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1999 Magic: The Gathering World Championships
Finals and Award Ceremony Pictures

Finals audience

Mark Le Pine and Kai Budde

Mark Le Pine and Kai Budde

Kai Budde

Mark Le Pine

Kai Budde playing a Covetous Dragon

Mark Le Pine and Kai Budde

Finals - game 2, turn 2

Award Ceremony Stage

Jeff Donais announcing the winners

Jeff Donais and Peter Okada

Jakub Slemr - Day 1 Winner

Brian Selden and Matt Linde

Raffaele Lo Moro and Brian Selden

Mark Le Pine and Brian Selden

Kai Budde receiving trophy from 1998 World Champion Brian Selden

Kai Budde with a big check

Top 4 - Matt Linde, Raffaele Lo Moro, Mark Le Pine, and Kai Budde

The German National Team

US National Team

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