent.
[view]The awesome Englishman Craig Jones
[view]Craig Jones vs. Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Benafel vs. Sasakawa
[view]The Netherlands famous Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Chris Benafel is one of several ABUs who are in contention
[view]Tomohide Sasakawa
[view]Raphael Levy of France
[view]Former World Champion Brian Selden
[view]Scarf-wearing Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Dutch powerhouse Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]The effinineffable Doctor Wong
[view]Clegg adjusts his life total after taking 2 from Ravenous Rats
[view]Levy vs. Steve OMS
[view]Dan Clegg of Rolled Up Aces
[view]Dan OMS
[view]Eek Raphael Levy watches his opponent recur another Flametongue Kavu with Crypt Angel. Bad times
[view]Brothers in charge - Steve and Dan OMS
[view]Philip Freneau, from the USA, is doing very well
[view]Doctor Wong vs. Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Kiyoshi Sasanuma, of Team John, one of their best deck builders
[view]Scott Johns sends with Meddling Mage and Galinas Knight
[view]Jensen adjusts his Ordered Migration tokens
[view]Scott Johns and William Jensen are both thinking - deeply.
[view]Hovi comes across the table
[view]Gary dramatically pushes his forces through for damage
[view]Frumpy old Canadian, Gary Wise
[view]Gary Wise attacks Tommi Hovi with a swarm of creatures
[view]Dan OMS played Tsuyoshi Fujita in Round 8
[view]Dan OMS and William Jensen share a joke
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Craig Jones and Ryan Fuller, undefeated after Day 1, played in Round 8
[view]Gary Wise rubs Tommi Hovis head for good luck
[view]Craig Jones led the field after Day 1
[view]Sideboard reporter Josh Bennett asks the wrong questions of famous dealer Jose Cintra
[view]Matt Vienneau looks at Mahers Thunderscape Battlemage
[view]Reigning Player of the Year Bob Maher, Jr
[view]Rookie of the Year leader, Lawrence Creech
[view]Chapin picks the three-card pile
[view]Kai Budde divides Fact or Fiction piles
[view]Old school pro Pat Chapin vs. Kai Budde
[view]Fierce competition on Day 2
[view]Happy Canada - Matt Vienneau
[view]Zvis metagame aggro blue/white deck proved to be a good call
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Hobby Japan staff ensure a smooth running
[view]Alphabetaunlimited.com huddles up
[view]Mark Rosewater corrects Ryan Fuller

Friday's Pictures

[view]Some cool 3-D Magic cards
[view]Magic is really a family game
[view]Long vs. Chapin garnered a large crowd
[view]Higashino vs. Mandel in Round 7
[view]Top Japanese player Masayuki Higashino
[view]Danny Mandel of Your Move Games Ghitu Fires his way into the game
[view]Pat Chapin deals with Skizzik
[view]Mike Long, watching his Day 2 aspirations evaporate
[view]French bread in Japan
[view]Judges discuss a ruling with Head Judge Chris Zantides
[view]Sideboard Photographer Craig Cudnohufsky loses control of the camera. He is visibly upset
[view]Gerardo Godinez, Mexicos best player, made the long journey to Tokyo
[view]Japanese player Tomohide Sasakawa has one of the best records of the day
[view]The Netherlands Noah Boeken
[view]An excited Nicolai Herzog
[view]New Yorker Dan OMS
[view]Dan OMS plays against Tomohide Sasakawa
[view]European superstars Noah Boeken and Nicolai Herzog
[view]Blackwell looks over a complex stack
[view]Kai Budde declares his blocker
[view]Trevor Blackwell smiles while Kai Budde adjusts his life total
[view]For the diligent judges, its lunch time
[view]That tramps got the energy of a hobo
[view]Mori vs. Turian
[view]The Potato
[view]Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Rubin evaluates his board situation
[view]Ben Rubin must need some extra luck - wearing the Superman shirt so early
[view]A mysterious hat-wearing player
[view]Feature match - 1968
[view]The ineffable Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Am I the only person in this country wearing tie-dye
[view]What are these cards 7th Edition sneak previews
[view]A smug Randy Buehler takes an opponent to school
[view]Alan Comer, qualified for the Masters but not the Pro Tour, gunslings for fun
[view]Gunslinging with Skaff Elias
[view]Worth Wollpert gunslings
[view]Randy Buehler shows off a few 7th Edition cards
[view]Sideboard reporter Adrian Sullivan listens to Bob Maher talk to Aaron Forsythe and other competitors
[view]Brian Snoddy
[view]Hot artist rk post
[view]Englishman Ben Ronaldson
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto
[view]With a watchful eye, Mark Rosewater keeps order at the Feature Match area
[view]Gary Wise attacks with his creepy Nightscape Familiars
[view]Gary Wise vs. Shawn Keller
[view]Dave James Bond Price vs. arch-nemesis Doctor Wong
[view]Look out James Bond, here comes Doctor Wong
[view]Dave Price, consternated by Fact or Fiction
[view]Qoo - its the only drink for Kim Eikefet
[view]A Pyre Zombie finally shows up for Levy
[view]Levy and Taylor have kept the board clean
[view]The constantly-alert Raphael Levy is practically impossible to surprise
[view]Now THATs control, baby
[view]Former Dojo columnist Eric Taylor
[view]Klauser vs. Hernandez
[view]Everyones favorite Austrian, Benidikt Klauser
[view]Marc Hernandez signals at one of his cards
[view]Its not hard to see why Satoshi is Japans most recognizable player
[view]Satoshi Nakamura enrapt as Andre Konstanczer regales him with a German tune
[view]Pat Chapin, one of Magics most creative players
[view]Texan David Williams plays in Round 4
[view]Pat Chapin and David Williams don their wacky faces
[view]Artists are expressive
[view]Japanese players are well-dressed
[view]Players from all over Japan came out to play
[view]The side events were packed
[view]Trevor Blackwell enters the Red Zone
[view]Kibler stares down Pyre Zombie and Skizzik
[view]Mike Turian plays against Gerardo Godinez
[view]Mexicos finest - Gerardo Godinez
[view]Mike Turian and Brian Kibler in the Feature Match area
[view]David Williams did a little less swearing this time
[view]Long brings the Scuta
[view]David Williams vs. Mike Long - not a match to miss
[view]Matt Wilson, illustrator of Urzas Rage, signs some cards for his fans
[view]Competitors check the pairings for table assignments
[view]Some of the rarest cards in Magic
[view]The prices in Yen seem very high, but looks can be deceiving
[view]Artist Scott Fisher displays his Phyrexian Scuta
[view]Spite or Malice Kibler thinks
[view]William Baby Huey Jensen looks at Dobsons Fires of Yavimaya
[view]Dobson and Jensen are doing, well, something
[view]Englands Tony Dobson
[view]Sideboard Japan Editor, Keita Mori, covers a match
[view]Mori and Ruel play in the awesome Feature Match area
[view]Frances Antoine Ruel
[view]Katsuhiro Mori, of Japan
[view]Trevor Blackwell plays against Dragon Lord Kibler
[view]Ben Rubin looks a little surprised by something
[view]Super finisher Kamiel Cornelissen
[view]Johns stares at a blurry Blurred Mongoose
[view]Scott Johns smirks at Kamiel Cornelissen . . . before being smashed by him
[view]Swedens Olle Rade
[view]Fujita plays his Ravenous Rats
[view]Olle Rade vs. Kenichi Fujita - Rade playing in one of his first major events in years
[view]Lo Moro vs. Rubin
[view]Some ultra-secret Dan Bock tech REVEALED
[view]Cool posters display stats on Pro Tour leaders
[view]If youre going to be sitting in line, might as well play some Magic
[view]Excited fans sit in a long line for artist signings
[view]Raffaelle Lo Moro
[view]Dan Bock busted out the hi-tech for PT-Tokyo. His deck contained sixty lands - and nothing else
[view]The entrance to Tokyo Big Sight is clearly marked
[view]Yes, that is a random giant saw
[view]Big Sight looks like something out of Starcraft
[view]Tokyo Big Sight, the venue, is amazing
[view]There are so many places to go in Tokyo
[view]Pro Tour players easily spot the action
[view]Diligient judges maintain order amid the light spectacle
[view]Side events and artist signings drew crowds of people not playing in the main event
[view]Players lined up early to enter the venue

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